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Holiday Island/Chowan River Anchorage – Claiborne’s Review

North of marker #12, the mighty Chowan River is bisected by Holiday Island, a large but undeveloped body of land and marsh. The marked channel continues down the westerly fork, but the easterly arm also holds minimum 10-foot depths for the most part. In light winds or moderate westerly breezes, cruisers can anchor behind (east of) Holiday Island, but there is insufficient protection for anything approaching heavy weather.
Some years ago, Gates County built a raised platform camping site on Holiday Island, with a small dock fronting the isle’s eastern shores. If you find this site unoccupied, it is possible to briefly land your dinghy here, and even take a pet ashore. However, if you value your “woof, woof” or “meow” (and anyone who has gotten their animal this far must), don’t allow them to leave the raised platform.

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