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[EXPIRED] Shoaling Reported South of AICW Marker #54 (Statute Mile 774, near St. Augustine, FL)

Marker #54 denotes the AICW’s path through Tolomato River some 2.2 statute miles north of St. Augustine Inlet. According to Captain Burnham below, it looks like we have a developing Waterway shoal here.
The anchorage Captain Burnham describes below northwest of marker #54 is not currently included in our Eastern Florida Anchorage Directory, but it is obvious from Capt. Burnham’s remarks that vessels are dropping hooks here.

Sailing around St. Augustine has certainly been improved by the hard working dredge. However, there is shoaling south of ACIW “54″ to the north of Camachee Cove. The chart shows that the shoaling ends at marker “54″ but on Saturday we found the bottom with our 4.5ft draft while tacking from west to east 50 yards south of marker “54″ on a falling tide.
There were 3 large cruising sailboats anchored to the west and nw of marker “54″ at the time. So if you choose to drop your hook in this area, be aware that you have to go further south of marker “54″ to safely enter this anchorage than what is shown on the chart.
David Burnham

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position at Marker #54

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