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Southern Deep Bay Anchorage – Claiborne’s Review

West of Judith Island and north of marker #2, three large bays open out to the north. Spencer, Rose, and Deep Bays form a distinctive three-fingered body of water that is far larger than a casual inspection of chart 11548 might lead one to believe.
Deep Bay strikes east off lower Rose Bay and eventually leads to deep Swan Quarter Canal. This bay boasts two aids to navigation and minimum depths along its broad channel of 7 feet or better. There is one unmarked shoal that requires extra caution.
Marker #2 denotes the western entrance to Swan Quarter Canal. The large cove south-southwest of #2 makes an excellent overnight stop when winds are blowing from the south, southwest, or southeast. Breezes of even moderate strength from the north or northwest make this anchorage most uncomfortable. Minimum 6-foot depths run to within 250 yards of the southern Judith Island banks. Be sure to anchor such that your vessel does not swing into the correctly charted, broad band of shallows making out from the southern and southeastern banks.

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