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  • Good Words for Riviera Dunes Marina Resort, on the Manatee River, off Tampa Bay

    Riviera Dunes Marina Resort - Click for Chartview

    Riviera Dunes Marina Just off Tampa Bay Owned and Operated by BoatersA SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!, Riviera Dunes Marina Resort occupies a mostly uncharted harbor along Manatee River’s northern banks, just east of the easternmost of three bridges crossing the river at Bradenton and Palmetto (near charted Craig Point).

    While the basin that the marina is located in is not charted, it is not large enough to require charting. The shallowest water found is the channel to the basin. Our boat is in this marina and normally has over 15′ of water under her. The marina is well maintained, the staff is great, the location is excellent.
    Rob Homan

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  • Praise for Cape Haze Marina Bay, Gulf ICW Statute Mile 38.5

    Cape Haze Marina Bay - Click for Chartview

    Cape Haze Marina Bay flanks the eastern shores of the ICW/Lemon Bay, south of unlighted daybeacon #9.

    Stayed at Cape Haze Marina overnight on May 27, 2013. Friendly staff, very helpful Showers are comfortable and clean, but close at 5:00 pm. This is a well protected marina that is well worth the price.
    Manuel Farinas

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  • Dredging in Wiggins Pass, Gulf Coast, Naples, FL

    Wiggins Pass - Click for Chartview

    Even with the dredging done in March of this year, we have a Navigation Alert (/?p=92652) posted for Wiggins Pass, one of the most shoal prone inlets on the Western Florida coastline which cuts the coast between Gordon Pass and Fort Myers Beach. This channel is often dredged, but by the time the dredge disappears over the horizon, the sand is silting back in once again. However, dredging is always welcomed in this busy pass. And to be safe, we strongly recommend calling Pelican Isle Yacht Club at 239-566-1606 for up-to-date depth information BEFORE attempting entry.

    Orion Marine Construction Inc. will commence hydraulic dredging operations on or about May 24 2013. Operations will occur in Wiggins Pass, Naples. Orion Marine Construction will be performing preliminary construction in Wiggins Pass using a barge for equipment and other vessels. All Barges/Dredges/Tugs/Crew Boats will operate and monitor on working Channel 78 and VHF Channel 16. Hydraulic operations areas and explanations are listed below;
    Dredge JERI–B will be dredging in New Pass, Beach operations on Big Hickory Island and Orion Marine Group personnel will be performing crew transfers at Weeks fish Camping in Estero Bay. While dredging, the vessels will be displaying lights and dayboards as required, and may temporally impede the flow of traffic through the channel.
    The dredge “JERI-B” will work on Channel 78 and monitor VHF Channel 16. The “JERI-B” will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A submerged pipeline will be utilized from the dredge to the overboard dredge material discharge area. The path of the pipeline will be properly marked IAW USCG 33 CFR 88.15. Buoys with “Caution Submerged Pipeline” will mark the submerged line. For further information contact the Project Manager Mr. Jared Rackley 904-868-9498, Mr. David Folsom Safety Officer (904) 210-2175 and/or the Project Engineer Mr. Patrick Link 813-508-1631.
    Mariners are urged to use extreme caution in the area, transit at their slowest speed to minimize wake, and proceed with caution after passing arrangements have been made. Chart 11427

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  • Report from Mooring Field at Marina Jacks, Sarasota, FL, Statute Mile 73

    Marina Jacks - Click for Chartview

    Marina Operations/Marina Jacks abuts the east-northeastern shores, to the northeast of red unlighted daybeacon #8A in Sarasota Bay, in the heart of downtown Sarasota, Florida.
    The mooring field, which is the subject of Captain Power’s report below, has been controversial, first, because it displaced a very popular anchorage, and secondly, some claim its cost benefit ratio to the city of Sarasota is very much a negative concept. On the other hand, there was a legitimate problem with abandoned and derelict vessels in the old anchorage.
    Sarasota IS one of the Florida Pilot Mooring Field Program sites, so the regulations surrounding their mooring field are legal, at least according to Florida state law. Federal law is another matter entirely, but that’s another discussion for another day!

    After much controversy in Sarasota, Marina Jacks opened its mooring ball field about a year ago. We recently used the field. The marina management, staff, and facilities are first rate. It is located right downtown with numerous restaurants nearby and a Whole Foods within easy walking distance. The only drawback is that out of the 35 balls, only 3 are set aside for transients. They do take reservations but you will have to move on if your ball is reserved before you want to leave. The daily rate is $20. You can still anchor outside of the field boundaries but it is a lengthy ride to the dinghy dock.
    David S. Power
    s/v Two If By Sea

    The City of Sarasota just approved doubling the number of moorings. The article didn’t mention how many would be for visitors.
    Dawn Moore

    The REAL violation is that this entire program is a violation of the right of cruisers to anchor, as provided for in federal regulations. Every single cruiser who uses the balls in Florida’s mooring fields helps to justify this move by the state of Florida on behalf of well heeled waterfront property owners, leading ultimately to a total loss of our anchoring rights.
    Sure, it doesn’t seem to mean much to take a ball, but when you support this sort of thing, you empower the bureaucrats who seek to remove our rights.
    Think on that the next time anchoring outside the mooring field seems a bit too far for you.
    Wally Moran

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  • Good Words for Twin Dolphin Marina, off Tampa Bay on the Manatee River, Gulf Coast

    Twin Dolphin Marina, 1000 1st Ave. West, Bradenton, Florida 34205-7852, 941.747.8300  -  fax 941.745.2831, e-mail:

    Twin Dolphin Marina - Click for Chartview

    Twin Dolphin Marina, A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, sits perched on the southern shores of Manatee River, just short of the Highway 41 Business bridge.

    Stayed at Twin Dolphin again this year for three nights, and as usual, the service was outstanding. The pool and Jacuzzi is a welcome change of pace from cruising and the occasional anchoring out. This is a top-notch facility with very helpful and courteous staff. Will repeat next year.
    Manuel Farinas
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  • Good Words for Smokehouse Bay – Marco Island Anchorage, Marco Island, Southwestern Florida Coastline

     Smokehouse Bay lies in the heart of northern Marco Island. This fortunate body of water plays host to Esplanade Marina and a good anchorage. Its entrance channel leaves the unofficial Marco Island to Naples waterway west of marker #14.

    This is one of the best small town harbors in Florida. When entering Smokehouse Bay from the north, keep on the west side of the bay. There is a narrow, north-south 3′ MLW mud shoal in the center of the north half of the bay. The shoal can be circumnavigated on the edges of the bay. Depths are mostly 9-12′ in slimy mud; be prepared to hose down when retrieving your ground tackle. Allow your anchor to set a while before setting as the mud is soft and deep. There is a 1 hour dinghy dock at the Winn Dixie, and you are within walking distance of anything you desire; West Marine, hardware store, rental car, many restaurants, propane, etc. On island taxis are $10 for up to four people. We’ve lived here 34 years and if we didn’t live here, this would be our premier cruising destination now that anchoring is unrestricted.
    Lee Oldershaw

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  • Good Words for Tierra Verde Marina, West Florida, Statute Mile 113

    Tierra Verde Marina - Click for Chartview

    Tierra Verde Marina is located directly on the Western Florida ICW, just west of the Pinellas Bayway Bridge, northwest of marker #22. This facility went through a major rebuilding only a year or so ago.

    Stayed one night on our 31 foot sailboat. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. They only have 50 amp service, but were able to hook up to their outlet. No showers, but is in a nice location when going to/from Tampa Bay and the Gulf Intracoastal.
    Manuel Farinas

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  • Marine Surveyor Recommended in Tampa Bay Area

    Recommendations of this type from fellow cruisers make for some of the best information you can get!

    Call Dan Matos, marine engine surveyor (239-461-0366), and Steven Berlin, Accredited Marine Surveyor (239-466-45440 , They are both from Ft. Myers. Reported to be one of the best in Florida. We used them both on our new (new to us) Heritage East 44.
    Good luck,
    Ron on “Meander”

    We have used Dan on two occassions. He is VERY GOOD, thorough and you can have confidence you are getting the best rests
    Mary Anne Osborne

  • Shoaling on Southern Foot of Sunshine Skyway Channel, at the Mouth of Tampa Bay (near St. M. 98), 5/16/2103

    Even many veteran Western Florida cruisers have never known that the “official” path of the Western Florida ICW, across the mouth of Tampa Bay, cuts east-northeast under the huge Sunshine Skyway Bridge, and then takes a LONG curl back around to the north and west before passing under the Skyway’s northernmost section (known as the Misner Brige), and eventually rejoins the “official” Waterway just west of the Misner span. We don’t know of any cruiser who actually follows this route consistently.
    The vast majority of captains continue north from the Waterway’s buoy #1A, through what the NOAA charts call the “Sunshine Skyway Channel,” rejoining the Western Florida ICW at marker #15. As alluded to above, many mariners think this is all part of the “official” Western Florida Waterway.
    Not so, and that means that the Sunshine Skyway channel is not as carefully maintained as the Federally sponsored Western Florida ICW. And so, the shoaling reported below by Captain Davis is actually a long standing problem between Sunshine Skyway Channel markers #3 and #2. If memory serves, which sometimes it does not, while performing research here in 1992, for the first edition of “Cruising Guide to Western Florida,” we found less that ideal depths between #3 and #2.
    So, if your vessel draws more than 4 1/2 feet, try to time your passage through the southern foot of the Sunshine Skyway Channel for mid to high tide. And, note Captain Davis’ advice to favor the eastern side of the passage.
    In any case, proceed with caution. Once #3 and #2 are in your wake, the Sunshine Skyway channel soon deepens all the way north to the juncture with the official Waterway.

    Cruising News:
    Shoaling at marker 3 in the Yacht Channel [Sunshine Skyway Channel] just North of the Main Span of Sunshine Skyway Bridge in St Pete. Shoaling extends midway through channel, stay towards the Eastern (red) side. Hit bottom with 4.5 foot draft at mid tide.
    Cambren Davis

    There was a temporary red [marker] more to the east of the shoal spot a month ago. We favored the west and bumped with 4’5 draft at mid tide too. Next trip I’ll favor the east temporary red marker as suggested.
    Roy Cucchiara

    October 13, 2013
    We came this way five days ago and the shoaling at this point is worse than I have ever seen it. The middle of the channel looked like a sandbar and could not have had more than three feet of water over it. We draw 4 and 1/2 feet and came to a stop. There was a darker strip of deeper water to the east well outside the channel. We picked our way through by sight and feel and made it past the danger area. It was about mid tide on a strong ebbing tide so it was no place to run around. Caution is strongly advised.

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position at the Southern Foot of the Sunshine Skyway Channel

  • Good Words for Rose Marco River Marina, Marco Island, Gulf Coast

    Rose Marco River Marina - Click for Chartview

    Rose Marco River Marina overlooks the southwestern shores of Marco Island’s Factory Bay, which sits south-southwest of the Marco – Naples waterway’s unlighted daybeacon #15. Marco Island is on the Gulf coast south of Naples.

    We spent three nights at RMRM recently. Nice floating docks, great fuel and dock prices and a helpful staff. It is a short walk to a hardware store, convenience store and restaurant. A taxi company offers complementary RT transport to selected local restaurants ‘“ a nice service.
    Albert Howes, Chaparral Signature 270 ‘“ JAH Love

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  • Fuel Delivery Ban in Manatee County, Bradenton, FL

    This posting was prompted by a recent recommendation for a fuel delivery service in the Fort Myers area:  /?p=113209. Manatee County is the Bradenton area south of Tampa. Cruisers’ Net would like to hear the opinions of our readers on the issue of truck-to-boat fuel delivery.
    Please use the “Comment” function below, or follow the “Click Here to Submit Cruising News” link found on the upper right of this, and all (except Chart View) SSECN pages.

    Cruising News:
    Our Homeowners Association in Manatee County has banned the delivery of fuel to vessels in our community. I am trying to find out if this ban is legal. I am aware of three locations where such bans were overturned or rescinded. Dania, North Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale. The delivery service we were using is fully insured and has been in business for many years.
    Les Martin

  • Pump-Out Required at Naples City Moorings, Gulf Coast

    Naples Mooring Field - Click for Chartview

    Naples City Moorings are located south of the Naples City Pier and west, northwest of marker #34.

    One requirement of using the Naples City moorings is that you get a pump-out first at the City Dock’“no exceptions, even though we had been pumped out the previous day at Fort Myers Beach. We understand that this is a city requirement.
    Ron Dwelle

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  • A-1 Fuel Services Recommended in Fort Myers to Marco Island Area, West Florida ICW

    239 461-0775 Legacy Harbour Marina entrance is located on the Okeechobee Waterway East of Marker #49 on the Caloosahatchee River. The Marina is situated two blocks from historic downtown Fort Myers and three blocks from the historic Edison-Ford Winter Estates. The Marina's 131-Slips range in size from 40 feet to 80 feet and can accommodate Transient Boats of 100 feet plus. The large Fairways make our slips easily accessible. Our slips are surrounded by one of the largest 'floating breakwaters' on the Gulf of Mexico. The floating docks are state-of-the-art. Legacy Harbour Marina is a full-featured facility with all the modern conveniences of home including pump-out station, heated pool, fitness center, full electric metered at the slip, cable TV, laundry, air-conditioned showers and wireless Internet connections available. The Boaters' Lounge is available for relaxing after a cruise or for private parties. The view from the lounge is spectacular! Our grounds are beautifully manicured and provide great strolling along the river with benches, Chickee Hut, and excellent access to all of historic Fort Myers. Please take a few moments to browse our website and see for yourself what our  beautiful boating facility can offer you the next time you are cruising in Southwest Florida.

    Legacy Harbor Marina - Click for Chartview

    Well, of course, Legacy Harbour Marina is a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!!! Legacy Harbour Marina’s entrance is located on the Okeechobee Waterway/Caloosahatchee River, east of marker #49.

    Cruising News:
    A-1 Fuel Services (239-246-4777) is a tanker service to marinas in the Marco, Naples and Ft. Myers area. Marinas that do not sell fuel will generally allow A-1 to come and fill up vessels. Minimum is 100 gallons and they only deliver on weekdays. They deliver to Legacy Marina in Ft. Myers which does not sell fuel. Among the lowest fuel prices in southwest FL. They need at least 1 day notice and prefer 2 days before delivery.
    Mike Negley

    Click Here To View the Latest Prices at A-1 Fuel Service

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  • Thorough Report from St. Petersburg Municipal Marina, Tampa Bay, West FL

    St. Pete Municipal Marina - Click for Chartview

     Slips are now available!! On the brand new Dock 5. For information please call (727) 893-7329 or 800 782 8350St. Petersburg Municipal Marina – A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR! – lies west, northwest of Tampa Bay’s flashing buoy #3. Enjoy this very complete on-site description of this large municipal marina in downtown St. Petersburg.

    Claiborne, as you asked a couple of weeks back as we left the Keys, here is a report on St Petersburg Municipal Marina. I will not recap the many published statistics on depths, etc, etc.
    For the newbie to this area (us), it is important to understand that the entrance is just a bit tricky because this marina is located in the Central Yacht Basin between North Yacht Basin (known locally as Vanoy Basin) and
    South Yacht Basin, where the St Petersburg Sailing Center is located. The St Petersburg Municipal Pier sticks a goodly distance into the bay between North (Vanoy) Basin and Central Basin; so there is little confusion about
    the difference in those two basins. However, there is a “Y” in the channel as you enter the breakwater to the Municipal Marina which allows a right turn into the Central Basin or a left turn into the South Basin . The
    sometimes noisy local small aircraft airport is located immediately to the south of South Basin but was not a nuisance at the transient pier.
    By the way, the “upside down pyramid” which has long marked the end of The Pier is scheduled to close very soon and be demolished. A grandiose design has been offered up, but there is local dissention about what will ultimately grace this area.
    Further confusing to the newbie is the fact that there are three separate landside marina entrances to their three separate piers (each with an office at the locked entrance), and the St Petersburg Yacht Club also resides in
    Central Basin. The long transient alongside-tie pier is part of the North Entrance pier structure and is quite easily seen once you enter central basin. You just angle right about 30 degrees to enter the basin from the
    breakwater entrance and then dogleg left about the same and look for the long pier.
    Piers are fixed, and tide is a couple of feet. We had to step on the handrails of our GB-42 at low tide in order to get aboard. Power was adequate with 30- and 50-Amp plugs at each pedestal. A limited cable TV service was provided, but was essentially worthless due to the poor channel selection.
    Potable water tasted good with no hint of sulfury “beach water” we encountered in marina near the coast.
    The northern portion of the basin is subject to the effects of easterly wind. We had some light winds from that direction during a part of our stay and rocked gently. Strong easterly winds might make it uncomfortable.
    We were not certain how long we intended to stay while awaiting a Gulf-crossing weather window to get home to the panhandle so we decided to sign up for a week, which the staff said they would rebate if we left early.
    The weekly “slip rate” before taxes for our Grand Banks 42 was $283.08 or a bit less than a dollar a foot per day while the daily rate was about 2 bucks a foot. Since my wife fell ill with a stomach virus and was out of commission for several days, we ended up needing at least four days, and by the fourth night, we were ahead of the game had we been paying a daily rate.
    The facilities are very clean and well kept without any of the usual rust and grime one so often sees in marina bathrooms and showers. The staff is friendly and helpful – ignore the one negative comment on Active Captain,
    except for the warning about strong easterly winds the guy must have encountered.
    We find the downtown area of this small city to be almost European in atmosphere with cultural, dining, and shopping clustered close to the marina amongst buildings in which people also live. The nearby college probably has something to do with this. In previous trips up and down the west coast of Florida, we were busy getting to some place else and ignored this place, but it really should be a destination in any trip by here. It is easily accessible from the ICW by simply running under the causeway of the Sunshine Skyway bridge to Bradenton and following the well-marked channel a few miles up the bay.
    There is a trolley stop outside the entrance to the north piers of the marina and 50 cents (25 for folks over 55) gets you aboard. It connects with buses which will run you all the way to the beaches and even Tarpon Springs.
    Rich Gano
    Calypso (GB42 Hull # 295)
    Panama City area, FL

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  • More Good Words for Pink Shell Resort Marina Recently Opened in Fort Myers Beach, Gulf ICW

    Pink Shell Resort and Marina - Click for Chartview

    The Pink Shell Resort guards the southern shores of the Mantanzas Pass channel, west of Moss Marine, making this new marina the first facility encountered as one enters from the waters of the open Gulf. This fresh facility is clearly a GREAT addition to the cruising scene for the waters hard by the southerly genesis of the Western Florida ICW, and the westerly extreme of the Okeechobee Waterway/Caloosahatchee River.

    We just stayed at the Pink Shell resort 1st week April and what a fantastic Marina with a great Pool and beach access
    also and great if you have kids too.
    They let us use the spa bathrooms and shower and the woman could not stop talking how great they were and the price very reasonable $2.00 per ft’

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    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Pink Shell Resort and Marina

  • Big Sarasota Pass Discussion

    The series of messages below are copied from “The Cruisers’ Forum” (, an alternate information outlet highly recommended by everyone here at the SSECN!
    If you are not familiar with Sarasota, this community actually has two inlets, Big (Sarasota) Pass and New Pass. Having sounded both many times over the years, I can say unequivocally that I do NOT recommend that cruising size craft use either seaward passage. Even with the info very thoughtfully provided by the Sarasota Yacht Club (see below), it’s a dicey proposition at best to run Big Pass. Don’t even think about trying New pass!
    A FAR safer plan is to come inside or out into the briny blue via naturally deep Venice Pass to the south or Longboat Pass, just to the north. Some of you may very well have a different opinion about all of this, and we would very much like to hear from you. Please use the “Comment” function below, or follow the “Click Here to Contribute Cruising News” link on the upper, right of this, and all (except Chart View) SSECN pages.

    A few weeks ago we called a local towing comp. for local knowledge. Fog offshore was very thick. My plan was to enter Sarasota Bay skipping Venice inlet and the company advised us to go further north to Longboat Pass. When I called the bridge tender, he said I will raise the bridge when I see your vessel………. How is he going to see the vessel if i cant see 50ft in front of the bow? As we turned east there it was a few yards away!!!
    After a few days I am wondering if it safe to enter/exit BP. I scouted the inlet from the end of Lido Key and could not see any nav aids west of green 9. Are there nav aids showing the inlet? Controlling depth? I understand that under some conditions (NW, W or SW with strong wind) its not recommended to use the inlet/pass.

    It’s a dicey pass. The Sarasota Sailing Squadron has some directions at their website, let me see…

    The “pass” at Big Pass moves around a lot, virtually with every heavy weather event, and shoals up very quickly. It would be very foolish to attempt that pass in anything but a very shaol draft yacht. Either come in at Venice and run the ICW or at Longboat Pass although the channel there has moved around a lot as well and does not match the channel that appears on most charts (see various NTM). Note that Longboat is a narrow channel and is subject to sharp, strong, currents. You’ll want to enter there at slack water. If you can’t see the bridge from the channel entrace mark due to fog, continue north and come into Tampa Bay through the Southwest Channel.

    We kept our boat on the West coast for two years. It draws 4 feet. Sarasota Pass was always a no go because of the shifting shoals. We used Longboat Pass on a regular basis whenever we entered the intercoastal. It does have considerable current and is quite narrow. The bridge tenders seem to think that a sailboat can approach closely and remain steady in the strong current before they open the bridge. We never followed their orders and held at least 100 yards from the bridge and told them we would approach quickly once the bridge began to open. Numerous times, we had powerboats cut in front of us or attempt to negotiate the small channel at the same time. They were completely clueless. We also experienced a very rude catamaran charter captain, who used the pass daily, try to intimidate us into moving closer before the bridge had begun to open. We had a very serious conversation once both of us passed through the cut. If you choose to use Longboat Pass, be your own captain, exercise caution and safety and you’ll be fine. Be prepared for other boats also making the transit. Good luck and good sailing.

    I sail a morgan 28 with a 4.5 draft and have come in and out Big Pass many times. You must check with the Sarasota yacht club, they maintain the bouy markers and are always moving. I have never seen less then 7ft, however it can become very narrow when the monster size boat with his noise high comes barreling through the Chanel with wakes 3-4ft high. As far as being able to moore up a nice spot is just north of the ringling bridge to the east, there is a fishing shop and a nice size cove that will protect from heavey north winds… From Sarasota Bay have fun sailing and hope to see ya around.
    Autumns Wind

    I am a local, and the pass is more than just dicey these days. Over the past year’¦last week we sailed our Mariner 31 outside and back, drawing 3’10’³, and saw 5’6’³ at high tide. That’s down from 7′ only a few months ago. Be careful if you must come into Big Pass, pretend you are a large barge and make wide turns around the floating markers on your way in.
    Captain Ray

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Venice Pass

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Big Sarasota Pass

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of New Pass

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Longboat Pass

  • Pine Island Sound/Matlatcha Pass Area Recommended

    While I have sounded Matlatcha Pass several times over the years, particularly the shallow, hard to follow, southern portion of this passage, I must admit, however, to never spending too much time on Pine Island.
    This is not the first time I’ve heard of some dockage, and good eats ashore, but shallow depths on the Pine Island Sound side of the island have almost made me hesitant about taking a cruising size craft into the smaller streams which indent the isle’s westerly banks.

    Sounds like the effort might be worthwhile though. Of course, you can always anchor just south of the high-rise bridge. There used to be a potentially SHOCKING Issue here for sailcraft, but the powerlines were supposedly raised quite a few years ago, THOUGH THE NOAA CHART STILL LISTS THE VERTICAL CLEARANCE AS 56 FEET.
    Has anyone visited Pine Island Sound and/or Matlatcha Pass recently? Do you know if the powerlines at the bridge have indeed been raised? Can you recommend good places to anchor, dock and/or dine on Pine Island?
    Your fellow Western Florida cruisers can wait to hear from you!

    Matlatcha is a quirky little town at the entrance to Pine island. There is a couple marinas there, and also at each end of Pine island. Pronounced ( matt-la-shay) This is a can’t miss area. There are several quirky art galleries and restaurants in the area. Have lunch or dinner at Bert’s bar and grille. (we like manatees,taste like chicken). Also, at the southern end of Pine island, is St. James City it is nice with several small marinas and restaurants. A little further north is Punta Gorda. There is a waterfront area with dockage and restaurants called Fisherman’s village. this is a nice stop for a walk and some browsing.

    There is a new drawbridge just being finished alongside the old one, and you will currently find work barges and cranes in the vicinity. Work is supposedly being finished by mid-summer. Drawbridge is working, but you might experience delays until all work is cleared. There are NO LONGER any power lines in the vicinity of the bridge ‘“ they’ve been buried! Best anchorage is just south of the bridge. Once anchored, you’ll find Bert’s Bar (highly recommended!) just to the east of the bridge, on the south side, with docks available. Across the street is Andy’s Island Seafood fish store. Follow the shoreline to the west of the bridge around to Matlacha Park, where dinghy dockage is possible. From the Park, you can walk to the west to Barnhill’s Seafood Restaurant, with its attendant seafood store, or continue further west for some eclectic shopping, ice cream parlor, and the Sandy Hook Restaurant at the very west end of Matlacha (accessible by dinghy, if you look at the chart). Another good restaurant lies about 1/2 mile to the east, on the north side of the road ‘“ Miceli’s, offering good food at good prices, with nightly music. This restaurant is also accessible by water, if you look at the chart and take the first opening north of the bridge, on the east side, and follow along the shore.
    Access to Matlacha is best from the north, with deeper water and a well-marked channel. From the south, powerlines with a 47ft (sorta) clearance and a very twisty channel, along with less water (maybe 4’ with a rising tide), make it a mostly powerboat experience.
    Capt Mike Smith
    S/V Blue Skye
    M/V Scandalista

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  • Recommendation For Fort Myers Beach Mooring Field

     The Town of Fort Myers Beach proudly operates and maintains the Matanzas Harbor Municipal Mooring Field. The field boasts 70 mooring balls available for public rental year-round, and accommodates vessels up to 48 feet in length. The mooring field is located east of the Sky Bridge between San Carlos and Estero Islands in Matanzas Pass. For recreational cruisers, the Fort Myers Beach Mooring Field is a wonderful destination. Coming ashore at the Town's dinghy dock puts boaters in walking distance to beaches, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and public transportation. Mooring ball rental fees are $13/day or $260/month. All renters MUST register with Matanzas Inn upon arrival. The dinghy dock is available for public use to tie up dinghies 10' or less (no overnight tie-ups). The dock is located beneath the Sky Bridge between Matanzas Inn Restaurant and the public fishing pier. The Fort Myers Beach Mooring Field, found east of the high-rise bridge, and just north of Estero Island is a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR. This community is also one of the most welcoming to the cruising community in the Sunshine State. Every year they have a “Cruisers’ Appreciation Day.” How many municipalities show this much welcome to the cruising community?

    Best mooring field is at Ft. Myers Beach, and there is a fun, funky beachy tourist strip along the whole island. Not specifically seafood, though they do have a lot of it on the menu, but I always eat at the Plaka Greek restaurant right on Times Square.
    John Kettlewell

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  • A Quick, Good Word For St. Petersburg Municipal Marina (Tampa Bay)

     Slips are now available!! On the brand new Dock 5. For information please call (727) 893-7329 or 800 782 8350Well, any good words, particularly when they apply to a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR, are welcome, even if brief!

    We have stopped at St. Petersburg marina a couple of time and enjoyed it.
    Steve Willett
    Monk 36, Gumbo

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  • Praise for Longboat Key Club Moorings, Western Florida ICW Statute Mile 77.5, Sarasota, FL

    Step off deck at Longboat Key Club Moorings and come ashore to our Four-Diamond beachfront resort offering a private white-sand beach, 45 holes of challenging golf, the Island House Spa, six on-site restaurants, the award-winning Tennis Gardens and so much more.

    Longboat Key Club Moorings - Click for Chartview

    Longboat Key Club Moorings guards the western shores of Sarasota Bay, north of the city of Sarasota, and south of Longboat Pass. And, of course, these good people are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!!

    LBK Club Moorings is top notch facility! We wish we had planned to stay longer so we could have taken advantage of all they have to offer. Dennis Matthews’ (Director of Marina Operations) staff are all very helpful, friendly and go out of their way to make your stay pleasant. Facilities are 4Star, clean and very well manicured. Very accomodating shuttle service to St Armand’s Circle. Will definitely be back for a longer stay in the near future. Make your reservations in advance and request `H’ dock for short stays (closest to facilities, pool, ship’s store).
    The Kellys

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