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    • AICW Passage Through The Skidaway Narrows Bridge to be Unaffected by Construction (Statute Mile 592.5)

      Contrary to what Captain Judy has heard, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation, the AICW at Skidaway Narrows Bridge on Hwy. 204 will NOT be closed during the initial engineering phases – beginning this month – of an upcoming construction project to build a fixed 65′ bridge across the AICW on site. The completion date of the new bridge is 2 or 3 years away and may require brief closures at some point, but nothing in the near future.

      Subject: Skidaway narrows bridge and waterway closure
      Cruising News: We have heard that Skidaway bridge and ICW waterway there will be closed on June 2 while they survey for new bridge pilings. Would appreciate info on this.
      Judy Koetitz

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    • New Anchorage on Kilkenny Creek, off AICW Statute Mile 614

      Wow, this is news to yours truly. We have never explored Kilkenny Creek past the marina. You can be we’ll be adding this anchorage to the Net’s “Georgia Anchorage Directory” SOON!

      On this trip a day or 2 earlier, let me tell you of another anchorage that is probably the best place I had on the trip. About Mile 613.5, Kilkenny Creek. Favor the Stbd side at the entrance (15ft or so), then middle to Stbd the rest of the way in. Go about 2 miles. You will pass Lincoln Creek on the left (also good, saw one 40ft tug anchored just in that creek), go past the Kilkenny Creek marina, just after the turn to the right, anchor in about 11-15 ft of water, near N 31.47.520 W081.11.911. Plenty of swing room. I was boat number 3 that night and what a restful night it was. Was warned of Shrimp boat traffic, but I don’t recall anybody going by all night. Just make sure your anchor light is visible. There is a seafood restaurant just north of the marina with a dock. Hours until 2130 I believe.

      We haven’t been to the marina in years but there wa nothing to recommend it then. the anchorage described is excellent though.
      Louis Spagna

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Kilkenny Creek Where Captian Chris Recommends Anchoring

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    • GREAT Source for Portsmouth, Virginia Cruising News

      I have reviewed Captain Joe’s “blog” which is linked below. It’s really more of a web site, with a WEALTH of information for any cruiser calling at Portsmouth. Give it a look!

      Hi Claiborne ,
      Would you post this link to our blog Welcome to Mile Marker “0” AICW? I will writing often to inform boaters traveling the ICW about upcoming events, restaurants, stores, shopping, and where to buy everything from groceries to boat parts and how to get to them here in Portsmouth, Virginia.

      We will also be publishing a FREE Boaters Guide to Portsmouth, VA. (available fall 2010)
      Thank you,
      Joe Elder

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    • Unhappy News About AICW/Hell Gate Depths (near Statute Mile 602)

      The notorious Hell Gate section of the AICW, south of Savannah and Isle of Hope, was dredged during the summer of 2009, and for a time, all has been well on these waters. The posting below from Captain Bob is the first notice we have had that shoaling may once again be rearing its ugly head. Because Captain Bob does not provide an exact time and date when his soundings were taken (see below), it’s not possible to fully verify what an 8.8 foot reading “30 minutes after high tide,” would actually equate to at Mean Low Water. But, it certainly can’t be good news.
      We are returning Hell Gate to the ranks of a true “AICW Problem Stretch,” and ask the cruising community to PLEASE forward ANY information about depths in Hell Gate ASAP, by clicking the “Comment on This Posting/Marina/Anchorage/Bridge” link below, or sending e-mail to me at Many thanks in advance!!!

      Good evening, Claiborne.
      Looks like bad things are beginning to happen again at Hell Gate. Came through here mid channel this afternoon thirty minutes after high tide and observed a depth of 8.8 feet fifty yards Northeast of Green Marker 87. Didn’t believe what I saw so I went back and observed the same results.
      Weren’t the dredges here just a year ago?
      Captain Bob Poovey

      Hi Claiborne,
      We came through Hell Gate at 11.10 ‘“ 11.20 hours, May 21. Low tide was at 09.00 hrs. We favored the west side of mid channel a little going north. We never saw less than 13 ft.
      Frans Tieman
      S/V Sophia (The Netherlands)
      Draft 6.8 or 2 meters

      We also passed through Hell Gate on May 19. It was about 1-1/2 hrs after high tide and the lowest we saw was 12 ft. We tried to stay mid-channel.
      Mark MacMahon

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Section” Listing For The AICW/Hell Gate Passage

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    • Bridge of Lions Vertical Clearance in Question (Statute Mile 778)

      For those of you who have not been following the Cruisers’ Net, or have not cruised through St. Augustine over the past two years, the historic Bridge of Lions has undergone a radical rebuilding. For a time, a temporary bridge was in place to serve automobile traffic, while the older span was being rebuilt. Now, the Bridge of Lions has reopened, and the temporary bridge is being removed.
      Below, Captain Bob presents some IMPORTANT information (copied from the MTOA List-Serve) which could easily be interpreted to mean that the new Bridge of Lions incarnation ACTUALLY HAS LESS VERTICAL CLEARANCE THAN WHAT IS LISTED ON THE NOAA CHARTS and in the Federal Registry.

      Here was the situation; we were approaching the Bridge of Lions in St Augustine at 7:45AM on 28 April 2010, with a tide level of +4.5′ and a listed bridge clearance at `low iron’ of 25′ above Mean High Water (MHW). According to NOAA, the MHW level for the St Augustine City Dock, which is next to the Bridge of Lions is 6.41′ (see NOAA link below). The tops of our VHF antennas were measured at 22′ above the water level. My calculations were:
      Charted Bridge Clearance +25′
      Plus Mean High Water +6.4′
      Minus the Height of Tide -4.5′
      Calculated Clearance 26.9′
      Simply said, the listed bridge clearance 25′ is measured above MHW, and if the tide was at zero, the actual clearance would be 31.4′ (25′ + 6.4′); but we had a 4.5′ tide so the clearance should be 4.5′ less, or 26.9′ (25′ +6.4′ -4.5′).
      Here is what we found as we approached the opening between the old temporary bridge, which is being demolished, and work barges from the north. Sue spotted a temporary tide board below the new bridge with red spray painted numbers indicating the current clearance was 22′ at low iron. We passed under the bridge with less than a foot above our antennas at the center of the bridge. I think the temporary tide board was correct, which would mean the actual clearance is closer to 20′ above MHW, and not 25′.
      What am I missing? I contacted the Bridge of Lions and their contractor told
      them that when I passed under the bridge the tide was extremely high and thus I
      had less than the listed 25′ clearance.

      MHW for the St Augustine City Dock:,%20FL&type=Datums

      Bob and Sue Mimlitch
      M/V Our Independence

      I asked Captain Bob to send me additional info when possible, and received the heartwarming reply below:

      I should have said more about the difference between the listed bridge height on the charts and cruising guides, which is clearance at the center; versus the tide board which is clearance at low iron. A few bridges in Florida have signs that specify the number of feet of additional clearance at center.
      I love Salty Southeast Cruiser’s Net. Thanks for all your efforts.
      Bob Mimlitch

      As of Monday, 5/17/10, the new Bridge of Lion’s vertical clearance has become a HOT topic! The Cruisers’ Net, Waterway Guide and ActiveCaptain are all in the hunt for information. We thank Waterway Guide editor, Chuck, for the info below. Since we received Chuck’s e-mail (actually a posting on the MTOA list-serve), I have personally spoken with both Captain Jay Bliss, member of the St. Augustine Port Commission, and Ms. Laurie Sanderson with the Bridge of Lion’s rehabilitation project. As Chuck notes below, this question will arise at a meeting tomorrow, and we have everyone’s promise to shoot us the results ASAP!!!! I will post this data the second it’s received, and probably send out a special “Alert” as well!

      I have just spoken with Laurie Sanderson from the Bridge of Lions Rehabilitation Project and the bridge clearance is up for discussion at their meeting tomorrow. According to the contractor on site, the MHW clearance for the new bridge is indeed 22′ regardless of what the charts say. We will post more tomorrow after the meeting and more details are known.

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    • Complete Text of the NC Law Regarding Pumpout Log Requirements Now Available On the Cruisers’ Net

      As many of you have already heard, the state of North Carolina has changed its laws concerning MSD (Marine Sanitation Devices) regulations. Among other provisions, there is a rule that cruisers must keep a pump-out log, and portions of the NC coastline have been declared “No Discharge” zones. There has already been a host of postings on the Net concerning these changes, but now, we can provide you with the text of the entire law in question. Click on the link below to check out the statute.

      Click Here To View the Entire Text of the New NC MSD Law

      Click Here To View An Earlier Net Posting on this Subject, Entitled, “Important Background Information on the new NC Pumpout Log Requirement”

      Click Here To View An Earlier Net Posting on this Subject, Entitled, “New Law: Pumpout Log to be required in NC And No-Discharge Zones Created”

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    • Savannah City Dock Is Open (Downtown Savannah – Savannah River)

      The report below, which originally appeared on the MTOA List-Serve, was in response to earlier reports here on the Cruisers’ Net and other nautical lists, which reported the Savannah City Docks were going to be closed for some time to come on Mondays through Wednesdays for maintenance work. Then, we saw reports that these closures were a thing of the past, so I removed the earlier posting here on the Net. From what Captain Feller says below, sounds like you’d better call ahead to make sure. Follow the link below for a telephone number.
      Also, you could always moor at the River Street Market Place Dock, just a tad farther downstream. This facility is also within easy walking distance of Savannah’s wonderful historic district, and its many, many dining attractions.

      The phone said it would be closed Mon-Wed, we got here today (Thu) and the worker said it was CLOSED! But not to worry, they got what they needed done and opened the docks this evening….there will b work being done in the next couple of weeks so b sure to call ahead… we found out if u pull into the hyatt dock, u can stay for up to 4 hrs if u buy something in there lounge….cokes count….fyi.
      Bill Feller
      Knot Tide Down

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Georgia Marina Directory Listing For the Savannah City Docks

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s Georgia Marina Directory Listing For River Street Market Place Dock

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    • Important Background Information on the new NC Pumpout Log Requirement

      Thanks to Richard Tobacco, this message sheds some light on the reasons this new law might have been enacted. Portions of the new law can be found in the earlier post on this issue. See New Law: Pumpout Log to be required in NC And No-Discharge Zones Created, dated May 5. (http;//

      Boaters, some of you may be unaware that the NC General Assembly passed a law that gos into effect July 1st.
      Why was this law written? In New Hanover, especially in Banks Channel, there were live-a-boards and weekend party boats that had been emptying their holding tanks at night. The law was written to insure ‘certain’ marinas police this (already) illegal act and a New Hanover ‘pilot program’ went into effect January 1st. [Statements have been made that this pilot program will not expand beyond New Hanover (intent of the word ‘certain’), however the law reads differently.] The law states that all boaters are required to keep a log of their pump-outs indicating when and where you were pumped out.
      a. Can the typical boater be required to produce this log? Yes
      b. Is it likely a non-live-a-board will be asked to produce this log? (Insert your own opinion here.)
      c. Not keeping this log is punishable as a Class 3 misdemeanor. No civil penalty shall be assessed for a violation.
      Captain Richard Tobacco

      We stop and spend money in NC each year while cruising North and South.
      Not anymore!
      Our purchasing of diesel for our 72′ yacht, restaurants, parts, dive shops, golf, rental cars, and marinas will no longer be income for NC.
      The surrounding States didn’t make illegal what the Coast Guard states as a legal system.
      We did the right thing and purchased a Type 2 waste treatment system which cost a lot of money.
      Now another political system run by idiots decided that a Coast Guard approved system can’t be used!
      Captain Sam Streater

      Liquid Waste Products
      A father and son are fishing from shore all morning while drinking coffee and sodas ‘¦’¦’¦ wonder what happens?
      Four buddies go our for the day in a 20’ center console complete with cooler of beverages ‘¦’¦’¦. wonder what happens?
      Family of six go swimming from a remote shoreline area all afternoon when it is 98 degrees and staying hydrated is necessary ‘¦’¦’¦.. wonder what happens?
      A local community gets pounded by a few inches of rain that overwhelms their storm drains, the oil spotted streets get cleaned, the chemical laden cigarette butts disappear ‘¦’¦.. wonder what happens?
      An older residence along the ICW has a septic system that has cracked and is in disrepair ‘¦’¦’¦. wonder what happens?
      Millions of fish and other critters living in the waters eat to gain nourishment ‘¦’¦’¦ wonder what happens?
      A 28’ sailboat just passing through with a 15 gallon holding tank and no potty log ‘¦’¦’¦. we know what happens in NC.

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    • AICW/Fields Cut Depths Still A Problem

      When I read the message below from Captains Todd and Brenda Lanning, it occurred to me that I misspoke last week when, in an SSECN Alert, I stated that the only AICW problem stretch left in the two Carolinas was found at the intersection of northern Alligator River/AICW and Albemarle Sound (in North Carolina). As Todd and Brenda learned, depths along the southern portion of Fields Cut (just a short hop north of this passage’s intersection with the Savannah River), can still run much too shallow at low tide.
      So, you may be asking, why hasn’t this section of the Waterway enjoyed the “stimulus” dredging that has so enhanced the AICW along the rest of it’s run through both Carolinas. I asked the Army Corps of Engineers that very question not too long ago, and was told that their survey missed the shoaling on southern Fields Cut.
      Dredging was performed, however, on northern Fields Cut, where this passage leaves the Wright River. If you follow the links below, you will see we have separate “AICW Problems” listings for both these waters.
      So, do take care when cruising from Savannah River through the southern 1/3 of Fields Cut, and time your passage for mid to high tide if possible. Follow the links below for more specific advice.

      Greetings again,
      We just transited Fields Cut at low tide and registered water less than 4.5 feet. Fields Cut is located just after you cross the Savannah River going north. The shallow area is between the range marker at the south end of the cut and the cement pilings on the east shore, roughly 100 yards of shallow water.
      Be careful out there!
      Todd & Brenda Lanning
      1985 40′ Oceania Trawler

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Section” Listing For Southern Fields Cut

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Section” Listing For the Intersection of Northern Fields Cut and the Wright River

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    • Barefoot Transient Dock Discussion (Statute Mile 353.5) and Barefoot Resort

      Over the weekend of 5/8/10 to 5/9/10, there was a discussion on the GL (“Great Loop) mail list about the marina facility at Barefoot Landing Shopping Center in Myrtle Beach. Most of the messages below center around the status of the docks behind the shopping center (which is still very much operational, but no longer free), but it would be easy to understand how confusion could reign here in regards to the two similarly named facilities facing each other on opposite sides of the Pine Island Cut/AICW canal.
      The ocean side facility, which is the subject of this string, now goes under the name, “Barefoot Landing Transient Dock” (see link below). The mainland facility WAS “Barefoot Landing Resort Marina,” but it has gone belly up.
      I visited the former Barefoot Resort marina on 5/1/10. I found good news and bad news. On the plus side, the marina was still operating and accepting transients. As a matter of fact, while I was there, the spring AGLCA rendezvous was in full swing at this marina.
      However, I was also told that a “glitch” had developed in transferring the marina to new ownership, and the dockmaster was not sure when he might be able to begin offering fuel again, or when the new owners might take over.
      While the docks appeared to me to still be in acceptable condition, the formerly lush shoreside landscaping was beginning to look pretty ratty, and the adjacent restaurant was long closed.
      If anyone comes across any fresh information about “Barefoot Resort Marina,” PLEASE share this data with the cruising community by clicking the “Comment on This Posting/Marina/Anchorage/Bridge” link below!

      Good Afternoon,
      Can anyone tell me if the Barefoot Landing free dock, listed in Skipper Bob’s 2005 version, is still available for cruisers? I did not see it listed in the “Friendly Mooring Places” list that was put together earlier this year by Jim on “Twins”.
      Thanks in advance!
      Todd & Brenda Lanning
      1985 40′ Oceania Trawler

      Ahoy Todd and Brenda:
      The “Barefoot Landing Free Dock” is now the “Barefoot Landing Dock.” No longer free, but upgraded a bit with power and water.
      Susie and I used to dock there twice a year going up and down the AICW, enjoy the “free” dock and spend usually a couple of hundred $s dining, buying tourist trinkets, etc. Now we continue on and anchor north or south of Myrtle Beach.
      Wade Ehlen
      New Bern NC

      Hello Captains Todd and Brenda:
      Yes, the dock at Barefoot Landing Shopping Center does still take transients. The dockmaster here has asked us to now call this facility the “Barefoot Landing Transient Dock.” You can get full details at:
      Let me know if that works for you. Good luck and good cruising!
      Claiborne S. Young
      Salty Southeast Cruisers’ Net

      According to the above reference, it’s alive but it is still not free again. Instead there is a $1.50/ft per night charge or, per cruiser’s comment, $5 charge to stop during the day for a few hours.
      A link was provided to the Barefoot Dock, But it was broke for me. Perhaps someone else will have better luck.
      (Oh if you want a free dock with easy access to town in the MB neighborhood, take the Waccamaw upriver to Conway, SC. It is a beautiful cruise.)

      Subject: Barefoot Landing, Myrtle Beach mile 354
      Cruising News: Hey everyone, we just wanted to post about a Great new place that just opened here, called the Flying Fish, public Market and Grill, We think other cruisers stopping at barefoot will appreciate it. They have and awesome seafood market and limited veggies and fruit, with great prices, not to mention some of the Best Happy Hour specials we have seen, Not only do they have house wines and house liquors for 3 bucks each during there 4-8 pm happy hour,(also beer 2.50) they also have lots of great appetizers for 5 bucks each, and they are big portions, for example 10 huge jumbo peel and eat shrimp steamed in nut brown ale with market seasoning, 12 oysters served raw with lemon and cocktail, Southern fried chicken tenders served with choice of dipping sauce,(huge order) , Sweet Potato fries topped with crumbles of blue cheese and blue cheese sauce diced tomatoes and red onions, Plus many more to choose from, Buffalo Shrimp, Fried Blue Crab Fingers, Crispy Calamari, Spinach and Artichoke Dip, California rolls, Spicy Tuna, all of these during Happy Hour in the Bar seating area for 5 bucks, and Yes they have some tables in that area as well. We Loved it, all great food, only problem, we couldn\’t eat dinner and had leftovers from the appetizers. Please stop by and enjoy, we felt it was worth writing up for others headed North to enjoy! We sure did!
      Captain Clay aboard Gemini

      Hey’¦.The Barefoot Landing Dock is still a nice place to lay over for a day or two even though it is not free anymore. Nice prople are running it. Try helping them out a little. Everything in life cannot be FREE!!!
      Captain Raymond W. Smith aboard `Fire Dog’

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