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      Basic Marina Information:

      Phone: (772) 231-2819
      VHF: Monitored: 16         Working: 66A
      Statute Mile: 952
      Lat/Lon: Near 27°39.461 N / 80°22.202 W
      Location: located on the eastern shores of Bethel Creek, moving northeast and north from the Vero Beach/Merrill Barber high-rise bridge and northeast of marker #139
      Depths: 6.5 ft.
      Address: 3611 Rio Vista Blvd
      Vero Beach,  FL   32963
      General Manager: Tim Grabenbauer

      Service Details:

      Transient Dockage:Available.
      Transient Dockage Rate:$1.90 per foot, per night, $10.90-weekly, $15.85-monthly, $16.25 daily ,mooring, $3.57 per foot per night, $48.72 monthly for mooring liveaboard
      Type of dockage:fixed and floating wooden and concrete decked, slips and face docks
      Live Aboards Allowed:yes
      Live Aboard Notes:All long term & monthly must be approved by harbor masterlong term rate-$10,50-$11.00/ft
      Monthly Dockage Rate:$14.50/ft
      Total number of slips/berths:96
      Dockside Power Connections:30/50 amp power hookups available
      30/50 Amp Notes:$5.00/per night - 30 amp hookup, $8.00/per night - 50 amp hookup
      Dock. Fresh Water Connections:Available.
      Showers:Available. Climate Controlled
      Restaurant:several within walking distance
      Restaurant Recommendations:Riverside Cafe (772-234-5550), Ocean Grill (better than 1 mile away on the beach, 772-231-5409), Caseys Place (breakfast, better than 1 mile away, 772-231-4790)
      Provisioning Possibilities:Take free bus service that comes right by the marina and will take you to local supermarkets Publix and Fresh Market about 3 miles away and shopping centers
      Waste pump-out:Available.
      Wi-Fi Internet Access:Free WiFi Available
      Fuel Availability:Gas & Diesel Available
      Fuel Notes:ethanol free/premium

      Fuel Prices (All Taxes Included)

      Reporting Date:August 8, 2022
      Fuel Notes:ethanol free/premium
      Gasoline Price:$5.99 tax included (All Taxes Included)
      Diesel Price:$5,99 tax included (All Taxes Included)
      ValvTect Dealer:Yes ValvTech

      Reviews from Cruisers (12)

      1. Chuck Howard -  October 1, 2021 - 5:53 pm

        The Marina staff were rude (with the exception of the two young men). They require a 4 page form, including hurricane plans, and a mandatory pump out before being assigned a mooring ball even for an overnight transient spot. Once we were assigned a ball, the pendant on it was so covered in barnacles and marine growth it could not be used. Paul, the assistant dockmaster, said if I didn’t like it I was welcome to go anchor. In all my years of cruising, I’ve never been treated so rudely by Marina staff person. We will never be back!

        Reply to Chuck
      2. Steve Parnell -  March 31, 2019 - 4:25 pm

        No discounts as listed…straight $3.10/gallon.

        [Editor’s note: This has been confirmed. No discounts while the marina awaits a new computer system.]

        Reply to Steve
      3. Sonny Reeves -  July 1, 2014 - 3:43 pm

        Tucked in at Vero Beach Marina. A very nice city marina with fuel and amenities we liked. The beach is a short bike ride away. Dock master and crew very helpful and accommodating.
        Sonny Reeves

        Reply to Sonny
      4. Kat -  December 27, 2011 - 10:52 am

        We stayed on a shared mooringball in Vero beach about 3 weeks ago and although had planned to stay for 2 days left after one night because of voracious no seeums ! Unfortunately the people moored alongside us said bugs were not a problem so we did not use nets or take precautions until too late ending up with up to 50 bites each. I must add that we have stayed before in a more breezy location and not had a problem.

        Reply to Kat
      5. Mike and Tammy -  March 31, 2011 - 5:43 pm

        Vero Beach:Nice marina. Big cruising commuity. Call early if you are going peak season. They have a free bus that goes to shopping areas.
        Mike and Tammy

        Reply to Mike
      6. James & Gloria Crawford -  March 24, 2011 - 11:35 am

        We just spent 5 days in Vero Beach mooring field. Our original plan was for two days, but Vero Beach was just wonderful and we stayed 3 extra days. The staff was friendly and helpful and the long term residents were delightful. There is a bus that runs in front of the Marina.
        We did lock our dinghy when we were gone for the day, but we do that where ever we go.
        The Vero Beach Yacht Club and US Power Squadron are located next door to the Marina. The Power Squadron was having a party and the guys yelled to our boat to “come on over!”
        James & Gloria Crawford

        Reply to James
      7. Ted Jones -  January 20, 2011 - 10:46 am

        We decided to take a slip at Vero Beach Municipal Marina for the night so we could get organized, do laundry, take showers, and leave packed bags ashore in the rental car we will pick up tomorrow.
        Vero Beach is a great destination and very popular. The heads and showers are good, as is the laundry, and the city provides free bus service from the marina (and elsewhere) to such important stops as West Marine and Publix.
        Ted Jones

        Reply to Ted
      8. Captain Jane -  December 27, 2010 - 3:49 pm

        Here is your 2010/2011 season update on Vero Beach City Marina. This AICW Cruisers Mecca is hopping. While you can sometimes get a mooring ball for yourself, boats are doubled and tripled up on
        mooring balls as I type this, a vessel spent the night at the fuel dock and one boat is heading to a mooring after two at the dock because a previous reservation bumped her. If you want a slip ($1.50 a foot), we recommend you reserve at least several days in advance.

        The social life on shore has changed just a bit, so here’s a summary of how it appears to be for the moment.

        1. Weekly Cruisers Breakfast hosted by Vero Beach’s CLOD (Cruisers Living on Dirt) continues on Wednesday mornings at 8 at 2002 restaurant (the Publix stop on the free Vero Beach GoLine shuttle bus.)
        2. Thursday Night Is Happy Hour, bring your own beverage and bring an appetizer to share at the picnic area near the main dinghy dock. I think this begins at 4:30 PM; there are signs in the cruisers lounge. If you are a musician, bring an instrument. It was hopping this past Thursday.
        3. Free GoLine Shuttle Bus seems to have more routes than ever. Note that the stop at Publix has changed — it no longer stops right in front of this reprovisioning gift to cruisers, but it’s only a short walk across the parking lot. Ask the driver to point to the new return spot just across from where you get out. The GoLine bus stop sign is still in front of the Publix, but don’t let that fool you — or so we were told.
        4. Free Wifi now at Vero Beach Municipal Marina — but it’s a little peripatetic at the moment. Yachtspots is gone and the city marina is in the process of upgrading and installing high speed wifi. The staff may ask you to limit your heavy internet use to the hours of 7 PM to 7 AM until the full upgrades are in. When they are up and running, the high speed signal should reach all the way to the most Northern moorings. Ask for the pass code and current status at the office. For now, easy on the Skype and hold back on Netflix streaming during office hours. 😉
        5. Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. The 10 AM GoLine Shuttle will take you there and pick you up an hour later. Or you can walk. It’s a pleasant 20 minute stroll there and a little less pleasant on the way back if while shopping you forgot you will be walking back.
        6. Recycling is gone, temporally, we hope! Most cruisers want recycling and value marinas who offer it. From what I have learned, recycling is expensive and the marinas need our help to make it work. Most of us do it right, but it only takes a few to muck it up and it seems some transients have created a problem at Vero which the marina is earnestly trying to resolve. The staff is trying to come up with a way to train cruisers into behaving so that recycling can resume. It seems that some transients, particularly in the summer, have been dumping garbage in the recycling containers and the recycling company did not have the time or person power to sort through the garbage. The marina staff, out of personal commitment to recycling, then set up their own bins and tried marking them really clearly — but then they experienced personally why the recycling company gave up. So, please urge your fellow boaters to behave. Marina staff asked me to ask folks also to please, please, please honor the recycling of oil rules; they collect $1 for disposal and it truly costs them more in labor and fees to provide this important environmental service. Please don’t mix anti-freeze in with the oil or other contaminants as it slaps the marina with a huge bill later in the process. Also, please don’t skirt the rules and dump used oil by the trash or outside the trash bins. Those who tuck in their oil-related trash between the bins and the doorrs create opportunity for costly and time-consuming cleanup when the trash area doors are opened and everything topples over.
        Captain Jane
        S/V Lady Jane

        Reply to Captain
      9. Capt. Sterling -  April 28, 2010 - 11:56 am

        They don’t call it “Velco Beach” for nothing! Careful, must be one of the best mooring faciities in Florida! Has it all, including free transportation!

        Reply to Capt.
      10. Beverly Feiges -  February 11, 2010 - 2:25 pm

        I too have enjoyed Vero, and the Art Museum, and the very nice restaurant on the beach at the end of this same Main Street. It also gets my OK as a mooring field because it is one of the few that can handle our 60 foot boat. So many former anchorage areas in the NE. are filled with moorings, very few of which can accommodate us, making it a lose-lose situation.
        Beverly Feiges

        Reply to Beverly
      11. Howard Means -  November 19, 2009 - 8:07 am

        I visited Vero Beach a year ago and consider it a must stop. They have very inexpensive moorings and expect you to raft other boats. The city busses are free and you can get anywhere. Easy shopping. Excellant thrift stores near West Marine. The showers and laundry are excellant. A great stop to prepare for the Bahamas.
        Howard M.

        Reply to Howard
      12. Larry V -  July 23, 2009 - 1:32 pm

        We also stayed in the mooring field at Vero Beach. They also have slips but I think you need to call ahead. Again you can walk or bike to the beaches or all over the town. They have plenty of dingy docks. Buss service is free and you can get to all major stores by buss. The drivers were very helpful and again very welcoming to cruisers.
        Larry V
        M/V Lauren Grace

        Reply to Larry

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