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Upper North River Anchorage – Navigational Detail

Between AICW markers #128 and #132, west of your course, you will pass the upper reaches of North River (abandoned by the AICW). Please remember that this is an anchorage only for daring captains who are ready to risk a little adventure, and understand that the bottom might meet up with your keel while entering this anchorage. Be on the lookout for crab pots when entering this haven.
Don’t attempt to enter the upper North River by leaving the ICW between #128 and #132. Instead, continue south on the ICW until you are at least 300 yards south of #132. Then turn toward the western banks. After approaching to within 100 yards or so of this shoreline, turn sharply north and run parallel to this shore until the eastern entrance point of Green Island Creek comes abeam west of your track.
You should then turn to the west-northwest to enter the upper reaches of the North River and begin working your way gradually toward the stream’s midline. As you cruise a bit farther to the west, keep a sharp watch for a small patch of grass, sticks, and old stumps north of Green Island Creek’s westerly entrance point. Set course to pass at least 75 yards north of this obstruction and continue into the river’s midsection. Discontinue your upriver explorations before passing through the area depicted on chart 12206 as dividing line #4.

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