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Yeopim Creek/Yeopim River Anchorage – Navigational Detail

Cruisers bound upstream on Yeopim Creek to anchor should continue following the marked cut from marker #6, and point to come abeam of marker #8 by 20 yards to your starboard side. Marker #8 is the aid to navigation farthest upstream on Yeopim Creek. Another aid to navigation between #8 and the marina would be nice.
Carefully avoid the point of land lying between Yeopim Creek and the Yeopim River. A shoal is building outward from this point.
Reasonably good depths continue upstream on Yeopim Creek for at least 100 yards past the stream’s first sharp turn to the north. Eventually, soundings start to rise, reaching 4 and 4½-foot levels as the creek works its way into totally undeveloped country. Craft drawing 4 feet or more should anchor well short of this shallow water.

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