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    • Inspecting Fuel Tanks by Bill Parlatore

      The condition of your fuel tanks should be every captain’s concern. Our thanks to Bill Parlatore for this excellent article.

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      Inspecting Fuel Tanks

      It is a good idea to inspect your fuel tanks every so often. Keeping them dry and well secured is vital for toruble free cruising. It also helps to check other components that come in contact with the tanks. Having piece of mind is a good thing. 
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    • St. Johns River Bridges

      St. Johns River bridges are listed in geographic order, moving east to west to Jacksonville, then north to south from Jacksonville to Lake Monroe

    • Main Street Bridge

      Main Street Bridge—crosses the St. Johns near downtown Jacksonville, west of lighted nun buoy #82
      30 19.345 North/081 39.514 West
       Lift bridge
      38 feet closed vertical clearance (charted at 40ft)
      Restricted opening
      VHF Hailing Channel 9
      Does not open at all Monday through Friday (except Federal holidays) from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.—opens on demand at all other times

      Hi, I am a Bridge Tender at Main Street bridge. The restricted hours are Monday – Friday 7-8:30am and 4:30-6pm(except Fed holidays). There are no restrictions on Saturday. Also, buoy #82 is now a lighted combination buoy (flashing 4 seconds red). Smooth sailing to all !

      Every opening clearance is about 82ft. at Mean High Water (MHW) contrary to NOAA chart 11491 and Coast Pilot. Range of Tide is only about 18 inches. We can give up to 138ft. of clearance if needed with a special slow Highlift procedure.
      Dave (Bridge Tender at Main Street Bridge)

      NOTE: See /?p=134950 for information on advance notice requirements currently in place until March of 2015.

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    • Acosta Bridge

      Acosta Bridge—crosses the St. Johns in downtown Jacksonville hard by charted Hendricks Point
      30 19.372 North/081 39.889 West
      75 feet of vertical clearance

      Comments from Cruisers (1)

      1. David Burnham -  March 10, 2017 - 10:05 am

        Update 3/9/2017:
        Arrived at the Jacksonville Landing to find no docking signs posted as the floating docks have not been repaired since last October’s Hurricane Matthew.
        Only a very small section, east of the river ferry dock section, and nearest the Main Street Bridge was available for docking while waiting for the bridge to open.
        I arrived after 4:30pm and had to wait until the next opening at 8pm instead of 6pm. Best to call the Main Street bridge tender to find out the latest opening schedule.

        Reply to David
    • Florida East Coast Railway Bridge

      Florida East Coast Railway Bridge—crosses the St. Johns immediately west of the Acosta Bridge
      30 19.355 North/081 39.928 West
      5 feet closed vertical clearance

      Usually open unless a train is due. Delays before, during, and after a train passes can be lengthy

      NOTE: 3/3/2018 See deviation notice:

      Comments from Cruisers (1)

      1. Laurence Holden -  March 1, 2018 - 2:10 pm

        Ow! Coast guard says bridge closed from March 10, 2018 to March 18!

        Reply to Laurence
    • Palatka/Highway 17 Bridge

      Palatka/Highway 17 Bridge—crosses the St. Johns south of flashing daybeacon #48
      29 38.754 North/081 37.363 West
      65 feet of vertical clearance

      Comments from Cruisers (1)

      1. Bruce Phaup -  May 6, 2019 - 8:50 pm

        The Shands Bridge, just south of Green Cove Springs, has a clearance of 45 feet. The Shands Bridge is the controlling height for the entire navigable extent of the St. John's River, extending south to Sanford, Florida

        Reply to Bruce
    • Buffalo Bluff Railway Bridge

      Buffalo Bluff Railway Bridge—crosses the St. Johns at Buffalo Bluff, near unlighted daybeacon #27
      29 35.712 North/081 40.923 West
      7 feet closed vertical clearance

      Usually open unless a train is due but it can be closed for up to 40 minutes both before and after a train’s passage

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