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Archive For: SC – 6- Stono River to North Edisto River

  • Ross Marine (Statute Mile 476.5)

    On 9/1/09, as part of a “South Carolina Wish List,” I posed the following question:

    26. Has anybody made use of the repair facilities at Ross Marine on the Stono River? Please describe your experience!

    Responses follow:

    Ross Marine has a good honest reputation locally – though bearing in mind that most marina repairs can be horrendously expensive these days……
    Best wishes

    Back in May we stayed for repairs at Ross Marine. They were attentive and polite.
    The repair work was well done and they tried to accomodate us as best they could. They are not set up (no pump out) for liveaboard…… for repairs only but they certainly did that well. If your repair needs a few days, you can rent a car from Enterprise and explore Charleston or stay in one of the motels nearby.
    Sami and Barry Shreve
    s/v Ever After 

    Click Here To View the South Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Ross Marine

  • Fierce Tidal Currents on Wappoo Creek – Elliott Cut (near Statute Mile 470)

    On 9/1/09, as part of a “South Carolina Wish List,” I posed the following question:

    25. Has anyone experienced the fierce tidal currents running through Wappoo Creek and Elliot Cut? The AICW uses this partially man-made passage to run between the Ashley and Stono Rivers. What did you do to minimize the effects of these swiftly moving waters?

    Responses follow:

    Hi Claiborne,
    Have taken S/V Nisus thru Elliott’s Cut many times, normally I just close my eyes and gun it! 🙂
    Seriously, the best way if going South try to time it for a rising tide, hold her in the middle and try to keep your speed as fast and steady as possible. Do the same if heading North except on a falling tide.
    Lee Ann
    “Oh, dolce far niente!”

    Elliot Cut, if you are a MY and the tide is running hard towards you, suggest not following any sailboat, as they will going much slower than you will want to travel. Wait outside the cut and give the sailboat time. Next time, I will adjust my trip to start Elliot Cut a high slack tide.
    Pat M
    MY COMPROMISE ( 2004 Carver 366)

    Elliott Cut and Wappoo Creek. If we hit the tides wrong it is just slow going but didn’t seem to move my cat around too much.
    Best Regards
    S/V Chez Nous

    If you have a low powered sailboat, best to wait for a tide change to go through the Elliot Cut – the current can regularly reach 5 knots. But if you have enough power it’s really no big deal. Incidentally during the War of Independence, British battleships, moored out at sea off the Stono River, decided to try to take Charleston by surprise from the rear (like the Japanese did in Singapore many years later) . They built several long boats carrying 100 soldiers each and one night with muffled oars they silently rowed through Elliot Cut and successfuly took command for two years or so – before finally being chucked out by that dreadful fellow the Swamp Fox. ( I comment as an Englishman 🙂
    Best wishes

    Subject: Elliot Cut at SM 472.2 Southbound
    Cruising News: I strongly suggest that southbound boaters with an incoming tide and northbound boaters with an ebb tide be extra alert for Securitee calls regarding the passage through the .4 mile cut. Current can exceed 5 knots. Southbound you will not see northbound trafic until just before you enter the cut. If you get into the cut and then realize that a northbound barge has the cut blocked you will have a difficult time getting turned around and out of the way. If you are in an under powered sailboat it may not be possible. I urge you to make a sucuritee call of your own on Ch 16 and Ch13 and request opposing trafic to contact you. We did, heard nothing, but within five minutes of passing through the cut we were facing a northbound barge. The situation could have been entirely different.
    Dave on GB 46 At Last

  • North Edisto River Unmarked Shoal (opposite Ledenwah Creek)

    The shallows reported below by Captains Denny and Diane, are NOT found along the AICW’s passage down North Edisto River. Rather, this shoal lies south (downstream) of the Waterway’s exit of the North Edisto via the Dawho River.
    I have looked at chart 11517, and I think the shoal in question lies along the river’s southwestern banks. As noted below, it is unmarked, but charted, though it sounds like depths here are even less than shown on 11517.

    And a quick note of a shoal that is not marked on the North Edisto River. It is directly across from Ledenwah Creek on the south side of river. At low tide we FOUND less than 2 feet, and yes we found it the hard way!!
    Fair Winds and Following Seas
    Denny & Diane

  • Bohicket Marina (North Edisto River)

    On 9/1/09, as part of a “South Carolina Wish List,” I posed the following question:

    32. Has anyone docked at Bohicket Marina Village (off the southerly reaches of the North Edisto River by way of Bohicket Creek)? Please describe your experiences. Oh yes, a review of one or more of the many on-site restaurants would not be amiss either.

    Responses follow:

    Bohicket is a very nice marina, with large slips and very kind folks running the marina. Fischer’s Sports Bar still has one of the best cheese burgers to be had. It is always a good time and has good food and friendly folks, Tracy and AJ, (owners), are always trying to help folks out and serve fresh good food.
    And a quick note of a shoal that is not marked on the North Edisto River. It is directly across from Ledenwah Creek on the south side of river. At low tide we FOUND less than 2 feet, and yes we found it the hard way!!
    Fair Winds and Following Seas
    Denny & Diane

    Bohicket Creek Marina. The cruise up the N. Edisto River and Bohicket creek was uneventful, but when we got to the Marina the current had picked up quite a bit. After we got our slip assignment from the “dockmaster”, we had no further help tying up. It wasn’t busy when we approached, but the dockhouse was quite a way from our slip. I guess he didn’t feel like walking all that way. The marina is more of a private condo development that rents out transient slips. It may have been better in previous years.
    Joy and Shel Rabin, aboard m/v Evening Star.

    This is one of my favorite SC marinas. The marina offers fuel, showers, and dockage while the area is a great place to spend a couple of days. There are restaurants at the marina plus just a short walk up the road there is a shopping area with more restaurants. Fischer’s Sports Bar is great. There is a great grocery store that is similar to a Fresh Market with wines, cooked foods, and much more. The shops make for a pleasant shopping experience. My husband and I enjoy our mini-vacations boating there.
    Judith Richardson

    Click Here To View the South Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Bohicket Marina

  • SECURITE Call Recommended for Wappoo Creek and Elliot Cut (near Statute Mile 470)

    I had never thought about making a "SECURITE" call when entering Wappoo Creek/Elliot Cut, but with the spend tidal currents boil through here, not to mention the narrow width of the channel, and the restricted bascule bridge. it sounds like a GOOD idea!

    Subject: SECURITE at Elliott Cut
    Cruising News: For those coming north (east-bound) for the first time it is important to note that the west-bound channel into the cut is obscured to vision and radar by beautiful high trees. It can be very useful to make a SECURITE call (on 16 AND 13) when entering the cut from either direction.  We did and received no response.  Halfway into the Cut and fully committed, we were greeted by an unannounced towboat, barge and 300 foot string of dredge pipe plus two heavy tenders steering the string.  The tow boat took her half in the middle, and we moved as far right as keeping the keel intact would allow.  We ended up with 20 feet of clearance on each side.  Fortunately, we timed this passage for slack before flood.  Unfortunately, so did the tow captain.  We don't know why he didn't respond to the SECURITE.  We are told by locals difficult to maneuver commercial tows frequently time their trips through Elliott Cut for Slack Water. Suggest folks plan accordingly and make the SECURITE call.
    Chris Waln

  • Important – AICW Shallow Water at Intersection of Dawho and North Edisto Rivers (Statute Mile 495.5)

    Captain Bob's message report below of shallow water at the intersection of the Dawho and North Edisto Rivers is not good news. This stretch of the Waterway was just dredged recently, and it appears as if shoals are already encroaching on the AICW anew. Take great care when transiting this section of the Waterway, and if possible, time your passage for high or at least mid-tide.

    Subject: ICW 496.5 Shoaling
    Cruising News: Today, approximately 1 hour before low tide, we went aground as we exited the Dawho River to the North Edisto River at approximately ICW Mile Marker 495.5  The chart shows 15-17 feet and we went agound with a draft of 4.5 feet.  Warned other boats as they came down the Dawho River and they were successful by aiming at Red daymarker 110 from Green day marker 111 and passing daymarker 110 to port by about 50 feet.  We were probably 200 feet to the south of this marker.
    Bob Hermans
    on "Sojourn"

    And, here's another report concerning the same shallows, received within hours of Captain Bob's message above:

    Subject: AICW/Dawho River (near Statute Mile 500)
    Cruising News: At appoximately two hrs to before low tide we passed this area today. From Marker red 116 to Marker Red 112 the depth was 5 ft and less ( as low as 3' 8".WE were unable to find any deeper water towards Green marker 115 at all. Afer Marker 112 the depths shown on throm Red 110e east side of the channel as 14, 15, and 17 do not exist. As 44 ft trawller was aground on the 17 depth marker south east of marker RED 110. A slow trip found deeper water towards the West bank and staying about 30 feet from Red 110.  It appears the shoal on the East bank has encroached way out into what was the deepest part and caution says stay west of the Magenta line till the RED 110.
    John E. Burns
    Gpsy Time

    Well, let it never be said that the Army Corps of Engineers is not responsive. Within three hours of posting the above two messages, Captain Mike Verdolini, of the Charleston ACOE office called our office. Turns out he reads the "South Carolina" section of the Cruisers' Net every weekday. That's quite a compliment.
    Anyway, Mike allowed that the latest ACOE survey map does not show anything like the "15" and "17" foot soundings southwest of marker #110, pictured on NOAA chart 11518. His surveys show the AICW channel far closer to #110, just where Captain Hermans (see above) found the better depths. So, clearly, the trick is to stay away from the southern shores of the Dawho River, as you cruise east into the North Edisto River.
    Captain Mike also speculated that the shoal depths reported above by Captain Burns between #15 and #17 might have been the result of his accidentally getting into the correctly charted shoal that stretches southeast from #117. These shallows lie southwest of the Waterway channel. 
    The AICW/Dawho River passage has always been at least a bit challenging, and, clearly, current conditions still meet that description.

  • Ross Marine (Statute Mile 475)

    Telephone: (843)559-0379 | FAX: (843)559-3172 | Address: 2676 Swygert Blvd., John's Island, SC 29455 | E-mail: | We are the Southeast�s premiere yacht repair facility located on thThe discussion below was copied from the Net’s “Ask Your Neighbor” page, and the AGLCA mailing list. Please note that Ross Marine is a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!

    We are looking for secure, safe, and reasonably priced storage either in the water or on the hard for our 45 foot trawler somewhere between Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC from June 15 to November 15.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
    Susan and John Hauge and Lily
    currently cruising the St. John’s River, FL

    Susan and John,
    Try Ross Marine, ICW mm 475, six miles south of Charleston. Nice  folks, large Travel-lift, hard pack surface, electric available, very  good rates ($8/ft & they told me free haul-out) compared to other  storage yards (and we checked them all). Contact Arthur at 843/559-0379.

    Click Here To View the South Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Ross Marine

  • St. Johns Yacht Harbor (Stono River, near Statute Mile 472.5))

     St. Johns Yacht Harbor ( a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR) is found at the sites fo the former Buzzards Roose and Stono marinas, hard by the Highway 701 Bridge as it crosses the Stono River. This is only a hop, skip and a jump south of the AICW’s westerly exodus from Elliot Cut, which connects the Waterway to the Ashley River and Charleston.
    I have always been VERY impressed with the plans for the facility at St. Johns. All this is coming to fruition now, and from Captain Pat’s account below, looks as if the restaurant and new shower building will be open soon!
    The “strong currents’ reported below by Captain Pat are part and parcel of EVERY marina on this portion of the South Carolina coastline. You will need to watch out for swiftly moving waters when apporach docks from Georgetown to the Savannah River (are really beyond).

    St John’s (old Buzzards Roost) ($1.75 a foot) Stono river just before Elliot Cut.
    Undergoing reconstruction of the Restaurant and soon the Shower building.  Not sure when the shower building will be done but the Restaurant looks as if it still needs a month or more until completion.  Current showers are clean and nice.  Small store with minimal snacks in the office.  Face docks are good condition with cable and wifi.  The strong current that runs through the marina slips helps put you on face dock when docking.  If no wind is expected this is a great place to wait until morning to go through Elliot cut.  Leave dock at 0810 and hit the Wappoo Creek bridge
    for it’s 0900 opening.  If the weather is windy just be advised that the strong current also amplifies swells in a southerly blow over 15 knots.  Long fetch up Stono river combined with an outgoing tide will result in very uncomfortable bouncing and hobby horsing at the dock.  Phil (Dock Master) lives in Marina and is a great guy.  He usually offers to drive you to closest store if you want.  Just remember that gas costs money if you ask him to drive you somewhere.  They also advertise a shuttle to downtown but I forgot to ask about that.
    Pat Banyas

    Click Here To View the South Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For St. Johns Yacht Harbor

  • Tom Point Creek Anchorage (Statute Mile 495.5)

    Sample ImageI’m almost sad to hear about the shoal on Tom Point Creek described below by Captains Joe and Sandra. This stream has always been one of our favorite anchorages, just off the AICW, south of Charleston. Looks like the shallows can be avoided though, wtih just a little caution.

    Subject: Tom Point Creek Anchorage Report
    Cruising News: We used the Tom Point Creek Anchorage at ICW MM 495.5 on our northbound trip last night, March 26, 2009. We entered at low tide and I noticed a large shoal at the knuckle-like turn before the long straight portion.  This area extends about 1/3 into the turn and the next morning at high tide I cut it a little close and only saw 5.5 feet of water.  The problem area is noted in the  Google Map photo located at [the left].
    Joe & Sandra Urban aboard Punches – Monk 36

    The most delightful creek is Tom Point Creek. Keep going up it for at least 2 miles and you\’ll have great protection from trees, deep water and perfect natural silence. I was visited there by a large loggerhead turtle and several friendly dolphins.
    Captain Arnold

    Click Here To View the South Carolina Cruisers’ Net Anchorage Directory Listing For Tom Point Creek

  • Cruising AICW/Wapoo Creek – Elliott Cut (near Statute Mile 472)

    Wapoo Creek and Elliott Cut comprise a part natural – part man-made connector used by the AICW to connect between Charleston's Ashley River and the Stono River. Nature never intended for these two bodes of water to be joined together, and tidal currents rip through these combined streams. If you can follow Captain Louries' advice below, that's the best plan!

    One final word for those passing through Wappo Creek/Elliott Cut, do it at slack water if your boat has anything less than an energetic engine.  The tidal flow has always been powerful.  Some things do not change.
    Lourie Salley
    S/V \"August Moon\"

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