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Little Alligator River Anchorage – Claiborne’s Review

Little Alligator River makes into its larger sister’s western shoreline west of AICW marker #10. For those willing to brave its unmarked entrance channel, this stream offers good anchorage and superior protection from all but strong northern and northwestern blows. Of course, the ace in the hole, otherwise known as a GPS chartplotter, would be a great help in finding this anchorage safely.
The Little Alligator is a particularly good spot for northbound mariners to wait out rough conditions on the Albemarle. Minimum entrance depths are 6 to 7 feet, but, as stated above, the unmarked channel must be carefully followed in order to maintain these sorts of soundings. The shoreline is completely in its natural state.
The best spot to anchor is on the waters of the large cove sandwiched between Mill Point and the unnamed point north of charted Sandy Point. After rounding the unnamed promontory, you will sight a few remains of an old semisunken vessel to the south-southwest, set back into the body of the cove formed between the two points. By staying at least 50 to 75 yards off the eastern and southeasterly banks, you can maintain 6-foot depths to a point some 75 yards short of (north of) the old derelict. Soundings in the 4- to 4½-foot range are held abeam of the sunken vessel and for a short distance deeper into the cove. We suggest anchoring 50 yards north-northeast of the wreck.

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