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    • Golden Isles Marina (Statute Mile 676)

      I agree that Golden Isles is an excellent faciltity. Also, don’t overlook Jekyll Harbor Marina, just to the south. It is also a very fine marina, and a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

      Subject: Golden Isles Marina
      Cruising News: Stop in here if you are ever in the Brunswick, GA area. Great docks, super restaurant and and a very good dockmaster, Melissa Linton who will make sure you have a good experience. Mechanic Wayne Horne worked on my alternator on Mothers Day and did a great job. Got some help with our A/C water strainer fom a fellow boater. Very friendly crowd at Golden Isles and definitely on my “return here” list. Cruisers net marina sponsors have been exceptional from the Panhandle, down the west Florida coast, fom Stewart Florida up to Savannah…what a great resource!
      Robert Fitzgerald

      I have stayed at Golden Isles, The lady who runs the docks is great. The current is strong so take notice. There is a great restaurant at the marina so enjoy. St Simons and Sea Island are both within miles. The Cloister at Sea Island is beautiful, expensive, and first class.
      Hicks Milner

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    • What To Do If Your’re “Stuck” in Brunswick, GA

      Below is a thread I copied from the "Great Loop" list. Sounds like some good advice on what to do in downtown Brunswick, GA. This business district is walkable from Brunswick Landing Marina.

      Due to a predicted Nor easter, with 40 knot winds, we are "stuck" here in Brunswick Ga for the next 3 days! Could be worse.
      Happy  Cruising!

      Hey Sterling,
      At the risk of giving away my favorite shopping spot……check out the thrift store downtown and get nice shirts for $1 and jeans for $2.  Also, if you need any work done on the boat go to the bakery or the marina and ask for the "tribe".  They do excellent work at good rates, and they are honest.

      Also, go downtown New Castle St. (south)  and eat at Cargo's Port Side Grill!  You won't regret it.  Say Hi to owners Christie and Chef Jason for us…great folks 4 star dining. Posted by a stout portly satisfied repeat customer.
      "Carolyn Ann"

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    • Jove Creek (St. M. 671) No-Go

      Jove Creek indents the AICW's eastern banks, a short hop north of the Waterway's intersection with southern Frederica River. I've never recommended Jove Creek, even for exploration, much less anchoring. Looks like Captain Rich's experience bears out this advice!

      Subject: Shallow water
      Cruising News: I attempted to enter Jove Creek (MM 670.9) on 5 May and ran aground in the middle of the marked channel at the entrance. It was 1' above low tide and I draw 3'
      Rich Tanner

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    • Sunbury Crab Company Marina (Statute Mile 620, on the Medway River)

       Panoramic View of the Sunbury Harbor Relaxed Laid-Back Atmosphere Fresh Steamed Blue Crabs caught Daily Homemade Crab Cakes and Crab StewRestaurant offers a Full-Service BarSunday Home-Cooking LunchI've lost count of the number of laudatory postings we've had here on the Net's "Georgia" page concerning Sunbury Crab Company Marina (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS' NET SPONSOR). Suffice it to say that it's WELL worth the trip up Medway River to Sunbury Crab Company, not only for the marina facilities, but their GREAT restaurant as well!

      Subject: Sunbury Crab Co
      Cruising News: "Mangos" spent two pleasurable nights at Sunbury recently and enjoyed every minute. The owner/operators are the Maley family.  Follow the outstanding directions on their website or call them up and they will guide you in.  Foating Docks are new.  Seafood at the restaurant is simply outstanding.  Call ahead for hours.  Friendly and accommodating fokes at the Crab Co and worth the extra time for a little side trip off the ICW.
      Robert Fitzgerald

      And, even more kudos!

      We are staying at a very quaint Marina on the Medway River. Sunbury Marina. A nice stop for us slower boats from Savannah-Brunswick Ga. The food is excellent
      Bob & Becky

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    • Depths on Cane Patch Creek Less That Charted Soundings (Statute Mile 608.5)

      Cane Patch Creek is one of several streams that break off from Upper Bear River, east of the AICW. All of these streams offer a wealth of overnight anchorage opportunities. Below, Captain Chis reports depths on Cane Patch are a bit less than charted, but still plenty for most cruising craft.

      At the Cane Patch Creek off the Buckehead River at 1 hour before Low, we found the center line depths to be at least 4 feet less than charted (still 12 feet, though).  Starting with the charted 35 foot
      spot at the first "jog" depths ran truer to the chart.
      We anchored 2 hours before being blasted by a blue-green squalll with 52 knot winds from the west with the average wind in the high 30s for about 20 mins. We didn't budge. (All chain, 50# Delta, 11+ ton sailboat.). We'd call this a hurricane hole — at least for winds. It's too close to the coast and would be a storm surge sluice.
      S/V Briliant Star

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    • Cattle Pen Creek Anchorage (Statute Mile 625.5)

      As you will see below, Captain Chris reports that the charted shoal at the entrance to Cattle Pen Creek, from the AICW, seems to be growing to the south and southwest. Passing Waterway cruisers, and particularly those bound for the anchorage on Cattle Pen Creek, should take these newly augmented shallows into careful account.

      At the entrance to Cattle Pen Creek, the shoal to the north seems have made out toward the channel.  The USACE line on C-Map ran us through 7.7 foot (4.4 MLLW) water at half tide falling. A turn to port (northbound) found deeper water.
      S/V Briliant Star

      Comments from Cruisers (1)

      1. Pascal -  November 3, 2009 - 5:01 pm

        i didnt’ get into the creek, too narrow for me to anchor but passing thru the ICW, i never saw less than 9′ MLW for a short while, abeam the creek entrance. Plenty of water everywhere else on the ICW.
        looking at the charts, R128 is fairly out there over some shallow waters so you need to give it a wide berth, saw about 15′ MLW 120′ off R128.


        Reply to Pascal
    • More Praise For Sunbury Crab Company Marina & Restaurant (Statute Mile 620)

      The praise keeps rolling in for Sunbury Crab Company and Marina (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS' NET SPONSOR). This facility is accessed by way of the Medway River. It's a pretty good upstream cruise from the AICW, but it's well worth the trip, particularly if you are HUNGRY!

      Cruising News: Once again we must report that SUNBURY CRAB is a wonderful [lace to stop.  The entry up the Medway River is deep, the docks are protected and new, and the food and the people are just first rate!  If you want a great place to stop between Isle of Hope and Golden Isles, this is it!! 
      Carol and Dick Rosenberg
      CARROUSEL Fleming 55

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    • Frederican River Discussion

      The northern meeting of Frederica River and the AICW occurs near Statute Mile 666, just north of marker #229. The Frederica then winds its way south for quite a few miles, cutting into the western flank of St. Simons Island. Boats drawing less 5 feet or less can make use of this stream, BUT ONLY with caution! There are several good opportunities to anchor along the way,  the best of which, in my lowly opinion is abeam of the Fort Frederica historic site. Eventually the river rejoins the AICW north of marker #241. As you will see below in the discussion concerning Frederica River, which I copied from the GL (Great Loop) list, it's this southern intersection which seems to be shoaling. Wise captain will wait for high water before trying these waters.
      For maximum safety, you can enter and egress Frederica River from the north, and still experience all those many good anchorages.

      Just read an article by Tom Neale in the April 2009 issue of "Soundings" about several places along the ICW in Georgia – a good article if you haven't read it (his articles usually aren't available online). He says "If your boat has shallow draft and you have a bit of nerve, you can take this river [Frederica River] as a detour from the ICW and pass by or even anchor off the fort [Fort Frederica]. The river loops around and meets the ICW again to the south, but there are many shoals and mud banks."
      The chart shows a minimum depth of 7 feet in the Frederica River, with many of the soundings over 15 feet. Has anyone taken this route, and what did you find depth-wise?
      Bob McLeran and Judy Young

      We took the Fredrica river in 2007 and had no problem with our 4' draft.  We entered from the South and exited North.  We anchored just off the fort.  No problems.  You can see where we anchored on our blog if you go back far enough.  The site is
      Paul & Stacy Brannon
      m/v SEASEA

      Also no problem, also 4' draft.  Excellent holding in front of the fort, it blew like stink for 2 days, so hard the dinghy on deck kept getting launched against its ties, and none of the 5 boats there dragged!   Look for my shoe in the mud – got ashore, but with only 1 shoe.  Met lots of people tho, easy to do when you wear 1 shoe.
      Rideau Ferry

      The south entrance is tricky and is shoaling. We got stuck there at the lower part of the tide. Otherwise the run is deep enough for my 5' draft.  Use the details of the shoals at the turns and some side
      channels as a clue to move to one side or the other. They are pretty accurate.
      Greg and Susan Han
      Allegria — Krogen Whaleback

      We "did" the Frederica River in '06, including anchoring for the night off the fort.  We dinghied in to explore the fort.  It was a most pleasant diversion.
      Randy Pickelmann

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    • Brunswick Landing Marina Notes (Statue Mile 680)

      Brunswick Landing Marina sits hard by downtown Brunswick, GA. This marina has become very popular with cruisers, both for transient dockage and much longer stays. Captain Jim's note below gives some of the reasons for this facility's appeal.
      Also nearby, on Jekyll Creek, is Jekyll Harbor Marina (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS' NET SPONSOR). This is also a superb pleasure craft facility that is highly recommended by this writer.  

      Tomorrow (Mon) Palmetto Moon will be on the move North from (MM 680) Brunswick, Ga. This has been our spot to escape the chilly and strong winds of the past week. While in Brunswick, we were able to see some of the nearby sights  and enjoy some goooooood meals in the revitalized downtown. This is worth the effort and off route miles for a great stop. The marina is very calm and the only noise is the occasional trains going to and from the paper mill. Almost every afternoon there is a meeting, convention and general gathering of Seagulls, Cormorants, terns, small shore birds and a few crows who think they are waterfowl, that use the T-head as their place to show who's boss bird. Often times the little shore birds are the victors. Very funny sight watching these bantams chase the much larger away.
      Jim Cobb
      Palmetto Moon

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    • Sunbury Crab Company (Staute Mile 620 on the Medway River) – Wait For High Tide on Little Mud River

      Sunbury Crab Company Marina and Restaurant (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS' NET SPONSOR) is found upstream on the Medway River, west of this stream's intersection with the AICW. We have always been impressed with both the food and the marina facilities here, not to mention the wonderful folks who run the place!
      Now Captain Larry has found yet another reason to patronize Sunbury Crab Company. As he notes, this is a great spot for southbound vessels to wait for a high tide on the shallow Little Mud River section of the AICW!

      Because of the timing of the tides, high at 9am, we did not want to try and force making the Little Mud River too late.  The Sunbury Crab Co, on the Medway River, is only 5 mile off the ICW and provides a real nice place to sit until the next day to make the next run down to the Little Mud River & Jekyll Creek.  The people are really nice & the food is GREAT !!
      Larry Hemmerich

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    • St. Catherines Sound Inlet and Walburg Creek Anchorage (near Statute Mile 619)

      Unfortuantely, due to a potential liability issue, I have chosen not to display the chartlets sent along with Captain Michael's message below. However, there is still plenty of good info here concerning both St. Catherins Sound Inlet and the nearby Walburg Creek anchorage.

      Dear Claiborne,
      Your concerns notwithstanding, we ran outside from Savannah and went into St. Catherines inlet with the intention of spending the night anchored in Walburg Creek, which we did.  My chart is dated 2004, and I just couldn't believe that the charted depths could have shoaled to where we could not get in with 5' draft in 4 years.
      The only place where the buoyage is different from what my chart shows is the location of the FlR "2" buoy at the entrance to the channel over the bar. The buoy has been moved to the (approximate) location shown by my waypoint on the StCathEnt.jpg file.  My arriving track shows how I adjusted to the edge of the shoal. I carried 12' over the bar at dead low tide.
      In addition, the Middle Ground shoal off the north end of Walburg Creek has grown out to the east, and the shoal off the north end of St Catherines island has grown — both as shown in Walburg.jpg. We didn't hit bottom on our arriving track, but we did see some 7' depths, again at low-ish tide.
      We also came in through Ponce de Leon Inlet and by reading the markers, the water, and watching other boats we had no problems.
      Our best for the holidays, and thank you for your work with the sitge and guides.
      Michael Porter
      M/V Barbara

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    • Accolades to Ocean Petroleum Company (Brunswick, GA)

      Ocean Petroleum Company is found along the approach to Brunswick Landing Marina, near the downtown region!

      Subject: Accolades To Ocean Petroleum Company
      Cruising News: 12/22/2008
      Ocean Petroleum Company (Statute Mile 680, on East River Near Downtown Brunswick)
      Hi Claiborne,
      We want to give our heartiest accolades to Ocean Petroleum Company (Statute Mile 680, on East River Near Downtown Brunswick) for their great service and in particular to Jack Oswald.  He went out of his way to help us when we came to his facility to fuel our 46’ Cheoy Lee Trawler on our novice voyage south.  Prior to coming to his fuel dock, we checked out your wonderful Salty Southeast Cruiser’s Net and found Ocean Petroleum listed and were pleasantly surprised to learn that the price for diesel had dropped to $1.74 per gallon ($1.87 w/tax) on the day we purchased fuel.  They definitely had the best fuel cost of any marina or facility around, but beyond the economics, we were treated “as family” when we had mechanical problems shortly after fueling and could not leave their fuel dock.  Jack went well beyond what anyone would expect in accommodating our needs in providing a mechanic and welder, and even loaned us his vehicle so that we could purchase the necessary parts to fix our generator.  We are new to the cruising life and have experienced some difficult moments on our first cruise south, but our experience at Ocean Petroleum and the kindness of Jack Oswald certainly made us feel blessed.  We truly don’t know what we would have done without his kind and generous help.  All cruisers need to know that they can be assured of great service and excellent fuel cost when they come to Ocean Petroleum Company.
      Paul and Claudia Peeples
      Peeples Choice – 46’ Cheoy Lee Trawler

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    • Duplin River Anchorage (Statute Mile 649)

      I don’t know anything about the “old house” mentioned by Captain Laura below. Anyone else know the story?

      Hi, Claiborne.
      We just anchored in Duplin Creek, GA, between a landing and power lines. There’s an old dilapidated gazebo looking thing but to its left is a house that looks like it came out of To Kill a Mockingbird’¦and we’re pretty much in front of it. Do you know anything about it’”if it’s abandoned (looks like it oughta be)’¦or what. Looks pretty scary to me! Doors’ll be locked tonite. Just curious about it and knew if anyone knew, t’would be you!
      Laura Bender
      Kindred Spirit III

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    • Brunswick Landing Marina (Statute Mile 680)

      Brunswick Landing Marina is located well off the ICW, near the heart of downtown Brunswick, GA.

      Just to let you know–our stay at Brunswick Marina was a real treat!!! The Omelett at Jim’s is “to die for”. I copied the page from your cruising guide and gave it to them. The guy I talked to didn’t know about you so also gave him your site. Just got fuel at Ocean Petroleum in Brunswick for $1.85!!!
      Laura Lane Bender
      M/V Kindred Spirit III

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    • Sunbury Crab Company (Statute Mile 620) – A GREAT Stop

       Panoramic View of the Sunbury Harbor Relaxed Laid-Back Atmosphere Fresh Steamed Blue Crabs caught Daily Homemade Crab Cakes and Crab StewRestaurant offers a Full-Service BarSunday Home-Cooking LunchI've been saying for some time now that it's WELL worth a trip from the AICW up the Medway River to Sunbury Crab Company Restaurant and Marina (A SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS' NET SPONSOR). As you will see below, Captains Carol and Dick heartily agree, and they correctly point out that Sunbury is a GREAT stop between Isle of Hope Marina and Golden Isles Marina (both also, SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS' NET SPONSORS). Oh yes, and don't overlook the GREAT food!

      Subject: Sunbury Crab Restaurant & Marina
      Cruising News: WOW!!  We usually make the long slog from Isle of Hope to Golden Isles Marina in one day.. Timing the tides makes the treck long and difficlt.  Today we took your advice and stopped at Sunbury Crab Restaurant  and Marina on the Medway River. Approach is very easy, the welcome is genuine, and the food is wonderful.  If you are tired of the long slog……make sure and STOP AT SUNBURY!! Floating docks, fuel and great food!.
      Carol and Dick Rosenberg
      Carrousel Fleming 55

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    • Walburg Creek Anchorage (Statute Mile 619)

      Bahia Bleu Marina is located on the Intracoastal Waterway in Thunderbolt, Georgia, just minutes from downtown historic Savannah. From this location, you are close to some of the area's best cruising,Walburg Creek cuts into the western banks of St. Catherines Island, immediately south of Georgia's St. Catherines Sound. It is a superb anchorage, but it is best entered from this northern mouth, which makes into the sound, and does not directly intersect the AICW. An earlier report here on the Net's "Georgia" page reported a missing marker near the intersection of Walburg Creek and St. Caterines Sound, so proceed with caution.
      Some cruisers make use of the southern entrance to Walburg Creek, which makes into the AICW near marker #124. We have always found this portion of Walburg Creek to be rather shallow!

      We've been anchored in beautiful Walburg Creek, GA the last few days,  enjoying a wonderful full Thanksgiving dinner; one of those times we  really appreciate our energy inefficient galley with full sized kitchen appliances. Gorgeous crisp fall weather enabled fun dinghy exploration. Took the outside route here from Thunderbolt via Wassaw  and St. Catherine's Sounds. This a quick and pretty passage we tried for the first time in the spring on the way up. Highly recommended as  a change of pace, the islands are very pretty too.
      George and Ann

      We also anchored in Walburg Creek in the Spring of 08.  What a beautifulplace.  Your post brought back a vivid memory of beautiful marshland and fast moving currents.  Just set the hook and watch your speed over water
      register about 3kts.

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    • Shallows At Northern Mouth of Frederica River (Statute Mile 666)

      Golden Isles Marina is designed to serve the specialized needs of today�s boat owner. With us quality service is priority one. So we will do our very best to make your stay with us an enjoyable one. IThe northern mouth of the Frederica River joins the AICW near Statute Mile 666, then cuts into the western banks of St. Simons Island. We have always enjoyed anchoring adjacent to histroic Fort Frederica. Below, Captain Miles tells us about some shallows developing at the Frederica's northern mouth. Sounds like we had all better enter and leave these waters at mid to high tide.

      Cruising News: Claiborne,
      Entered Frederica River yesterday at it's northern intersection with the ICW near G229, and encountered a shoal building across the entrance.  At 5pm, soundings came down to 4.6ft at mid tide, or 2.4ft at MLW.  We entered the mouth of the river slighltly north of the alternative magenta line to avoid being set onto the charted shoal on the south bank by a southerly current.  We draw 3.7ft and entered without incident, and found the deep charted soundings past the fort where we anchored.
      Capt. Miles
      MV Europa

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    • Wahoo River Anchorage (Statute Mile 630) May Not Be Isolated Much Longer

      I’m sorry to hear Captain Fred’s inflo below. Wahoo River has always been such a wonderful, backwater haven. Looks like the ugly arm of development is about to pay a visit to its shores!

      Subject: Georgia and south to Florida
      Cruising News: Hello Claiborne;
      We just returnied to Fort Lauderdale having stayed in Thunderbolt until our November 1 insurance date. We never saw less than 8 feet anywhere on theway through Georgia.We rae a slow boat and your uides make great reading while watching the boat go along.Here\’s a small update:Following your advice we anchored up Wahoo Creek and found it to be as advertised being as you promised beautiful, idyllic and possessing tangible isolation. This may not last long, however, for WAhoo Island has been wired for electrical service and the boxes can be seen in clearings just a couple hundred yards from where you show an anchor on page 420 of the sixth edition. It’s time to visit this lovely anchorage before the McMansions go up.
      Best regards,
      Fred SorensenOA 43

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    • Brunswick Landing Marina (Statute Mile 680)

      A brief, but welcome review of Brunswick Landing Marina. This facility is within walking distance of downtown Brunswick.

      Brunswick Landing Marina is nice and lots of cruisers here’¦.book store and restaurants in town good.
      Doug & Charlotte Kerr
      Annapolis, MD
      s/v Abbotsford II

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    • Dragging Anchor on New Teakettle Creek (Statute Mile 647)

      I’ve never had an anchor dragging problem on New Teakettle Creek, but, then again, it’s probably been better than 5 years since we stopped here. So, better listen ot Captains Doug and Charlotte below!

      We dragged 2 nights ago in New Teakettle Creek’¦.went in past about 2 bends and put out 100′ chain on a 45# CQR’¦.strong current and maybe 30 knots of wind in the middle of the night’¦.woke up in dark at 6 am against the bank 1/4 to 1/2 mile beyond where we had anchored’¦.but still had 0.2 feet under the keel and anchor was out in the creek some’¦.motored and cranked on the anchor and drove right out’¦..found 20′ of chain wrapped around a mud ball on the anchor when we got t up.
      Doug & Charlotte Kerr
      Annapolis, MD
      s/v Abbotsford II

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