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    • San Pablo/Atlantic Boulevard Bridge

      San Pablo/Atlantic Boulevard Bridge-crosses the ICW at Statute Mile 744.5
      30 19.402 North/081 26.318 West
      65 feet of vertical clearance

      Comments from Cruisers Concerning This Bridge:

      First off, it’s the ebb current that’s the faster current, with speeds up to 4 kts. The flood is about a knot slower. Moreover, this issue exists only in the immediate vicinity of the Atlantic Boulevard bridge. Looking at the chart, the opening between the bits of land to the north of the bridge taper down, but open quickly to the south. We recently passed through the area with a 3 kt flood current and had little trouble under the bridge and only moderate turbulence south of the bridge. The St. Johns River crossing, by comparison, was harder, with strong cross current and turbulence.
      Rick Emerson

      Try to hit this bridge at slack tide. Otherwise you will be facing a swift current (4+ kts) which will test your nerves and
      helmsmanship passing under the bridge.
      s/v MicMac

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