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Fort Lauderdale Municipal Marina at Las Olas Bridge


Basic Marina Information:

Phone:(954) 828-7200
Statute Mile:1064
Lat/Lon: Near 26 07.213 North / 80 06.500 West
Location:located off the AICW’s eastern shoreline immediately north and south (mostly on the north side) of the Las Olas bascule bridge
Depths: 5.5 ft.
Address: 240 Las Olas Cir
Fort Lauderdale FL  33316

Service Details:

Transient dockage:Available
Transient dockage rate:$1.35 (35 ft. maximum) per foot per night on floating docks, $2.15 (36 ft. to 50 ft.) $2.35 (51 ft. to 70 ft.) per foot per night
Live Aboards Allowed:
Dockside Power Connections: 30/50/100 amp power hookups available

10 cent per foot per night - 30 amp hookup, 20 cent per foot per night - 50 amp hookup, 35 cent per foot per foot per night - 100 amp hookup
Dock. Fresh Water Connections:Available
Showers:Available, Climate Controlled
Restaurant:on-site and several others nearby
Restaurant Recommendations:

Quarterdeck Seafood Bar (954-525 2010, 2 blocks away)

Provisioning Possibilities:Take nearby bus or trolley to Publix supermarket 1 1/2 miles away
Wi-Fi Internet Access: Free Wifi Available
Waste pump-out:Available


Reviews from the Cruisers' Net Community (6)

  1. scott finley -  February 6, 2015 - 9:48 am

    This facility is not being maintained in accordance to the prices being charged. The restrooms are NASTY and not being cleaned regularly. Feces on the toilet seats for 3 days now. toilet paper out. Security I have seen 2 times in 10 days.. People come in at night by walking in with paying customers. Boats come in after dark and leave before dawn. I had a guy urinating off the bridge behind my boat and called security, he was at the fisheries and I never saw him that night. Boaters communicate through the web. I like to be persistent to foster change for a better future for the mariners. I cannot agree I paid $1500 to park a 34ft. boat for this kind of treatment. We need to do better people!

  2. Dave -  November 19, 2013 - 11:19 am

    We stayed at Las Olas [Municipal Docks] when we passed through Ft. Lauderdale. We really like the facilities, and the beach was a walk or easy bike ride away from the marina. I needed diesel oil and had a ride of about 15 miles round trip to find it. We rented a car for a couple days and enjoyed Ft Lauderdale. We tried to leave for the Bahamas from there on a good day, but came back to tie up because our radar stopped working as we left the harbour.
    Sea Ya – Tolly 44 M/Y

  3. Alan Lloyd -  November 19, 2013 - 11:00 am

    here are two centers for marinas in Fort Lauderdale. You have to decide if you prefer to stay near the beach or downtown which is two miles up New River. Cooley’s Landing is the municipal marina downtown on the New River. I believe Cooley’s Landing has a 50 foot limit and may be tight for your 49 foot boat. Las Olas is the municipal marina on the ICW near the beach. Las Olas can accommodate larger boats on the ends of their Tee-docks. Las Olas has gated security on each dock. The Water Taxi stops close to both marinas. We have stopped at both of these marinas. Of course, there are dozens of other marinas!
    Alan Lloyd
    Author, Great Loop Navigation Notes

  4. Name Not Provided -  January 23, 2012 - 10:41 am

    Las Olas offers a Boat US discount of 25%. We agree with the other reviewers, the facilities are first rate and a real waterway bargain. Pump out only at fixed dock, C. Great pump out, no fee. Don’t look for dockhands to catch your lines or assist with the pump out, we couldn’t get anyone on VHF or phone. When we went into office, one employee was at his computer the other was playing with his phone, too busy to assist on the dock. Very disappointing. Also, dock numbers are written vertically on faces of posts so that one must enter the fairway to see them.
    The Quarterdeck as mentioned is great; good food, reasonable prices, and good service. Also, it’s only a two block walk to the beautiful beach.

  5. Captain Jane -  January 12, 2011 - 2:17 pm

    I’m not sure why we never tried the Las Olas City Marina, but after recently reading veteran cruising writer Tom Neale’s glowing review of the city’s facilities at Las Olas, we decided to give it a try. Well, well, well. This is very different from what we’re used to. At first, as we spied the marina tucked under — literally — the Las Olas draw bridge, I thought, Tom, what were you thinking? But I was wrong and I now get it. This is yet another Florida city marina that shows what good government can and does do while keeping affordable and good facilities available to the transient boating public.
    As I just mentioned, this marina oddly occupies both sides of the Las Olas bridge. Yes, that Las Olas, the last and huge opening bridge you encounter southbound that brings you into the heart of Fort Lauderdale. So, before you arrive, find out which side of the bridge your slip will be, North or South. The marina staff is very courteous — they offered us a slip on either side clearly explaining the advantages of each. The North side of the bridge brings you closer to the cruisers lounge and facilities and the South side gets you (a) past the opening bridge and (b) a little further from the bridge noise. One thing to note at the moment is that the pump outs on the South side are broken and there are no immediate plans to replace it.
    So what’s it like living under a busy draw bridge? The bridge noise is definitely noticeable — the first night I felt like I was in a Woody Allen movie describing my childhood living under the Elevated train in Brooklyn. After a while, it became white noise. But, a bright side is that being under the bridge, you are in the no-wake zone — so there is surprisingly less wake here than from the apparently more-protected marinas we have stayed in here. Also, odds are a mega yacht will occupy the ICW T-head and lucky you will be protected even more from ICW traffic.
    As for “amenities”, the cruisers lounge, laundry, heads and showers are first rate municipal facilities. They are far better than most facilities we have been offered on the ICW and certainly better than facilities we have used in neighboring private marinas in Fort Lauderdale, perhaps these facilities are designed for cruiser-customers and are not what I have experienced as barely sufficient for their purpose after-thoughts constructed for the crew of or day workers servicing a mega yacht. Euphemistically called “Comfort Stations” in Las Olas-speak, these really are.
    In sum, Las Olas is an impressive facility and well located. It gets special Captain Jane Gold Kudos for its copious and accessible recycling bins (plastics 1 and 2, cans, bottles and paper!) Thank you, Las Olas for your commitment to recycling and for helping cruisers do their part to reduce our impact on the environment! This is yet another example of a Florida city marina that is in many ways superior to its privately-owned pricey counterparts.
    Captain Jane
    S/V Lady Jane

  6. Colin Brewer -  July 23, 2009 - 1:38 pm

    Subject: Las Olas anchorage/marina
    Cruising News: 2 comments regarding above facility. As of my visit to the marina last year wi-fi had not been repaired from hurricane damage, and the anchorage/buoys are at the SW corner of the bridge, not SE
    Colin Brewer


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