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    • Important Background Information on the new NC Pumpout Log Requirement

      Thanks to Richard Tobacco, this message sheds some light on the reasons this new law might have been enacted. Portions of the new law can be found in the earlier post on this issue. See New Law: Pumpout Log to be required in NC And No-Discharge Zones Created, dated May 5. (http;//

      Boaters, some of you may be unaware that the NC General Assembly passed a law that gos into effect July 1st.
      Why was this law written? In New Hanover, especially in Banks Channel, there were live-a-boards and weekend party boats that had been emptying their holding tanks at night. The law was written to insure ‘certain’ marinas police this (already) illegal act and a New Hanover ‘pilot program’ went into effect January 1st. [Statements have been made that this pilot program will not expand beyond New Hanover (intent of the word ‘certain’), however the law reads differently.] The law states that all boaters are required to keep a log of their pump-outs indicating when and where you were pumped out.
      a. Can the typical boater be required to produce this log? Yes
      b. Is it likely a non-live-a-board will be asked to produce this log? (Insert your own opinion here.)
      c. Not keeping this log is punishable as a Class 3 misdemeanor. No civil penalty shall be assessed for a violation.
      Captain Richard Tobacco

      We stop and spend money in NC each year while cruising North and South.
      Not anymore!
      Our purchasing of diesel for our 72′ yacht, restaurants, parts, dive shops, golf, rental cars, and marinas will no longer be income for NC.
      The surrounding States didn’t make illegal what the Coast Guard states as a legal system.
      We did the right thing and purchased a Type 2 waste treatment system which cost a lot of money.
      Now another political system run by idiots decided that a Coast Guard approved system can’t be used!
      Captain Sam Streater

      Liquid Waste Products
      A father and son are fishing from shore all morning while drinking coffee and sodas ‘¦’¦’¦ wonder what happens?
      Four buddies go our for the day in a 20’ center console complete with cooler of beverages ‘¦’¦’¦. wonder what happens?
      Family of six go swimming from a remote shoreline area all afternoon when it is 98 degrees and staying hydrated is necessary ‘¦’¦’¦.. wonder what happens?
      A local community gets pounded by a few inches of rain that overwhelms their storm drains, the oil spotted streets get cleaned, the chemical laden cigarette butts disappear ‘¦’¦.. wonder what happens?
      An older residence along the ICW has a septic system that has cracked and is in disrepair ‘¦’¦’¦. wonder what happens?
      Millions of fish and other critters living in the waters eat to gain nourishment ‘¦’¦’¦ wonder what happens?
      A 28’ sailboat just passing through with a 15 gallon holding tank and no potty log ‘¦’¦’¦. we know what happens in NC.

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