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Bennetts Creek/Chowan River Anchorage – Claiborne’s Review

If you could design the perfect overnight anchorage, you would certainly include depths of 9 feet or better, excellent protection from all winds, attractive shores in their natural state, an easy approach, and plenty of swinging room. All these qualities are found on Bennetts Creek north of marker #13 (northwest of Holiday Island). The stream is without a doubt one of the best anchorages on all the Albemarle’s rivers.
While there are many places you might anchor on lower Bennetts Creek, we like the waters on the straight stretch, just after the stream crooks a bit to the north-northwest, a short distance upstream of its mouth. Chart 12205 shows soundings of 11 and 17 feet along this stretch. Here you will actually discover depths of 8 to 17 feet, and enough elbow room for a 40-footer.
While it eventually becomes much too narrow and shallow for cruising-size craft, Bennetts Creek leads to beautiful Merchants Millpond State Park in remote Gates County. This magnificent, swampy, and somehow mysterious cypress pond is drawing more visitors every year. Canoeists sometimes make the long trek from Merchants Millpond via Bennetts Creek all the way to the mighty Chowan.

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