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South River/Eastman Creek Anchorage – Navigational Detail

Use chart 11541 for entry into South River. Set course from a position about halfway between markers #6 and #7 to come abeam of marker #1, which denotes the South River’s entrance, by 25 yards to its southwestern side. Then set course to pass marker #2 fairly close on its northeastern side. Immediately after passing #2, bend your course to a more southern track and pass markers #WR3 and #5 fairly close to their western sides. Once past #5, simply stay within shouting distance of the river’s midsection. Minimum depths of 8 feet can be carried for several miles upstream.
Some 1.2 nautical miles past #5, you will encounter marker #6 near the river’s southwestern shore. This aid to navigation marks the entrance to Big Creek, home of a fish-processing house.
Continuing holding to the mid-width of South River as you cruise upstream to Eastman Creek. Be sure to pass marker #6 to its eastern quarter.
Watch the eastern banks, and eventually the entrance to Eastman Creek will be spied. Employ your GPS chartplotter to keep to the best depths and enter this stream, slightly favoring the southern shores. Drop anchor before passing through the creek’s first bend to the southeast.

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