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Little Alligator River Anchorage – Navigational Detail

You will need chart 12205 for navigating the inner reaches of the Little Alligator River, AND a GPS chart plotter would be ever so helpful as well.
Set course from AICW marker #10 to come abeam of the sharp point on the entrance’s southern quarter by some 100 yards to its northern side. Veteran cruisers who have used this anchorage previously will look in vain for the small island that used to lie north of this point of land. In its heyday, it sported two or three stunted trees. Hurricane Isabel erased this tiny land mass years ago, but it’s a safe bet that shallow water still marks its one-time location. Be SURE to stay north of
the point.
Once past the unnamed point of land, curl around to the southwest and enter the cove east of Mill Point by favoring its southeasterly (portside) banks. Don’t approach the shoreline too closely, as depths begin to rise.
Cruising into the cove’s interior, you will spy a few remnants of what was once a large, partially sunken boat 100 yards from shore. Depths of 6 feet can be expected from the entrance to a position just north of the old wreck. They then fall to 4 to 4½ feet abeam of
and past the sunken ship. Pick a spot north of the derelict and set the hook.

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