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Buck Island/Goose Pond Anchorage – Claiborne’s Review

The waters lying about the shores of Buck Island southwest of marker #149 offer several good anchorages. Your choice between these three havens will depend on your vessel’s draft and the prevailing wind direction.
DO NOT attempt to enter any of these anchorages after dark or in conditions of poor visibility. These waters often play host to a wide collection of crab pots. You need to be able to spot these pests in order to avoid them. Otherwise, you may spend the next several hours with a diving mask, trying to cut a rat’s nest of line from your props and shafts. That’s not the way I want to spend an evening after a long day on the water!
Those intrepid souls among us who pilot vessels drawing 4 feet or less (and are less than 40 feet in length), might consider spending the night on the centerline of the charted approach to shallow Goose Pond, northeast of marker #157. These waters offer anchorage with 5-foot depths if and only if you stop short of the stream’s charted swing to the northeast, leading to Goose Pond. There is good protection from all but southerly winds.
This anchorage borders on shores that are entirely in their natural state and can provide a safe and peaceful sanctuary for the night, depending on the quarter from which the fickle wind blows.

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