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    • Downtown Georgetown Waterfront Anchorage

      Statute Mile: 403
      Lat/Lon: near 33 21.915 North/079 17.041 West
      Location: located along the northeastern loop of Sampit River, abeam of the downtown Georgetown waterfront
      Minimum Depth: 9-feet
      Swing Room: sufficient room for boats as large as 45 feet
      Foul Weather Shelter: Very Good

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      Centered on the Location of This Anchorage:

      Comments from Cruisers (3)

      1. Claiborne -  August 3, 2009 - 10:45 am

        Subject: Georgetown, S.C. harbour update
        Cruising News: Know And Follow the rules!
        This past Friday I received a little “gift” from the DNR, in the form of a 110.00 ticket for “No anchor light between sunset and sunrise”. Now I did think I had an anchor light, I had installed a solar light on the Stearn rail that glowed brightly every night as I walked down the Harbourwalk. There were several problems with this that the DNR was only happy to point out! First was that solar lights are only as good as the batteries they contain AND how much direct sunlight they receive. The DNR patrol toured the harbour at 04:30, and apparently by then my light managed to run down. I’m not usually out and about at 4:30, so I was unaware.
        The second and probably more important point is that a light on the rail is NOT visible 360 degrees, and therefore does NOT satisfy RULE 30.
        It would seem that the only option would be the masthead anchor light, but no the DNR will accept two lights, one on the bow and one on the stearn to create a 360 degree arc of visibility. (Remember the rule ALSO states that the light must be visible for a minimum of two miles. My problem was that my exhisting anchor light will drain the batteries in no time, and me getting up the mast with ease just ain’t going to happen. What I came up with is a low amp light with a photo cell mounted on a ‘pig stick’ that I can put up when we are at anchor (which by the way is where the boat lives way too much of the time. I hope this might clear up some of the confusion re lights here. BTW, there should be more news soon regarding the proposed mooring field, I’ll post as soon as I hear anything.
        Fair winds

        Reply to Claiborne
      2. Claiborne -  July 22, 2009 - 8:54 am

        Subject: Georgetown, SC Disappointment
        Cruising News: Georgetown, SC was a big disappointment this year. The anchorage here has always been crowded, and the holding has always been problematic, but the town has
        been very friendly to boaters with public dinghy docks, trash cans, and a grocery store that will pick you up and return you to the waterfront with your groceries. This year, several of the local marinas have expanded their docks into the anchorage area, and the rest of the anchorage is filled up with large numbers of local boats of every description on moorings and anchors, evenincluding a 3 masted schooner and an 8×8 foot swimming float. There were only 2 or 3 cruising boats who had managed to squeeze in. We idled all through the area, and sadly left to anchor up the Wacamaw River. I know the boats that stay in the marinas are more lucretive, but I used to love spending my (little) money in Georgetown.
        Mark Richter, m/v Winnie the Pooh
        anchored Wacamaw River and northbound for Canada

        Reply to Claiborne
      3. joey presnell -  July 11, 2009 - 3:00 pm

        Run your anchor light or you will get a ticket. It’s getting crazy here reminds me of old days in florida

        Reply to joey
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