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    • San Pablo/Atlantic Boulevard Bridge

      San Pablo/Atlantic Boulevard Bridge-crosses the ICW at Statute Mile 744.5
      30 19.402 North/081 26.318 West
      65 feet of vertical clearance

      Comments from Cruisers Concerning This Bridge:

      First off, it’s the ebb current that’s the faster current, with speeds up to 4 kts. The flood is about a knot slower. Moreover, this issue exists only in the immediate vicinity of the Atlantic Boulevard bridge. Looking at the chart, the opening between the bits of land to the north of the bridge taper down, but open quickly to the south. We recently passed through the area with a 3 kt flood current and had little trouble under the bridge and only moderate turbulence south of the bridge. The St. Johns River crossing, by comparison, was harder, with strong cross current and turbulence.
      Rick Emerson

      Try to hit this bridge at slack tide. Otherwise you will be facing a swift current (4+ kts) which will test your nerves and
      helmsmanship passing under the bridge.
      s/v MicMac

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    • Bridge of Lions

      Bridge of Lions-crosses the ICW at Statute Mile 778, in downtown St. Augustine
      29 53.575 North/081 18.443 West
      Charted 18 feet closed vertical clearance, see
      Restricted opening
      VHF Hailing Channel 9
      Opens year round weekdays, except Federal holidays, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm on the hour and half-hour, except that the bridge need not open at 8:00 am, 12 noon and 5:00 pm. On Saturdays, Sundays and Federal holidays, from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, opens on the hour and half hour

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    • Crescent Beach Bridge

      Crescent Beach Bridge-crosses the ICW at Statute Mile 789, southeast of flashing daybeacon #58
      29 46.113 North/081 15.493 West
      25 feet closed vertical clearance
      Opens on demand
      VHF Hailing Channel 9

      Comments from Cruisers (1)

      1. Larry -  November 22, 2011 - 7:44 am

        We had a great experience with the bridge captain operating this bridge on November 21, 2011. We had monitored VHF channel 9 since clearing Bridge of Lions, and his greetings and conversations with all southbound vessels were courteous, professional, and friendly.
        This is an open on demand bridge and his timing was perfect, every time, resulting in a seamless transit of the bridge.
        We believe this bridge captain is a prime candidate to be presented to the Florida Tourism Board as State Employee of the Year. He certainly is the happiest bridge captain on the ICW.
        Steve and Sheila Kamp

        Reply to Larry
    • Ormond Beach Bridge

      Ormond Beach Bridge-crosses the ICW and Halifax River at Statute Mile 825, south-southeast of unlighted daybeacon #18
      29 17.224North/081 03.132 West
      65 feet vertical clearance

      Comments from fellow cruisers concerning this bridge:

      I’ve heard that the Ormond Beach Bridge is a bit lower than 65′ at MHW. Is this true? If so, by how much? What is the best tidal reference point to use for this area? Thanks
      David Ehret

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    • Broadway Bridge

      Broadway Bridge-crosses the ICW at Statute Mile 830.5, south-southeast of unlighted daybeacons #33 and #34
      29 12.996 North/081 00.922 West
      63 to 67 feet vertical clearance (See below)

      Revised FDOT drawings for this particular bridge confirm that one corner of this bridge is at 63 feet MHW. Due to the slope of this bridge this is the lowest corner. The other three points of the fender measure at 65 ft MHW and the bridge has 67 ft at the center.

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