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Little River/Deep Creek Anchorage – Navigational Detail

To make good your entry into Little River, first set a course designed to marker #1L, which lies east-southeast of Stevenson Point, abeam by some 200 yards to its northeasterly side. Using chart 12205 and/or a GPS chartplotter, carefully set a new course from #1L to avoid the large patch of shallow water on the entrance’s western quadrant. Also, be on guard against the finger of shoal water extending into the main stream from Mill Point to the northeast. If you successfully avoid the surrounding shoals, minimum entrance depths are 6 feet. Once past Mill Point, stick to the mid-width for 7-foot minimum depths as far upstream as Long Point.
Southeast of Long Point, the main channel is pinched between shallow water extending northeast from Durant Neck and a smaller patch of shoals near Long Point to the northeast. Favor the river’s northeastern shore, but don’t approach Long Point too closely. If depths fall below 7 feet, your course is encroaching on the shallows. Slow down and assess the situation before you reach grounding depths.
Upstream, the channel again narrows between Deep Creek and Trueblood Points. Very shallow water extends out from shore for quite a distance between the two points. Cruise carefully through the river’s centerline and avoid both points of land.
Just past the constricted channel, good water depth again opens out almost from shore to shore. Deep Creek, the river’s first good opportunity for anchorage, will come abeam to the southwest.
I suggest that cruisers unfamiliar with these waters anchor on the centerline of Deep Creek’s northeasterly mouth. This will avoid the potential for trouble farther upstream.
Those captains who insist on exploring Deep Creek should favor the northwestern (starboard) shores when entering. Do not cruise toward the port banks to read a sign you may see there; it tells of a small-craft marina farther upstream, inaccessible to cruising-size craft. Depths of 5 feet can be held for only a short distance upstream on Deep Creek until just before you come abeam of a small bay-like body of water to port bordered by several private residences.

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