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Sunset Lake Anchorage – Navigation Detail

The Sunset Lake Anchorage lies well east of the north – south track of the AICW, as it passes through Biscayne Bay. Leave the AICW south of marker #49, and north of the Venetian Causeway bridge. Cut east and follow the scantily marked, but correctly charted channel which passes north of the east to west tracking string of islands. Watch out for the charted shallows to the north, and observe all markers carefully.
After cruising east of marker #30, cut to the north, and pass some 50 yards off the western flank of the Sunset Harbour Yacht Club dockage basin. Continue cruising north on the broad, charted ribbon of deep water. Watch to the east for the series of four “Sunset Islands.” The canal allowing access to the Sunset Lake Anchorage lies between the two middle Sunset Island. All the other canals leading to Sunset Lake are constricted by low-level fixed bridges.
After cruising through the canal’s eastern mouth, cut north on the mid-width of Sunset Lake, and anchor along the centerline. Be sure NOT to anchor abeam of a large, yellow house which you will spy along the eastern banks, immediately south of a vacant lot. The property owner does not like vessels anchored in front of his property and is known for playing loud music and shining bright lights out over the water, to discourage cruisers. Fortunately, there is plenty of room to anchor north or south of this property.

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