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South Lake – Broad Creek Anchorage – Navigational Detail

Trying to gain safe entry into East and South Lakes by way of DR navigation is no proverbial walk in the park. While the correctly charted channel between Briery Hall and Lake Points is deep and fairly broad, it borders on two mammoth, unmarked patches of shallow water to the north and south. With a GPS chartplotter, it’s easy to avoid these hazards. When you have to rely solely on compass and log, it’s another matter.
Use chart 12205 for navigation in and around East and South Lakes. From the AICW marker #10, set a careful compass/GPS course for the charted channel south of Lake Point. As you pass between Briery Hall and Lake Points, favor the northern shore a bit. Even by following
this procedure, it’s all too easy to wander into depths of 6 feet or slightly less. Past Lake Point, begin to slowly bend your course to the south, pointing to eventually come abeam of Boranges Point by 50 yards to your port side.
To anchor at the mouth of Broad Creek, cruise from a position abeam of Boranges Point into the wide mouth of Broad Creek. It’s easy to see where this latter stream got its name. Be sure to anchor within 30 yards of the creek’s mouth. Farther upstream, depths rise markedly.

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