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    • LNM: Sunken Vessel, St. George Sound/Apalachee Bay, Northern Gulf, FL

      This sunken vessel appears to be on the west side of South Shoal, 4.5 NM south southwest of Lighthouse Point and 10.6 NM east of Dog Island.

      FL – GULF OF MEXIC0 – Submerged Vessel
      A vessel has been reported sunk off of Alligator Point, FL., in approximate position 29-50-09.8N 084-22-24.1W (29°50.1634N / 084°22.4017W, 29.836056 / -84.373361) . The vessel is reportedly not marked. Mariners are requested to transit the area with caution. Chart s 11400 11405 LNM 50/19

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    • Anchoring near Panama City, FL Northern Gulf

      Most marinas in Panama City and St. Andrews were destroyed during Hurricane Michael leaving little option for dockage. See Updates. Our thanks to AGLCA Loopers Dwight Pierce, Eric Lambert, Jack Nickerson and Larry McCullough for sharing their recent anchoring experiences in the area. Location details for the anchorings are very general and as you will see on the chart, there are no Cruisers Net  anchorages marked, but if you are adventuresome, as were these Loopers, anchoring is possible near Panama City. 

      I went in pass from gulf and went East in the bay apx 2 miles behind shell island and anchored about 100 yards off island. Depths seemed to match my Navionics pretty good. We draft 5’ 4”. Dinghy to shell island and walk beach. Very beautiful beach. We did have a north wind leaving us exposed but it was not too bad at anchor.
      Dwight Pierce

      When we went through Panama City back in June we anchored in Pearl Bayou whic was recommended by several fellow loopers. The Anchorage is very protected, in fact we arrived just before a rough thunderstorm with very strong winds and were glad to be in this protected area. The depths were 10’-15’ in the bayou. An easy dinghy ride to shore got us to a park that is actually part of Tyndal AFB. Unfortunately, there is not much within a walkable distance to this anchorage. We were fortunate to have a cousin who is stationed at Tyndal to pick us up and drive us around town.
      Eric Lambert

      Panana City is one of the topics we cover at docktails each night. Pirates Cove and Lighthouse (one call covers both) & CSS Yacht Basin have been taking transits. St Andrew,s Marina has fuel only no slips. We recommend Pearl Bayou as the almost perfect anchorage. 360 deg protection, plenty of depth, room for 20 boats, good access to shore for dogs and well marked entrance. 56 miles for our slip to Pearl. 3 easy travel days here to Carrabelle.
      Jack Nickerson

      I agree with Aquaholic, Pearl Bayou is a great anchorage. We were there last month and could not have asked for a better spot after a long day. Plenty of water and even with 4 other boats we had plenty of swing room. Great holding in very sticky mud. Bonus of seeing a few F-35 buzzing overhead but all quiet after a beautiful sunset.
      Larry McCullough

      AREA SPONSORING MARINAS – Neither able to offer dockage

      Click Here To View the Northern Gulf Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Panama City Marina

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Panama City Marina

      Click Here To View the Northern Gulf Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For St. Andrews Marina

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of St. Andrews Marina

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    • LNM: Dredging to Begin, Fernandina Harbor to Kings Bay, GA AICW Statute Mile 707

      The Kings Bay entrance channels and ranges in Cumberland Sound become part of the Waterway at statute mile 707, requiring extra care in the vicinity of dredge equipment working in the Waterway.

      Great Lakes Dredge will commence dredge operations at the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay – Entrance Channel, Cut-1N Through Range-E, 49, 45, and 44-Foot Project, Camden County Georgia & Nassau County E, Florida. Dredge operations will begin on or about December 15, 2019 until approximately March 31, 2020 – operations will occur 24 hours per day -7 days per week.
      Project work involves maintenance dredging of the Kings Bay Entrance Channel Cut-1N through Range-E. The excavated material will be distributed among the Fernandina Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site (ODMDS) (D/A-O), the Fernandina Nearshore Disposal Area (D/A-N), and North Beach Disposal Area (D/A-NB). Dredges TERRAPIN ISLAND and LIBERTY ISLAND can be contacted VHF channels 13 and 16. See enclosure sections for project may details. Dredging and Disposal Operations are done at slow speeds with limited maneuverability. Mariners are urged to use extreme caution in the area of the dredge and to transit at their slowest safe speed to minimize wake/proceed with caution after passing arrangements have been made. There will be a small survey vessel conducting surveys operations daily and will be crossing perpendicular to channel. Mariners are advised to pass survey vessels stern and provide a slow bell. Further information contact Site Manager, Megan Place at (630) 209-7619, or Site Manager, Matt Ferrell at (630) 248-4078, Chart 11503 LNM 50/19

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Kings Bay

      Click Here To View the Eastern Florida Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Fernandina Harbor Marina  HURRICANE DAMAGE AND CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Fernandina Harbor Marina

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    • LNM: AICW Light 103 Extinguished, NC Statute Mile 273

      This extinguished ICW light is on the southeast shoulder of the Waterway south of New Topsail Inlet.

      SEC NC BNM 475-19



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    • LNM: Channel Buoy 10C added to Mark Encroaching Shoal, Big Foot Slough, Ocracoke, NC

      Big Foot Slough is the eastern most of the two entrance channels connecting Ocracoke with Pamlico Sound.

      1. (537°19.0000N / 001°0.0000W, 537.316667 / -1.000000) BIG FOOT SLOUGH CHANNEL BUOY 10C (LLNR REQUESTED).
      B. UNIT SET 6NFR HULL #14-45-GC WITH NEW 30FT OF 1/2INCH CHAIN AND 70LB DORMOR IN POSITION 35-09-03.583N 076-00-37.648W (35°9.0597N / 076°0.6275W, 35.150995 / -76.010458) .

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    • LNM: Channel Buoys 9C and 11 Relocated, Big Foot Slough, Ocracoke, NC

      Big Foot Slough is the eastern most of the two entrance channels connecting Ocracoke with Pamlico Sound.

      1. (538°19.0000N / 001°0.0000W, 538.316667 / -1.000000) THE FOLLOWING AIDS TO NAVIGATION HAVE BEEN RELOCATED.

      B. UNIT FOUND AID ON STATION USING HYPOTENUSE METHOD. UNIT SET IN POSITION 35-09-00.728N 076-00-38.748W (35°9.0121N / 076°0.6458W, 35.150202 / -76.010763) BRG 356T 146.1 YDS FROM AP TO MARK BEST WATER.

      A. BIG FOOT SLOUGH CHANNEL BUOY 11 (LLNR 29070.3) TO APPROX POSIT 35-09-04.310N 076-00-40.688W (35°9.0718N / 076°0.6781W, 35.151197 / -76.011302)

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    • Southeast Marine Fuel Best Price Summary as of Dec 11

      This week’s lowest current marina fuel prices as of Dec 11
              Diesel Range: $2.39 to $3.39 Lowest @ New River Marina in (North Carolina)
              Gas Range: $2.55 to $4.15 Lowest @ Trout Creek Marina – Trout Creek Fish Camp in (St Johns River)
      Remember to always call the marina to verify the current price since prices may change at any time. Also please let us know if you find a marina’s fuel price has changed via the Submit News link.

      SELECT Fuel Type:
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      Lowest Diesel Price in Each Region

      Lowest Diesel Prices Anywhere

      All Regions (Price Range $2.39 to $3.93)

      Lowest By Region

      Virginia to North Carolina (Price Range $2.65 to $3.25)


      North Carolina (Price Range $2.39 to $3.39)


      South Carolina (Price Range $2.65 to $3.40)


      Georgia (Price Range $2.69 to $3.80)


      Eastern Florida (Price Range $2.49 to $3.75)

      $2.49 Sands Harbor Resort and Marina (12/09)
      $2.65 LukFuel (12/09)
      $2.90 Anchor Petroleum (12/09)


      St Johns River (Price Range $2.44 to $3.45)


      Florida Keys (Price Range $3.02 to $3.93)

      $3.02 Keys Fisheries Market & Marina (12/10)
      $3.19 Sunset Marina (12/09)
      $3.20 A & B Marina (12/09)


      Western Florida (Price Range $2.73 to $3.75)

      $2.73 Cape Haze Marina (12/09)
      $2.84 Gasparilla Marina (12/09)
      $2.90 Madeira Beach Marina (12/09)


      Okeechobee (Price Range $3.12 to $3.71)


      Northern Gulf (Price Range $2.55 to $2.94)


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    • 2020 Advocacy Effort – Help Keep Anchorages Open! by Kim Russo

      As posted on AGLCA’s Forum by Director Kim Russo. Your donation is needed! Even if you always dock in a marina and never anchor out, keeping anchorages open helps insure dock space for you. Cruisers Net is proud to be a sponsor of America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association.

      Our plan to retain the services of our Florida lobbyist for 2020 is in jeopardy.  So far, contributions to fund this effort have been far below previous years.  We know the holiday season is probably the worst time to make this request.  Boaters’ attention is elsewhere, and budgets are tight.  But now is the time to confirm that we can afford the services of our lobbyist for next year.

      For our newer members, or those who would like a reminder, following is a recap of the past few years in Florida where boaters’ rights to anchor have been challenged.


      For several years, anchorages have been under attack in Florida.  Sometimes, the efforts to eliminate anchorages are led by waterfront home owners who prefer not to have boats anchored in the waterways outside their homes. More often, however, responsible boaters are caught up in the “derelict vessels” issue, which is a serious problem in Florida.  Municipalities are attempting to solve the derelict vessel problem by banning anchoring altogether, thinking that doing so will make it easier to rid their area of abandoned boats and/or those anchored with no intention (nor ability, in many cases) of ever moving.   This approach is obviously detrimental to active cruisers.

      In 2015 a bill was filed to ban anchoring within 200 feet of developed waterfront property in Florida.  Cruisers were successful in defeating that bill, in part due to the efforts of our coalition and our retained lobbyist. 


      In 2016, thinking the need for our engagement was over, the boating community did not actively participate in the process in Tallahassee.  With no one actively opposing it, a bill passed that closed four areas in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area to overnight anchoring.  

      Because of the failure in 2016, our coalition re-engaged in 2017 and was successful in keeping the power to regulate anchoring with the state government, rather than municipalities.  This was an important win because it prevents a patchwork of laws from being passed by various municipalities and counties.  Further, no new anchorages were added to the list of those where overnight anchoring is prohibited.


      In 2018, an amendment to restrict overnight anchoring in two more anchorages was attached to a bill, but we were successful in getting the amendment withdrawn from the bill before a vote was taken.


      In 2019, thanks in part to our lobbyist’s efforts, no bills were filed that would further restrict anchoring

      Expectations for the 2020 Legislative Session:

      We are expecting the legislative delegates representing several additional municipalities to once again try to amend the existing statute to add their anchorages to the list of those that are closed to overnight anchoring.  Attempts by Madeira Beach to sidestep the state’s regulation of anchorages earlier this year met resistance from boaters and our lobbyist who noted that the city does not have the power to do so.  That municipality could move that fight to the proper venue–the state level–and request to be added to the list of places where overnight anchoring is banned.  Some municipalities have perennially had their legislative delegation file bills to eliminate overnight anchoring in their waters, and without opposition from boaters, they may be successful in 2020.  In addition, cities not previously active in this on-going debate, who now have new representatives in Tallahassee, have already made known their desire to rid certain areas of boats at anchor.  We must remain vigilant or we face losing the right to anchor in additional areas.


      Our overall goal is to find a compromise so that this level of effort, and the associated funds, are not required year after year.  We are not there yet, but there are some ideas on the table, and stakeholders are engaged in the process in advance of the 2020 legislative session to talk about the possibilities.  We are hopeful that this year could be a turning point if we can afford to remain highly involved.

      The most successful way to have our voices heard and to get results has been representation by a lobbyist who knows the ins-and-outs of the legislative process in Florida.  The lobbyist that has represented your interests in the past has been very successful.  But, of course, there is a cost associated with his efforts.  We hope that once again those costs can be shared among our full coalition, which includes Marine Trawler Owners Association (MTOA), America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association (AGLCA), Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA), and the DeFever Cruisers.

      What We Need from Cruisers:

      We are asking for contributions to help fund our advocacy efforts.  Last year, boaters were generous.  About $8,000 remains from our coalition’s 2019 call for funding.  We estimate needing an additional $20,000 for the 2020 legislative session.

      AGLCA does not use membership dues to support advocacy.  We are active advocates for our members in many ways, but we handle most issues with staff time and expertise, and grass-roots efforts from our members when needed.  However, Florida is a bell-weather state that has a strong influence on other states’ boating laws, so we believe action is required here.  We know that there are some of you who may not be interested in this issue and therefore, we have not opted for a small increase in across-the-board dues to fund this effort.  Instead, we’ve taken the approach of asking our members to contribute individually to specific issues when needed and we leave it up to each of you to decide whether to participate.

      If the funds collected exceed what is needed to engage our Lobbyist, the remainder of AGLCA member contributions will be held by the Association to help offset travel costs for members and staff who go to Tallahassee to participate in the process.  The remaining excess, if it exists, will be held for use on future advocacy efforts.  Please click below to contribute.

      Boaters’ Rights Advocacy Fund-2020

      Thank you in advance!



      Kim Russo
      America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association

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      1. Capt Jack -  December 13, 2019 - 2:48 pm

        You are fighting the wrong battle. It is not anchoring that is at issue. The issue is derelict boats anchoring. Do yourself and boaters a favor and draft a thoughtful bill that you can present to the legislature that will eliminate the problem of derelict boats. This way you won't have to fight this battle every year.

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