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    • LNM: Coast Guard Asks Your Help with Gulf Hoax Calls

      The Coast Guard is seeking information regarding a person making threats and hoax calls on marine band radio off the gulf coast of Florida.

      Coast Guard seeks tips for threatening radio broadcast

      ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — The Coast Guard is seeking information regarding a person making threats and hoax calls on marine band radio off the gulf coast of Florida.

      Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg command center received the latest threat on Aug. 13, 2019 via VHF channel 22A.

      In this call, the male caller makes threats against the Coast Guard personnel, aircrafts and vessels. The broadcast sounds like the same person who has made other radio broadcasts that start with MAYDAY three times and then talks about, “scrambling all jets we are under nuclear attack.”

      Penalties for making false distress calls and hoaxes can include up to 10 years in prison, $250,000 in fines, plus the cost of the search.

      “Hoax calls are costly to the taxpayer and our service,” said Charles ‘Marty’ Russell, resident agent-in-charge of the Coast Guard Investigative Service office in St. Petersburg. “When the Coast Guard receives a distress call, we immediately respond, putting our crews at risk, and risking the lives of boaters who may legitimately need our help.”

      If anyone has information leading to the identification of a hoax caller, please contact the Coast Guard Investigative Service St. Petersburg at (727) 535-1437 extension 2308.


      Florida man threatens Coast Guard ‘aircraft carriers’ and ‘airliners’ with ‘depth charges’

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    • LNM: Live-Fire Drills Continue, Sept 15, Neuse River near AICW Statute Mile 185.

      Hancock Creek and Cherry Point lie on the south side of the Neuse River west of the Waterway’s intersection with Adams Creek at Mile 185. Cruisers traveling upstream to New Bern should favor the north shore and expect to encounter some military traffic and possible delays. These on-going exercises were begun in mid-May.

      —- ———— ————- ————-
      15 SEP 1200-1600 2 34-57N9 075-34W9
      34-32N2 075-05W7
      34-13N1 075-32W7
      34-40N1 076-04W7

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    • Rising Seas Are Flooding Norfolk Naval Base

      Naval Station Norfolk, home to the Atlantic Fleet, floods not just in heavy rains or during hurricanes. It floods when the sun is shining, too, if the tide is high or the winds are right. It floods all the time. Naval Station Norfolk supports the operational readiness of the US Atlantic Fleet, providing facilities and services to enable mission accomplishment.

      Rising Seas Are Flooding Norfolk Naval Base, and There’s No Plan to Fix It
      Inside Climate News and The Weather Channel

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    • Bahamas Chatter: “Personal Report from Bahamas” plus 1 more

      Explorer Charts - the best charts for the Bahamas and Exumas

      Bahamas Chatter is produced by Explorer Chartbooks, A CRUISERS NET PARTNER, which has long been the standard navigational supplement for enjoyable, informative, and safe cruising through the beautiful Bahamian waters and island visits.

      Bahamas Chatter: “Personal Report from Bahamas” plus 1 more

      Personal Report from Bahamas

      Posted: 11 Sep 2019 02:58 PM PDT

      From Fr. Keith Cartwright, Anglican Arch Deacon, Nassau

      In order to dispel rumours and untruths, My Priest, who just got back from Marsh Habour 6 am this morning and has been on the ground every day since from the day after storm departed gave our Church a full report on the situation in Marsh Harbour and Grand Bahama. In Marsh Harbour he said that with the exception of a few souls who are still refusing to leave what little they have, the entire affected areas have been completely evacuated. There is nothing left, he said. The stench is unbearable. There are countless medical personnel there doing an excellent job. There is a clean up team on the way from the Netherlands whose function is uncovering, containment & sanitizing of dead bodies and should be there now on the ground.  There are plenty dead and unaccounted for still under debris and swept out to sea.  The bodies they have recovered so far are stored in large constructed coolers run by generators. The clinic and one of the government buildings left standing have been cleaned and sanitized. They are in the process of doing the same to the building that was taken over by the Haitians. He said that the clinic and the two government buildings were the only structures not damaged, which was a testament to the builder who passed away last year.  Also, the uproar about the Bahamasair charging $75 was partly true. He was present at the airport when the flight came in. It was the very first flight and was a regular scheduled flight for Bahamasair. Persons had previously purchase tickets prior to the storm and before consulting with the powers that be, made the decision to charge that fee. My Priest intervened immediately and told them that will not be happening. He got on the phone with the Prime Minister himself and explained what was going on. The Prime Minister then got in contact with the man in charge and was instructed to let that be the first & last flight they charged those people as Bahamasair was the People”s airline etc. etc. Every flight after was completely free and they went above and beyond getting the people out. There was looting and unrest, and order has now been restored. As for Freeport, there is still a lot of flooding and damage although not to the degree of  Abaco. He said there are plenty dead and unaccounted for there as well. He told us stories of survivors who watched loved ones die and got swept away right before them. My head is still spinning from the horrors and grief that I can’t begin to tell you all everything, but this is what I recalled.


      Posted: 11 Sep 2019 07:09 AM PDT

      EVACUATIONS1. There is no mandatory evacuation order for Abaco.
      2. Evacuation is strictly voluntary.
      3. The total number of evacuees to Nassau is approximately 3,500 so far.
      4. There were a number of partners running evacuations today, including Bahamas Air, Delta Airlines, Western Air, Trans Island Air, Air Bridge and other private partners. The Bahamas Fast Ferries and private boaters also did sea evacuations.
      5. The number of persons presenting themselves for evacuations is diminishing.
      6. Evacuees are being processed at The Odyssey Aviation Processing Centre. We thank our private sector partners who are working with Social Services to manage this center.
      7. As a reminder, all evacuations should be free of charge. The public should report any aircraft that are charging fees. Civil aviation is revoking authorizations for those aircraft.
      8. The evacuation plan is to provide temporary housing in Abaco to assist those persons who wish to stay on the island.
      9. Several safe spaces have been identified to clear areas for temporary housing.NOTICE ON SEARCH AND RECOVERY IN ABACO

      1. NEMA and its partners have not commenced any mass scale debris cleaning in Abaco.
      2. Search and recovery is still being conducted, particularly in Marsh Harbour.
      3. We are aware of rumors about bulldozing in The Mud. These reports are false.
      4. NEMA has directed a 50 member team from The United States Agency for International Development /Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) to work with the Bahamas Royal Bahamas Defence Force to do a systematic sweep of the island.
      5. The island has been put into a grid system and the recovery team will check each section for persons who are still alive, any bodies that need to be recovered, and to check for hazardous material.
      6. Only after each sector is cleared will NEMA and its partners move to the next phase of operations, which includes debris removal.


      – We are confident there is adequate coverage on both islands to address safety and security issues.
      – On Grand Bahama, there were 666 Royal Bahamas Police Force and Royal Bahamas Defence Force officers. These figures include police reserves.
      – In Abaco, there are 274 Royal Bahamas Police Force and Royal Bahamas Defence Force officers.
      – The Caribbean Community responding to our request for support.
      – Presenting on Abaco, there are 33 Jamaican Defence Force Officers assisting securing operations. There are 122 officers from Trinidad and Tobago who will be phased into Grand Bahama during the week.


      – When evacuees arrive in Nassau they are processed at the Processing Centre at Odyssey Aviation.
      – Evacuees are then taken to homes of family and friends, or a shelter.
      – The status of current shelters:
      o  Sir Kendal Isaac Gym – 422 people (full)
      o Fox Hill Community Shelter – 202 people
      o Calvary Baptist Shelter – 91 people
      o Salvation Army – 50
      o Pilgrim Baptist Church in St Hames Road – 95 people
      o And another centre opened this morning in Adelaide.


      NEMA continues to work with local and international public and private sector entities to ensure that food and water are provided to the affected communities on Abaco and Grand Bahama.

      As at 5pm today September 8, 2019, arrangements have been put in place for:
      • Royal Caribbean to provide between 10-20 thousand hot meals per day to persons in Grand Bahama.  NEMA is augmenting these hot meals with non-perishable relief supplies.
      • The Island Administrator to get food and water for approximately 500 to persons who are on Moore’s Island
      • Hands for Hunger and World Central Kitchen to distribute 2,000 hot meals to persons in Little Abaco starting September 9, 2019
      • Royal Bahamas Defence Force is delivering food, water and tarps to Copper’s Town and North Abaco
      • World Food Programme and Samaritan’s Purse distributing 12,000 MREs to 1,000 families in Marsh Harbour

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    • LNM: AICW Light 47 Damaged, Jupiter Sound, FL Statute Mile 1001

      This ICW light is on the east shoulder of the narrow Waterway channel between Hobe and Jupiter Sounds.

      The U.S. Coast Guard received a report on Jupiter Sound Light 47 (LLNR 46175) was damaged by a barge. The steel pile is leaning and the light is extinguished. Chart 11472 LNM 37/19

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    • LNM: Channel Daybeacon 5 Missing, Ossabaw Sound, SSE of GA AICW Statute Mile 603

      This non-ICW daybeacon is off Bradley Point 3.3 nm from the Waterway’s southbound exit from Hell Gate.

      Due to Hurricane DORIAN Ossabaw Sound Channel Daybeacon 5 (LLNR 5780) is missing. A TRUB has been set in position 31-49-16.333N/081-02-00.897W (31°49.2722N / 081°2.0149W, 31.821204 / -81.033582) approximately 48 yards from assigned position due to shoaling. Chart 11511 LNM 37/19

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    • Florida Marine Flea Market and Fall Boat Show New Rain Date Sept 21-22

      RESCHEDULED: Bargain hunters looking for deals can visit marine booths as vendors exhibit and sell their nautical and marine related merchandise and services during the two-day festival.

      10th Annual Florida Marine Flea Market and BBQ

      Festival Sails into West Palm September 14-15

      From New and Used Fishing Rods to New Boats, the Florida Marine Flea Market and BBQ Festival Has It All
      For Vendor Application CLICK HERE For Layout CLICK HERE 

      West Palm Beach, Florida. The 10th Annual Florida Marine Flea Market and BBQ Festival  Sept 14-15, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at South Florida Fairgrounds, 9067 Southern Blvd, West Palm Beach, Florida.Bargain hunters looking for deals can visit marine booths as vendors exhibit and sell their nautical and marine related merchandise and services during the two-day festival. The marine flea market area will have offshore rods, reels, tackle dock lines, halyards, sheet lines, anchor lines, ladders, seats, bimini tops, life vests, mooring whips and bases, gauges, wakeboards, skis, wake surfers, kneeboards, boat covers, scissors, fenders, antique collectibles and maps, marine artifacts, lures and lines, boating apparel, taxidermy, diving equipment, and all kinds of other marine items. Come by for some super discounts on surplus, liquidation, closeouts, new and used boating and fishing supplies.

      The event promises some super discounts on new and used boating and fishing supplies as well as liquidation and closeouts items. 

      Speaking on the location, event promoter Larry Burdgick said, “The South Florida Fairgrounds is the perfect venue since it’s right in the heart of Palm Beach County. It offers the space we need along with free great parking for our guests.” The South Florida Fairgrounds is located at 9067 Southern Blvd West Palm Beach, Florida. The Marine Flea Market is easily accessible from I-95 and the Florida Turnpike and there are acres of free parking.

      Admissions are $10 and Children 12 and under are free. Visit The Florida Marine Flea Market, Boat Show and BBQ Seafood Festival for more information, discount tickets, vendor applications and specific driving directions. Contact Under the Sun Promotions, Inc. at 954-205-7813

      Under the Sun Promotions, Inc
      2046 Treasure Coast Plaza, Suite A #278, Vero Beach, FL 32960

      Phone (954) 205-7813 Fax (772) 264-2259



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    • Help The Bahamas: Hurricane Dorian Relief Funds and Appeals

      Your support helps provide critical supplies to the Bahamas for families in need. Some of these appeals are for financial support and other local appeals are for food and hygiene items. 


      Damianos Sotheby’s Real Estate
      Nassau, Bahamas

      Michael J. Yakes Foundation Hurricane Dorian Relief
      Gulfport, FL

      Approved Dorian Donations

      HeadKnowles Hurricane Relief Foundation gofundme
      Staniel Cay Yacht Club

      Marine Industries Association: Bahamas Relief
      Marine Industries Association Treasure Coast

      Hurricane Dorian Bahamas Relief
      Southern Exposure

      Cruise Lines Pledge Hurricane Relief Aid for the Bahamas
      Maritime Executive

      Update: Hurricane Dorian Relief
      Water Mission

      Disaster Relief Fundraising Campaign
      Red Cross and Food Lion

      Updated: Hurricane Relief Efforts Under Way in Bahamas
      Maritime Executive

      Mike Alyea GoFundMe

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      Comments from Cruisers (1)

      1. Cynthia Miller -  September 12, 2019 - 8:24 am

        Those of us who have cruised extensively in the Bahamas feel helpless, not knowing how to aid the wonderful people we met on the islands impacted by Dorian. Yes, they need “items” like food, clothes, etc. but it seems those needs are being met. What is needed long term, is money, lots and lots of money. There is no infrastructure, few intact buildings, so the impacted survivors have no choice but to leave their home islands. You may be hesitant to donate, not knowing which local organization(s) will best manage donated funds. Damianos Sotheby’s Real Estate is providing good information about reputable organizations that do good work.They are posting periodic updates at: If you have enjoyed time on any of the devastated islands, please give whatever amount you can. Thanks.
        Cynthia Miller

        Reply to Cynthia
    • LNM: AICW Daybeacon 188 Destroyed, GA Statute Mile 652

      This ICW daybeacon is on the west side of the Waterway as it passes through the intersection of Rockdedundy and Little Mud Rivers.

      Rockdedundy River Daybeacon 188 (LLNR 36850) is destroyed. The steel pile wreckage is marked with a TRLB WR188 displaying FL Q R characteristics in position 31-22-20.805N, 081-22-04.111W (31°22.3468N / 081°22.0685W, 31.372446 / -81.367809)   Chart 11507 LNM 37/19

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