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Broad Creek Anchorage – Navigational Detail

Carefully set course from marker #164 for what appears to be the northern portion of the large bay leading to Broad Creek. As you track your way west on the bay, watch for a U-shaped dump buoy. Pass this errant marker by 50 to 100 yards to its southern side.
Watch carefully for Broad Creek’s mouth to the north as you approach the rear (westerly end) of the large bay leading to the creek. Don’t be fooled by Little Broad Creek to the south. This small body of water holds only 4- to 5-foot depths and does not offer much protection.
The entrance to Broad Creek is partially hidden by a sharp point that will be passed north of your course. The stream then takes a sharp
turn to the north.
After spotting the entrance, swing sharply north and enter the creek, favoring the eastern banks ever so slightly. Drop anchor south of the first charted bay-like offshoot abutting the western shoreline. Contrary to what chart 12206 would lead you to believe, 4-foot depths are all too common on the waters adjacent to this sidewater and farther upstream.

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