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    • Photo of New St. Augustine Mooring Field (Statute Mile 778)

      On 9/16/10, we posted a combined notice from Captain Pete Peterson aboard s/y `Brilliant” and Captain Sterling informing the cruising community that a new, 30-ball mooring field, managed by the nearby City Marina, had just begun operation in St. Augustine, south of the Bridge of Lions. (see /mooring-balls-now-available-in-st-augustine-aicw-statute-mile-778) Now, Captain Sterling has sent along a very nice photo the the new mooring field (see below).

      Hey Claiborne!
      Delivering my boat to it’s new owners in Jacksonville Beach. New to me boat is under contract in Punta Gorda.
      I am attaching a picture of the mooring field ad ST. Augustine. It is open for biz and the southern sections is completed.
      See you on the Waterways!
      Capt. Sterling

      I think this mooring field is an excellent addition to the city. I would caution, however, be very careful loading and unloading, as the currents are strong here. Slip overboard and you’re gone!
      Captain Sterling

      Any information on the length of a boat at the mooring in St. Augustine. Thanks for the photo and latest info.
      Captain Maryann

      It would seem that the U.S. Supreme Court would disagree with St. Augustine’s opinion.
      In U.S. Supreme Court, Lewis Blue Point Oyster Cultivation Co. v. Briggs, 229 US 82 the court states: `If the public right of navigation is the dominant right, and if, as must be the case, the title of the owner of the bed of navigable waters hold subject absolutely to the public right of navigation, this dominant right must include the right to the use of the bed of water for every purpose which is in aid of navigation.’
      Federal District Court in Anderson v. Reames 161 S.W.2d 957, 961 states: `’¦.’rights of navigation’ include the right to anchorage, which may be exercised for either business purposes or pleasure.’
      It is well established that the public right of navigation is the dominant right on the waters of the U.S.
      Robert Driscoll

      While I am not a fan of forced mooring nor the banning of anchoring, let’s face it ‘“ derelict boats and selfish boaters have been pushing municipalities to their limits for decades. Most laws banning extended anchoring have been shot down in court but it takes years and lots of money to fight them so cities have gotten away with these laws sufficient to break even against those who would drop an anchor or two and just stay in one place forever. Perhaps that right exists, but I’ve seen many boats that became the responsibility of the local taxpayers, sunk, or refused to obey sanitary laws. Personally, I’ll probably skip St. Augustine in the future at the rates they are charging for these moorings, but I can’t entirely blame them for their actions.
      Peter TenHaagen

      All cruisers, however, are not as enthusiastic about the new mooring field.

      The city is now telling people that once the mooring field is in, they will be banning all anchoring between the Vilano and 312 Bridges. They say they can do this because they own the land under the water on a grant from the King of Spain. This continues the cities movement to get rid of boaters. They have precluded anyone who resides on their boat from getting the reduced rates for the mooring field. Residency requires a utility bill even if they have lived here for more than 10 years and own a business.

      I anchored there several years ago and found the current daunting. I can’t see how they can require one to take a mooring. It is an open body of water. How is it enforced?
      Jim Owens

      While I would personally agree that derelict boats and extremely long term anchorage might be a problem I am certainly against the entire boating public paying the price for the misconduct of a few. The city could just as well set and enforce responsible time limits (even though that too is probably illegal), but the whole class should not be punished for the misconduct of the few!
      Robert Driscoll

      A grant from the King of Spain? Which King? How preposterous. They have to make this claim of course because they have no other legal basis for the anchoring ban. And of course whichever King they are citing has been dead a few hundred years. So getting his views will be tough. St Augustine marinas are generally overpriced. No surprise then the mooring balls are following suit. And while I am at it’¦ I don’t buy the argument that these communities have to do this in `self defense.’. Self defense from what? Drive the hoods of St Augustine or any other coastal city. You will see run down homes, unkempt lawns, non running cars in driveways blah blah blah. Even in the multi million dollars spots there are homes that look like crap. There are of course ordinances that can address some if this. But if people want to live like slobs it is (still) a Fred country. These communities pick on the boating community because we are an easy target.
      Eric Vahlbusch

      We have anchored about a dozen times in St. Augustine. The tides and current (and bottom) there can be treacherous, and we are pleased to see the installation of a mooring field. The nightly fee of $20 is a little bit stiff, but since they have charged $10 for a dinghy landing for a number of years, it doesn’t seem too bad. If they keep the field clean and open, it is welcome to us.
      One Eyed Parrots

      Has anyone addressed a size limit in the new mooring field?
      Ed Potter

      re: anchoring in St augustine… see which summarizes the fl laws… i’d think any spanish grant was passed to the state when fl became state. therefore, all fl laws re waterways apply.
      Captain Guy
      Deliveries & Instruction-Power & Sail
      New Smyrna Beach FL USA

      Wasn’t the king of Spain granted his rights by GOD!!
      Capt. Tom aboard M/V Pleiades

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    • Welcome Hyatt Docks Savannah

      The Hyatt dock is a popular boating dock along the Savannah River that many tourists and boaters use if they are staying at The Hyatt or just stopping by River Street for some lunch. If you're sailing along Tybee Island, park your boat and grab a burger!

      On property we have a full service hotel equipped with guestrooms, meeting space, restaurant, coffee shop, bar, business center, concierge, fitness center and indoor pool. Boat Dock guest have access to the guest amenities mentioned along with the private bathroom located in the fitness center. Catering is also available to the dock through the Hotel’s catering office.

      • ‘¢ Transient Dockage ‘¢ Dockside Power ‘¢ Dockside Fresh Water ‘¢ WI FI
      • ‘¢ Showers ‘¢ Laundry Services ‘¢ Restaurant

      Rates vary between $3.00 per foot nightly to $1.00 per foot for day rates. Specific holidays such, as St. Patrick’s Day and 4th of July the rate is $5.00 per foot per night. Discounts are available to Marina life members at 10% off transient rate and Boat Us members at 25% off transient rate, also guest of the hotel receive 0.50 cents off per foot per night with hotel room. Group rates are also available depending on availability. Call 912 721 4654 or visit our web site!

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    • Welcome Skull Creek Marina

      WIFI - Free to all dock customers!!! New antenna - let us know how you like it! Mile Marker 555 on the ICW While docked at Skull Creek Marina, experience wonderful cuisine and championship golf at the Country Club of Hilton Head, adjacent to the marina. Complimentary Visiting Yachtsman memberships at the Club are provided by the marina. Purchasers of a slip through our 99 year lease purchase program receive full club membership privileges as a benefit of ownership. While docked at Skull Creek Marina, experience wonderful cuisine and championship golf at the Country Club of Hilton Head, adjacent to the marina. Complimentary Visiting Yachtsman memberships at the Club are provided by the marina. Purchasers of a slip through our 99 year lease purchase program receive full club membership privileges as a benefit of ownership.

      All yard, repair, and service work requires a signed work order or estimate; a pre-authorized credit card or deposit is required. Work orders are payable at time of launch.

      30 Ton Travel Lift (15′ beam max.)

      • Haul-Out. Transport to/from Yard & Launch
      • Haul-Out. Survey and Launch (Fixed Pier)
      • Loading/Unloading from Truck/Trailer (1 way)
      • Use of Travel Lift Crane ($250 min)

      (Travel Lift charges include lift operation labor only; it does not include other services such as moving boat to/from lift well, rig/unrig, etc.)

      • Bottom Painting ‘“ All-inclusive packages (depending on length, condition and number of coats).
      • General Labor Rate (min. 1 hr, billed in ¼ hr)
      • Materials. At suggested retail prices.

      Call for Custom Quote: (843) 681-8436. Or visit our web site!

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    • Coast Guard Responds to Ferry Collision in Ocracoke, NC, Pamlico Sound

      OCRACOKE, N.C. ‘” The Coast Guard responded to a boat collision in the ferry channel in Ocracoke, Saturday night. Scroll down to article and picture below.

      Coast Guard Sector North Carolina received a radio call from a crewmember aboard the ferry Carteret, which travels from Cedar Island to Ocracoke, at 8:30 p.m. stating that there had been a collision between the ferry and a 35-foot motor yacht.
      The ferry had eight passengers, one car and the crew aboard. The yacht, Tony C, had two crewmembers and two dogs aboard.
      A 25-foot Response Boat – Small crew from Coast Guard Station Ocracoke responded and transferred two crewmembers and the dogs to Station Ocracoke to awaiting Coast Guard emergency medical technicians. The two individuals were cleared with no severe injuries.
      No one aboard the Carteret was injured. Coast Guard personnel inspected the ferry and found no major damage. The Carteret was brought back to Ocracoke.
      The yacht was damaged and has a hole from slightly above the waterline to the deck.
      A 47-foot Motor Life Boat crew from Coast Guard Station Hatters Inlet was deployed to tow the yacht to shallow water.
      The cause of the collision is under Coast Guard investigation.

      Click Here To View Capt. Ben’s Report and Photo

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    • Trawler Meets Ferry in Ocracoke, NC, off the AICW in Pamilco Sound

      Be careful out there folks, especially on holiday weekends and especially around larger vessels in close quarters!

      One more concern, evidently a 36-foot Albin trawler was struck by another boat Saturday night Sept 4th somewhere near Ocracoke. We saw the wrecked boat docked over by the channel entrance. Can’t say and don’t know what hit it, but was strong enough to dislodge the bridge structure halfway off the pilothouse and crack the hull. Heard the crew got off safely. Still afloat as of morning Sept 5th.
      Good luck to the crew and with all the challenges that will inevitably follow!
      I obscured the name and hailing port to protect the owner’s privacy, but this is what happens when Trawler meets Ferry. Saw this in Ocracoke Sunday. Was told by a few locals, the ferries have an awfully hard time in the channels maneuvering or slowing down, and that the ferry captain was in full reverse trying to avoid the trawler. Good luck to the unfortunate owner.
      Capt. Ben Matthews

      Click Here To View an Earlier Posting on Ocracoke, NC

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    • “Moody” Cruiser Praises Cruisers Net

      Thank you. I have sent the link to my wife and my dad. With the nest now empty my wife and I will be leaving our home port of Bay City Mi in June 2011 heading north, then south, then east, arriving in Norfolk in early October. Then we hope to make some new friends and find dome traveling companions to show us the ropes of heading south from there. The work you do is wonderful and just puts me un the mood. And I showed my 85 year old mom you’d site ax an example of all the great resources for cruisers. She still worries about us but I think she us over the part about us getting lost. And we hope to be able to maybe contribute something useful or noteworthy someday.
      Eric and Gail Vahlbusch
      s/v Blessings
      Bay City, MI

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    • Good Reasons to Visit Manteo, North Carolina (Roanoke Sound, north of Pamlico Sound)

      We love to visit Manteo. It can accurately be described as a “charming” port of call. And, the city marina here is a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR!
      Downtown Manteo, within an easy step of the city docks, has a host of good restaurants (don’t miss Tranquil House Inn), a convenience store, and quite a collection of interesting shops (Manteo Booksellers, for one).
      A word of caution, one of the two approaches for vessels northbound on Pamlico Sound, and the far shorter of the two, is by way of the Old House Channel from the Pamlico, to southern Roanoke Sound, and then north on the Roanoke Sound channel. There is NOTHING easy about this passage, and I do not recommend it for vessels drawing 5 feet or more.
      The other, far deeper and navigationally easier route is by way of Croatoan Sound, and then a southerly cruise through northern Roanoke Sound. The caveat for this route is that you must pass under a fixed bridge with 45 feet of vertical clearance, plenty for almost all powercraft, but not enough for many sailboats.
      The safest and easiest route to Manteo is by way of the AICW to Alemarle Sound. Then, a turn to the east will lead to northern Roanoke Sound, and then a quick trip to Shallowbag Bay and Manteo.
      However, you get there, Manteo is worth the effort!

      Greetings from Manteo, NC,
      If you are still headed north and are not past Oriental yet one should consider heading from the Oriental/River Dunes Marina area out to Ocracoke and then up the Outer Banks to Manteo.
      Manteo, NC is also a nice stop, complete with a free city dock to tie up to. The town is very quaint with lots of little shops and eateries, omelettes at the Magnolia Grill should not be missed!
      Life’s2Short has really fallen in love with the state of NC and all the wonderful cruising it has to offer. Don’t be in a rush to get north, slow down and enjoy all the Outer Banks area has to offer. Gads, it sounds like I’m a poster boy for the NC travel & tourism council……
      Hope everyone is enjoying the water under their keel!
      Todd & Brenda Lanning

      Someone told me once, that cruising NC today is like cruising the Chesapeake 20 – 30 years ago. Definitely a place to linger during the Fall and Spring seasons.

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s North Carolina Marina Directory Listing For Manteo Waterfront Marina

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    • AICW Passage Through The Skidaway Narrows Bridge to be Unaffected by Construction (Statute Mile 592.5)

      Contrary to what Captain Judy has heard, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation, the AICW at Skidaway Narrows Bridge on Hwy. 204 will NOT be closed during the initial engineering phases – beginning this month – of an upcoming construction project to build a fixed 65′ bridge across the AICW on site. The completion date of the new bridge is 2 or 3 years away and may require brief closures at some point, but nothing in the near future.

      Subject: Skidaway narrows bridge and waterway closure
      Cruising News: We have heard that Skidaway bridge and ICW waterway there will be closed on June 2 while they survey for new bridge pilings. Would appreciate info on this.
      Judy Koetitz

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    • New Anchorage on Kilkenny Creek, off AICW Statute Mile 614

      Wow, this is news to yours truly. We have never explored Kilkenny Creek past the marina. You can be we’ll be adding this anchorage to the Net’s “Georgia Anchorage Directory” SOON!

      On this trip a day or 2 earlier, let me tell you of another anchorage that is probably the best place I had on the trip. About Mile 613.5, Kilkenny Creek. Favor the Stbd side at the entrance (15ft or so), then middle to Stbd the rest of the way in. Go about 2 miles. You will pass Lincoln Creek on the left (also good, saw one 40ft tug anchored just in that creek), go past the Kilkenny Creek marina, just after the turn to the right, anchor in about 11-15 ft of water, near N 31.47.520 W081.11.911. Plenty of swing room. I was boat number 3 that night and what a restful night it was. Was warned of Shrimp boat traffic, but I don’t recall anybody going by all night. Just make sure your anchor light is visible. There is a seafood restaurant just north of the marina with a dock. Hours until 2130 I believe.

      We haven’t been to the marina in years but there wa nothing to recommend it then. the anchorage described is excellent though.
      Louis Spagna

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Kilkenny Creek Where Captian Chris Recommends Anchoring

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