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    • City of Marathon Mooring Field and Wet Slip Fees on Boot Key Harbor

      For 2017 rates, go to  and to  for mooring field information.

      January 28th 2012
      Boot Key Harbor City Marina Increases Fees
      Marathon, FL
      by Charmaine Smith Ladd

      Tuesday of this week, the City of Marathon approved an increase in the fees for mooring and dinghy dockage at their public City Marina. An increase has been expected, as the City is challenged to keep their books in the black. However expected the increase in fees, unexpected is the enormous rise in costs for those who choose to merely anchor and access the amenities of the City Marina.
      Mooring rates include dinghy dockage, one weekly sewage pump out (additional pump outs are available at $5 each), parking for one motor vehicle, and access to the marina commons (including laundry and shower facilities).
      Dingy dockage rates include all of the above except one is at anchor and not assigned the use of a mooring.
      Daily mooring increased from $21 to $22.
      Daily dinghy dockage increased from $13 to $22.
      Weekly mooring increased from $105 to $110.
      Weekly dinghy dockage increased from $45 to $85.
      Monthly mooring increased from $275 to $300.
      Monthy dinghy dockage increased from $135 to $225.
      Most transient boaters have no need for a parking space. Laundry is carded and one pays separately for use. Many cruisers shower aboard and do not use the marina for that purpose. Perhaps the City of Marathon should consider lowering fees for those who wish to simply access the City Marina for dinghy dockage. Having amenities listed and paid for on as “as needed” basis would be much more agreeable to those who have no use for many of the services included with dinghy dockage. It is the opinion of this writer that $225 per month to dock a dinghy at a City Marina facility is far too much.
      Charmaine Smith Ladd, SEECN Special Correspondent & Representative
      Executive Director, Mariner’s Barr (Boaters’ Anchoring Rights & Responsibilities)

      Sorry Charmaine, I would love to visit you there, but I don’t willingly submit to extortion. Those prices are ludicrous for the dinghy dock. I guess that’s a good way to chase away those at anchor, if that is their intention.
      John Kettlewell

      And water is 5 cents per gallon.
      Does anyone know if the mooring field is staying full this winter?

      That is INCREDIBLE!!! We were waiting for a weather window and intending to visit Marathon on our way from Key West to Bimini, but your article just changed our plans. Charging the same for a dinghy tie-up as for a mooring is simply insane, what were they thinking? We’d have taken a mooring if we could get one, but we are not about to pay the same if there are no mooring balls available. How very unwelcoming.
      Heather and Derek

      Maybe dockside could reopen a dinghy dock for $50 a month for those at anchor. Bring in business they lost over the years.
      Philip (formerly “Winds of Change”)

      There is no question that the city of Marathon is trying to NOT service the sailing community on a fair and non discriminatory basis. The fee now charged to anchor and use the dingy dock and showers is $225 per month for being on the anchor. The only people that can afford those rates are in general are the snow birds and a few sailors with deep pockets. For a live aboard that works every day he or she cannot afford those rates thus eliminating the less fortunate the opportunity to anchor in Boot Key Harbor within there means. Marathon City Marina is a public marina therefor any rate increases should have been equally charged to the moorings as well as the dingy dock and wet slips.
      However it appears that discrimination against the working class or less fortunate citizen continues in all forms of our government. The lucrative mooring balls were increased by 10% so why were the people who anchor there boats charged a 70% increase with no additional services?
      Ed & Bonnie Spomer S/V Almost Heaven

      Mooring Ball increase 8% / Dingy Dock increase 40% / Slip Rental under 36′ 100% over 36′ $1.00 per foot increase
      The boating community needs help to stop economic discrimination against those who choose to have small boats (Don Street for one) or want to anchor there vessels.
      Ed & Bonnie Spomer S/V Almost Heaven

      Ed & Bonnie: I agree with what you wrote, but the increase in the daily dinghy dock fee from $13 to $22 is actually about 69%! Obviously they are trying to force everyone onto the moorings, but there are times of the year when all the moorings are full, and there are also many of us that just prefer to anchor. If someone just wants to go ashore for dinner or to buy some groceries, add $22 to your bill. Imagine the uproar if a parking fee of $22 per day was put in place ashore.
      John Kettlewell

      The boating community in Boot Key Harbor is outraged to say the least. There is an effort to protest the unfair increases beginning with a first meeting on Friday February 10th @ 11:15 est. The meeting will be at the Marathon City Marina TiKi Hut.
      Ed & Bonnie Spomer S/V Almost Heaven

      Cruising News:
      Mooring Ball increase 8% / Dingy Dock increase 40% / Slip Rental under 36′ 100% over 36′ $1.00 per foot increase The boating community needs help to stop economic discrimination against those who choose to have small boats (Don Street for one) or want to anchor there vessels.
      Edwin Spomer

      We have not been to Marathon in a while. However it does hold a special place for us.
      Anyway I was just having a look at the increase in prices. Nothing really seems out of place. However my personal take on the drastic increase in Dinghy Dockage, is that the city wants people to take a mooring rather than just anchor and use the facilities. This may be over the top just a little as if the anchorage is reduced in size and people are foreced to anchor out side (during our past visits we had no choice but to anchor outside due to limited swing room) while waiting for a mooring. A suggestion would be to have a reduced Dinghy Dockage Rate while on the waiting list for the mooring field…. Otherwise yes if people want to use the shore side facilites then the demand on Water usage, Laundry, etc is exactly the same whether or not someone is on a mooring ball. You could also reduce the dinghy dockage rates a little if there was a way to control what part of the facility the person/cruiser was using…. IE – no laundry & no showers, then all they are doing is tieing up thus a less of a load on the system.
      Just a thought…
      Capt. Cameron Murray

      Comments from Cruisers (3)

      1. M Camarata -  February 10, 2017 - 5:14 pm

        Posting is years out of date but link to current rates is correct. Moorings are $348/mo INCLUDING TAX ($324 base). The wait list Dec thru Feb nears 50 boats. Prices will likely increase until the demand goes down. Please do not come here so I can continue to afford and enjoy Marathon.

        Reply to M
      2. Tony A. Tharp -  February 5, 2017 - 8:18 am

        I know this is an old thread, but the total of $525 a month for full use of the Marina along with a auto parking spot if needed seems to me to be pretty cheap lodging for such a beautiful waterfront view along the Florida coastline. I’m much more bothered by the daily dinghy charge rising from $13 to $22. This is a service the city should provide at little to no-cost. Many — if not most boaters — are tying up their tender so they can spend money at area businesses, eating out, shopping and otherwise resupplying.

        Reply to Tony
        • Frank -  February 21, 2018 - 2:50 pm

          looks like it is $324 and month includes Dinghy Dockage

          Reply to Frank

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