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St. Augustine City Marina

transient-dockpowerfresh-watershowerslaundryfoodgasdieselpropane/natural gaswastewifi

Basic Marina Information:

Phone:(904) 825-1026
Statute Mile:778
Lat/Lon: Near 29 53.530 North / 81 18.513 West
Location:overlooking the western shoreline, just south of the Bridge of Lions
Depths: 7 ft.
Address: 111 Avenida Menendez
St Augustine FL  32084

Service Details:

Transient dockage:Available, See for post-Irma conditions
Transient dockage rate:$1.95 per foot per night (49 ft. & under), $2.25 per foot per night 50-feet and over
Type of dockage:floating concrete decked slips and face docks
Live Aboards Allowed:yes
Monthly Dockage Rate:

1st 3 months under 50 feet $19.95 per foot per month, over 50 feet $22.25, 4th month $15.00 per foot per month

Monthly Dockage Rate Notes:

1st 3 months under 50 feet $19.95 per foot per month, over 50 feet $22.25, 4th month $15.00 per foot per month

Total number of slips/berths:110
Dockside Power Connections: 30/50/100 amp power hookups available

$6.00/per night - 30 amp hookup, $12.00/per night - 50 amp hookup, $24.00/per night - 100-amp hookup
Dock. Fresh Water Connections:Available
Showers:Available, Climate Controlled
Restaurant:many nearby
Restaurant Recommendations:

Barnacle Bill’s (904) 471-2434, Beach Comber (904-471-3744, O. C. Whites (just across street in historic building, 904-824-0808), Gypsy Cab Bar and Grill (taxi ride necessary, 904-824-8244), J. P. Henleys (904-829-3337), 95 Cordove Restaurant (904-810-6810), the Bunnery Bakery and Cafe (breakfast, 904-829-6166)

Provisioning Possibilities:Winn Dixie Supermarket and West Marine 1 1/4 miles away, taxi ride necessary
LPG (Propane) Availability: Available

LPG tank exchange available on-site or call Amerigas (904) 824-1601 (they are right down the street) first thing in the morning for LPG tank refill
Wi-Fi Internet Access: Free Wifi Available
Waste pump-out:Available, free
Gasoline and diesel fuel: Gas & Diesel Available

Fuel Prices (All Taxes Included)

Reporting Date:October 2, 2017
Notes:89 octane/ethanol free
Gasoline Price: $3.72/closed due to hurricane
Diesel Fuel Price: $2.98/closed due to hurricane
Any Quantity Discount:10 cents per gallon-1,000 gallons or more


Reviews from the Cruisers' Net Community (21)

  1. Bill -  July 5, 2017 - 3:04 pm

    Another example of a local government catering to wealthy boaters while destroying the quality of life (i.e. , affordable dockage) for the residence of St Johns County. Perhaps visitors should be aware of this fact before opening those fat wallets and paying whatever amount the marina will charge. What a shame.

  2. Chris & Alyse Caldwell -  May 11, 2017 - 11:29 am

    The entire north and mega dock are closed from damage caused by Hurricane Mathew last October, 6 months ago!
    This creates a problem for transient dock space. Make your reservations early.
    See you on the water…
    Chris & Alyse Caldwell

  3. Charlie Ridley -  May 18, 2016 - 5:39 pm

    5-8-16 Now at St Augustine Municipal Marina. At MM777. We like here since in the middle of everything. Had AC problems here but called Dometic and they reccomended Hansen Marine. Chris came out the very next day- even tho they VERY slammed– and not only fixed but also cleared 2 other problems. Charge was VERY reasonable and on top of the chris is a pretty nice guy. Use him if need AC work there. Ate at AIA like everyone else but in the bar and was great!! A walk around is necessary in the town. Careful docking!!! Listen to dock hands. Current can exceed 5kts!! Showers are very clean and laundry is largest i’ve seen. Money change machine! Charlie and Jackie on Traveler.

  4. Captains Mary and Mike Dickens -  June 27, 2013 - 12:12 pm

    We docked at the St. Augustine Municipal Marina. The current here is swift, 3-5 knots, and one must be very aware of this in order to get your boat into the slip. The facility is very nice with 8-10 foot water depths along side floating docks. Many dining facilities are very close. I give this marina a solid A.
    We arrived in St. Augustine around 2 p.m. and Captain Alan did a great job getting Panacea into her slip. We all had a celebratory beer (tradition) and then we went exploring. St. Augustine is full of history but unfortunately it’s all gotten a little too commercial. There were people everywhere.
    We went to dinner at A1A Ale House, a favorite of Mike’s and mine. We all enjoyed a delicious dinner and a few drinks. Back to the boat for a night cap and off to bed we west.
    Captains Mary and Mike Dickens

  5. William Lawrenson -  June 4, 2013 - 3:45 pm

    We just love City Marina and St. Augustine. We berthed opposite the new dock area in mid May – and the new break water and wide access made in and out easy.
    We live on Hilton Head, so strong tides are just a fact of life with us. Sorry if they worry some, but they are what they are, so go with the flow.
    The marina has a great location, close to the Fort and Historic Downtown. It is a shuttle stop for the trolley tour and public transportation, and has access to a myriad of restaurants. Cabs are cheap and a trip to Super Walmart (about 6 miles est.) was about $10 each way.
    The marina is clean, the rest rooms are updated, the internet worked, as do the washers and dryers, and the staff was hard working, kind and pleasant.
    We stayed there nights. This is our sixth visit to City Marina, including one when we left the boat for two weeks. We have never had an issue and just love the place. The new Bridge of Lions is complete, so there is no bridge construction any more, and the view is wonderful without the cranes and barges. It is well run and is a truly down-town marina. I am sure they will see us again the next time we head south.

  6. Chris Waln -  May 26, 2012 - 2:50 pm

    St Augustine Municipal Marina will not accept credit card information over the phone (unlike 99% of the marinas out there). If one arrives between 1800 and 2030, one is expected to go alongside regardless of the current/weather or launch a dinghy to pay. If their launch operator collects payment, they will only accept cash and *exact change* is
    I was told their lawyers would not let them accept the CC info by phone. When I asked if I could pick up a mooring and pay in the morning, I was not too politely asked, “what motel would let you do that?”
    The services may have changed at St Augustine, but the attitude hasn’t. We remain sheep for the shearing. And the no wake zone was not enforced while we were there.
    Chris Waln

  7. Larry -  May 26, 2012 - 2:25 pm

    Recent reports of shoaling at some of the moorings in the St. Augustine Mooring Field were confirmed by phone today, but according to the City Marina spokesperson, the shoaling is continuous and constantly changing. Currently there are moorings with as much as 15ft and some with 0ft. However, the moorings are always assigned and you would be assigned a mooring according to your draft. Thus the necessity to contact the City Marina at 904-825-1026 before picking up a mooring pendant.

  8. Perry McDonald -  April 13, 2011 - 4:36 pm

    Read and heed Larry’s earlier posts. This is tricky if you are not familiar with this marina and the tide. I learned to only approach this marina during a slack tide with my boat. I have a Hunter 36. Crew safety has to be your number ONE concern.

  9. Doug Cordello -  April 12, 2011 - 10:16 pm

    Having read a negative comment about the St. Augustine City Marina, I would like to post a favorable comment as I would hate to see anyone miss this great place that is so friendly and convenient to the historical district, not to mention they have the best fuel prices I could find in a 60 mile radius. The docking here was a breeze and my better half easily maneuvered our 48 foot powerboat “Tropical Breeze” into her assigned slip. During our 3 days here we observed many arrivals and departures of all kinds of boats, none came close to being swept under the bridge.
    Doug Cordello

  10. Captain Ted Jones -  April 10, 2011 - 9:04 am

    We were at the fuel dock at St. Augustine Municipal Marina by 1400.
    I’ve decided I really don’t like this marina, which is a shame because most of the people are very nice, and the facilities are excellent. The floating docks are aligned parallel to the shore, which normally would be appropriate. However the current does not flow parallel to the shoreline but the axis of both flood and ebb flow is 10 degrees or so off parallel, and therein lies the problem. It is difficult to line up with a slip, and as we found out a year ago, impossible to back out of a slip against the current when it pushes your boat sideways before it can clear the slip. There is, then, no way to escape. The engineers who laid out the docks (if, indeed they were engineers) should have angled everything to line up with the current flow. Added to the problem on the north side is the close proximity of the Bridge of Lions. Getting sideways to the current here could sweep your boat under the bridge leaving your rig behind. Docking at marinas which are aligned with strong currents (I’m thinking Ashley Marina and the City Marina in Charleston) is a piece of cake as one can use the current to advantage both when it’s favorable or contrary. Not so in St. Augustine.
    Captain Ted Jones

  11. David Burnham -  April 10, 2011 - 9:01 am

    Never attempt nor accept a down current slip assignment at St. Augustine’s City Marina. The slack current time at high and low tide is VERY short. “WARNING” Always dock into the current at a slip at this marina. Stay on the fuel dock until the current is in your favor before moving to an assigned slip with a single screw vessel. “The VOICE of experience”
    Never attempt nor accept a down current slip assignment at St. Augustine’s City Marina. The slack current time at high and low tide is VERY short. “WARNING” Always dock into the current at a slip at this marina. Stay on the fuel dock until the current is in your favor before moving to an assigned slip with a single screw vessel.
    David Burnham

  12. Leigh Hough -  November 30, 2010 - 4:24 pm

    Had a very nice three day stay (November 21-23) in the new mooring field north of the new Bridge of Lions; this is the “SM” (for San Marco) field that is in front of Bay Street and the Castillo de San Marco. For $20/day, you have access to the dinghy dock and the bathhouse (very nice facility), and to a pump out boat (we didn’t use the service so I don’t know the schedule).
    The moorings are about a month old at this writing; we had not understood the system, and when the installer came by he told us how to correctly attach ourselves (with the “keyhole” much closer to the boat than we had understood) and even sent his diver to detach us so we could easily make the correction.
    I know the installation of moorings has been controversial in the cruising community, but given the shallow depths, the proximity of the seawall, the channel and the bridge, and the excellent access to marina services and the attractions of Saint Augustine, I have to say that I think the $20 is a bargain. Discounts for longer stays, I understand.

  13. SV Aquarius -  April 14, 2010 - 9:02 pm

    Just stayed there 4 days. Nothing bad about this marina except the noise of the construction crews working to dismantle the temporary bridge used when they were doing the major overhall of the Bridge of Lions. Very convient to downdown St.Augustine. One of our favorite cities in our cruise down the ICW this spring.
    Highly recommend this marina.
    SV Aquarius

  14. Sykes DeHart -  April 14, 2010 - 7:00 pm

    Just stayed there 4 days. Nothing bad about this marina except the noise of the construction crews working to dismantle the temporary bridge used when they were doing the major overhall of the Bridge of Lions. Very convient to downdown St.Augustine. One of our favorite cities in our cruise down the ICW this spring.
    Highly recommend this marina.
    SV Aquarius

  15. David Jenkins -  February 27, 2010 - 6:35 pm

    St Augustine City Marina is great. Good docking help, immaculate restrooms, near many great restaurants.
    Capt Dave

  16. Jean Thomason (DOVEKIE) -  December 7, 2009 - 9:14 pm

    We always enjoy our stay at St. Augustine City Marina. Hopefully the bridge work will be done soon- word is that traffic will start to use the redone Bridge of Lions next month. Of course, they will then be removing the temporary bridge. We had a leaking raw water pump and turned to First Mate Yacht Service to install a replacement pump. They came promptly Monday morning, dealt with the problem and we were on our way before noon. Give them a try if you need help. Sometimes I trek across the bridge and go to the little grocery store on the right a few blocks up. They don’t have everything but do have the essentials, especially meat and vegetables and fruits. Didn’t get to shop this time however.

  17. Rick Emerson -  November 23, 2009 - 3:15 pm

    Subject: Grocery shopping
    We found a small grocery near the Lightner Museum – The Market at Granda, 6 Granada St – 904-823-9704. This is an easy walk from the marina area, near the St. George street area. Two thumbs up!
    Rick Emerson

  18. Pete & Mary Ann -  November 21, 2009 - 10:07 am

    Can’t get much closer to Old St. Augustine than this and we spent 3 nights here to take it all in. Had a minor engine repair which was quickly taken care of by First Mate Yacht Services who showed up on time with the right Yanmar parts. Great lunch at Bistro de Leon which happened to also be the release day for the 2009 Beaujolais Nouveau – tasty. If you need meat/produce/basic groceries, walk about 3/4 mile across the Bridge of Lions to Stewart’s (on the South side of highway). Recommend this marina on location, facilities, and staff.
    Pete & Mary Ann
    s/v MicMac

  19. Ben and Barbara Falmlen -  August 12, 2009 - 1:29 pm

    The marina was quite nice.? The daily rate was $1.75 pf.?+ 6.00 for 30 amp.? The cable TV hookup did not work, but everything else was fine.? We had VERY noisy boaters next to us until after midnight, but they finally quited down (passed out) and all was well.? The facility was right in the middle of everything.? Just a short walk to several restaurants and tours, etc.? We did go to Caps Restaurant by boat to meet friends and family and tied up to their dock.? Don’t let the looks of this place fool you. The food was excellent.? Our friends had a dog (on leash) and they allowed us to sit at a special section on the outside patio.? We highly recommend this place.
    Ben and Barbara Falmlen
    Two Cats Too

    Subject: St Augustine Municipal Marina
    Message: I’ll second Ben and Barbara. SAMM is great, and our cable works fine. Everyone is very supportive, including putting us in touch with a mechanic on Sunday who appeared Monday and took care of our problem. Also, best shower we’ve had in a long time. Can’t imagine not staying here if you want to be in the city.
    Eric & Leeanne

  20. Claiborne -  July 23, 2009 - 1:34 pm

    Here we are at the municipal marina. The core of the NEer is right over us this AM. Winds 30-35 knots steady. It will blow for another day more.
    I tool this video of the boats on the north side of the marina – bucking in the surge coming in from the inlet. The floating docks really break the surge so the south side in much better. The boats in
    the anchorage are doing much better than those at the dock.
    Here is a youtube video of a poor sailboat bucking in the surge.
    Greg and Susan Han

    Subject: Nor’easter in St. Augustine
    Cruising News: The boat to the right in the video posted by Greg and Susan Han is our boat, the Ellen B. Our first night here was really tough… even snapped a line. Then the winds shifted to the east and it has been much calmer. That first night the winds were coming NNE. This has been a very damp visit to St. Augustine!


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