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Archive For: West FL – 12 – ICW, Dunedin to Anclote River

  • Report from Power Plant Anchorage on Anclote River, Western Florida

    Power Plant Anchorage - Click for Chartview

    The Power Plant Anchorage lies on the eastern shore of the Anclote River hard by this stream’s mouth and north of marker #18.

    We have anchored just inside the Anclote River heading towards Tarpon Springs. There is a public boat ramp there on the port side going in and the waterway is blocked off just past the ramp, but plenty of room. It is well protected from east winds.

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  • Praise for Dunedin Municipal Marina (Western Florida ICW, Statute Mile 139)

     We have always enjoyed a stay at Dunedin Municipal Marina. This facility is backed by a beautiful green park, which often hosts local shows and fairs, and one block farther on you will discover the downtown shopping district. Here, don’t dare miss Dining at Kelly’s Bistro. Yummmmmm!

    Dunedin Municipal Marina is convenient to restaurants & shopping, just a 2 block walk to the main downtown area. We liked it so much here we moved from Illinois to Dunedin while on the loop earlier this year.
    From Anclote Key follow the ICW south to G”7″, from Clearwater Inlet follow the ICW north to G”5″.
    Ron & Jan Matuska

    I agree Dunedin is really a nice town and they have a very good Mexican restaurant not far from the marina!
    Jim and Dale McGovern
    Aboard SweetPea

    The Dunedin Municipal Marina is excellent. Great staff and facilities at a good rate.
    Sea Potts

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  • Good Words for Turtle Cove Marina – Tarpon Springs, off the Anclote River

    Turtle Cove Marina - Click for Chartview

    Turtle Cove Marina is located off the Anclote River in Tarpon Springs channel, west of Marker #50. Detailed channel instructions are found in our Western Florida Marina Directory listing for this facility, linked below.

    We stayed at Turtle Cove after a rough night at Anclote Key (the winds were from the East). Having previously stayed at the City Docks with it’s strong current, I was pleased to find this sheltered marina with floating docks. The staff was very accommodating and the facilities were clean, the pool was great. Too many good restaurants to name within walking distance, but try Mama’s ‘“ you won’t be disappointed. I will definitely return to Turtle Cove.
    Cambren Davis

    I can only endorse Cambren’s remarks about Turtle Cove Marina.
    Our sailing club, Hudson Beach Yacht Club, has sponsored several weekend cruises to this marina. I took a `women-only’ crew there in June. We have always received the best service and enjoyed the Tiki Hut, pool, and bar. The shower facilities are exceptionally clean!
    One tip: Try Rusty Bellies restaurant, just a 5 minute walk from the marina, for their good food and fun entertainment.
    Karin Glessner
    s/v Callystos

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  • Report from Three Rooker Bar Anchorage, Gulf ICW Statute Mile 147

    This West Florida anchorage lies near the northern tip of the Western Florida ICW, and just south of Anclote Key, Anclote River and Tarpon Springs.

    We have anchored here several times. As long as the winds are from the west, it really is not that bad of a place if you are looking for some seclusion and a great place to hang out for the day (or tender in to the islands). It should be noted, that there is A LOT of sea grass in the area, so be careful.
    Roger Battistoni

    On weekends very popular, great place.
    Edward Turner

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  • Report from Hurricane Pass, Gulf Coast, North of Clearwater, FL

    Hurricane Pass, which intersects the Western Florida ICW between Dunedin and Anclote Key, was formed by a violent hurricane in 1921 resulting in a seaward cut dividing what is now called Honeymoon Island to the north and Caladesi Island to the south. Depths in this cut run 4 feet or less and, as Captain Battistoni reports, the channel shifts constantly. Our advice: avoid this inlet like the plague.

    Cruising News:
    Not sure if this is where I report this, however we have a 43 foot Sea Ray Motor Yacht. I went through the hurricane pass which is a inlet to the ICW just north of clearwater. If you follow the markers you will run aground even during high tide as the markers have you going right through a large sandy landmass that is extending from the north. This was even during high tide. You have to go well south of the markers, and even when you do that we registered only .5 foot under the keel (and this was at high tide).
    Roger Battistoni

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  • Port Tarpon Marina Goes Above and Beyond (on the Anclote River Just Downstream of Tarpon Springs)

    Port Tarpon Marina is the largest of several facilities gathered along Anclote River’s northern banks near marker #40. Recommendations like the one from Captains Bob and Ann below are perhaps the very best indication of a quality operation!!!

    While on our trek home from Florida to Nashville, TN my wife came down with a very bad case of vertigo. What to do? We decided that we would have to cut short our journey but where? We ended up staying at Port Tarpon Marina.
    The management of that marina went above and beyond what we could have asked them to do. Not only did they make sure that we had transportation to and from town but also the doctor and the pharmacies. The beauty of this marina is not only the management but it is the first marina on the port side as you approach Tarpon Springs, the water is over 9 feet at the dock, so there is no worry about running aground. The marina was clean, etc. I can not say enough good things about Port Tarpon and the crew.
    After talking with them they are now members of the AGLCA so if you are going to stop at Tarpon Springs, please stop at Port Tarpon Marina.
    Bob and Ann Levine
    Sandpiper 44 Endeavour Cat

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  • Turtle Cove Marina – Tarpon Springs (Anclote River)

    Now, here’s a new one on us. A check for chart 11411 seems to indicate that the marina spoken of so glowingly below, is located on Spring Bayou, which runs off the southern shores of Anclote River, just west of downtown Tarpon Springs. For many years, this was a shallow body of water, and that is why our on-the-water research never led us to this facility.
    That will soon be changed, however, as I will be on the scene here during the first part of February, 2012, and you can bet a visit to Turtle Cove Marina will be on the top of my list. In the meantime, if anyone who has visited here has MLW depth info, PLEASE click the “the “Comment on This Posting/Marina/Anchorage/Bridge” link below, and share your information.

    We are presently at the best marina we have encountered so far and that is saying something. Many friends had warned us about the perils of getting into the city dock and the poor facilities and then I saw a chance posting about a looper who had stumbled onto Turtle Cove Marina. I looked at it on Google Earth and said why not. You ease up the Anclote River to Red 50 and turn right just past the marker. Next take the first left and be sure to hug the boats on the port side through the turn as there is a shallow spot. You will dead end at Turtle Cove which has an artificial island in a cove with slips all around . Floating docks, great electrical. I have never seen better pedestals in a marina. It all looks brand new. Secure facility with locked gates. You get a key. They have a clubhouse and pool too. Gas at pumps and diesel with one day notice delivered direct to your boat by a truck that drives on the island and backs up to your slip. Ed is the owner and Peter is the dockmaster. The marina is one short block behind the town. No current, no wind, no problem. $1.50 per foot for loopers and BoatUS. Pumpouts at every slip. Can you believe this? And it is all a hidden treasure. You can call them at 727-934-2202. If you want to see it on Google Earth it is at 827 Roosevelt Blvd. I give it an A+.
    Rusty and Jan Carlisle

    I’ve always been a great fan of the [Tarpon Springs] municipal marina because it’s so close to the main drag on the island. However Turtle Cove sounds almost too good to be true. I know “the Judge” wouldn’t lie to us. After three times at the municipal dock, with its problems just to be close to “Hellas Greek Resturant” its Turtle Cove next time!!!
    Thanks Judge!

    Lisa and I are docked (for a week) at Turtle Cove Marina in Tarpon Springs Florida. Based on prior posts on this forum, I thought I’d add our two cents worth as it relates to our positive opinion. Turtle Cove is the place to be in Tarpon Springs if you like these amenities:
    1. New floating docks
    2. Free washer and dryer
    3. Easy walk to sponge docks, restaurants and downtown
    4. $1.50 per foot or discounted weekly stay (we’re paying .75 per foot for
    a week)
    5. Hot tub & swimming pool
    6. Free pumps outs
    7. Marina will also make arrangements for a fuel truck to come to your boat
    8. Free truck and trailer storage (we have a trailerable Ranger Tug)
    Jim & Lisa Favors
    Ranger Tug R27 ‘“ Kismet

    This is indeed a nice spot with wonderful amenities as described in the post below. Ed Spaeth the GM / owner is a very welcoming individual. It was a real treat to be met & welcomed by Ed & his team after our long crossing from Carrabelle.
    Note that the approaches to this marina are not as difficult as it would appear from the posts below. Proceed up the Anclote River to red 50 and turn to Stbd and then closely hug the port shoreline passing closely to the vessels tied to shore. Avoid the shallows on the Stbd side of the channel as you enter.
    There are a number of larger boats in the marina area that likely draw more than 5 feet.
    From the marina it is a short walk into the center of town with grocery stores and bars. The floating dock area where we had tied up was very nice and new. It was however quite a long walk maybe 200 yards to the showers, laundry & clubhouse facilities
    The rate of $ .75 per foot (per day?) for weekly stays for Loopers as posted below is incorrect. The correct rate is $7.50 per foot per week. That meant that instead of $199 per week for our 38 footer we were looking at $285 per week. We required a stay of between 2 & 3 weeks. On the very positive side If you pay for two weeks you can stay the next two free. Sort of like pay for 5 days stay for the next 2 free and equally pay for 2 weeks and stay free for the next two weeks I believe?
    The Looper daily rate is 1.50 per day per foot which is a discounted rate from the normal $2.00 per foot per day rate
    Here is a link to the marina’s site

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Tarpon Springs and Spring Bayou

  • A Mixed Review of Tarpon Springs City Marina, Tarpon Springs, FL

    Other reports have commented in the poor conditions of the docks and the on-shore facilities, but all agree that if you want to visit historic Tarpon Springs the location of the Tarpon Springs City Marina cannot be beat!

    We recently spent three days at Tarpon Springs Municipal Marina. There were absolutely no issues with water depth the entire length of the Anclote River, and plenty of room to maneuver in vicinity of the marina. There is a no wake zone from Buoy 29 all the way into the downtown area (about 2.5 miles).
    We arrived at about 1730 on a Tuesday, and were met by the dockmaster, who was not pleased that we were arriving after closing. While backing into the slip, we had to fight a fairly stiff inbound current, so we had to line up about a slip and a half to the west as we backed in. Although we made it into the slip with no problem, the dockmaster was screaming directions to me the entire time, and overpowering the recommendations my wife was making. Because I have limited visibility aft from my flybridge, and I depend on my wife to be my eyes aft, this added to the challenge of the mooring evolution. Apparently the pilings are in very bad shape and he was concerned that if I leaned against one, it might snap. Once tied up, the dockmaster gave me an earful for being late, and then left for the day without giving us a key to the bathrooms or helping us with shore power.
    As soon as we hooked up shore power (two 30 amp cables), we lost power to one of the cables. Soon after, the other cable lost power as well, leaving us with no air conditioning on a 95 degree evening with no breeze. Welcome to Tarpon Springs! There were no breakers on the pier to be reset, so we searched for a breaker panel for a while with no luck, and unfortunately our 50 ft cables wouldn’t allow us to reach another power outlet. Since there was no `after hours’ number for the dockmaster, my wife called the local police station. Fortunately, the local police contacted the city electrician, who came down, checked things out, replaced the ancient breakers, and then stayed until he was sure that everything was good with our power (it was). The electrician was super friendly, and spent a good three hours (including a trip to Home Depot to buy new breakers) ensuring we were set. I can’t thank him enough, because I was so mad by that point that I was planning to call other marinas on the river to look for dockage. In addition, the police dispatcher called a little while later to ask if everything was good. Needless to say, after initial bad impressions, I was impressed with the friendliness, capability, responsiveness and professionalism of the city employees.
    Most of the restaurants in the Waterfront area close early, so we headed across the bridge and had dinner and a few drinks at Captain Jacks. The food was good and there was a lot of it.
    The next morning, I tracked down the dockmaster, who obviously had heard about our travails from the evening before, and was very apologetic. He was also very responsive and professional the remainder of our visit. The rest of the next day and a half was spent enjoying the Greek restaurants, and shopping.
    The marina itself is pretty shabby, but the location can’t be beat to enjoy the charms of Tarpon Springs. It appears that there were four slips available at the marina. We called ahead and were the only ones there over the three days. On a weekend, I would call ahead to ensure you have a reservation though. The electrician indicated that they were planning to upgrade the breaker panel, so hopefully on future visits, there won’t be similar issues to what we faced. Apparently, there are also plans to upgrade the docks and replace the pilings, which are pretty flimsy. The finger piers were so short that they were unusable on my boat, so we had to debark the boat from the ladder on the stern. The bathrooms are locked after hours, so you have to pay a $5 deposit to get a key. There weren’t any showers that I could see. We used the showers on the boat. Once we resolved the power issue, the remainder of the visit to Tarpon Springs was excellent, and I would recommend it to others.
    Captain Glenn Zeiders

    We visited Tarpon Springs in April 2010. The town offers some great restaurants and several souvenir shops. I would have to agree that the marina needs updating. We were 45 minutes late but the dock master waited for us and was accommodating. He allowed us to stay in his slip and even provided an adapter for our shore power cable.
    Oh yes, we agree with you on the status of the marina. It is right on the main road and the docks are open to the public. By the way, the restrooms do have showers but they were very `ruff’ and needed a good cleaning.
    Captain Scott Daniels

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  • Caledesi Island State Park Marina (north of Dunedin)

    As I recall, the entrance channel leading to Caladesi Island State Park Marina (from Hurricane Pass) can be a bit of a challenge for first timers, but otherwise, this is a pretty good facility for those who just want to get away from the maddening crowd. It lies just north of the Dunedin and the Honeymoon Island Bridge

    This is a great spot after you get in. We draw 4 1/2 and saw 5 and 4.8 going across the small bay to the marked entrance into the Park. Definitely do it on a rising tide. Great protection once you are in. Avoid the weekends as it is a popular spot for boat clubs. The 100+ slip marina was full the weekend we were there, but during the first part of the week there were only 8 boats. The fairways are narrow and become more so after the 30+ powerboats and sailboats are in the slips.
    S/V Two If By Sea

    Subject: Hurricane Pass
    Cruising News: We just visited Caladesi Island State Park which is near Hurricane Pass, north of Dunedin. Although we did not use it, we saw several sailboats going in and out of it. We talked to one boat who uses it regularly, drawing 4.3\’. He told use that the markers are accurate and he saw nothing less than 6\’.
    David S. Power

    Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of Caladesi Island Start Park Marina

  • Dunedin Marina (north of Clearwater, near St. M. 139)

    We LOVE spending time at Dunedin City Marina, not the least reason for which is that Sea Sea Riders restaurant, and Kelly’s Bistro are within easy walking distance. Both of these are outstanding dining choices!

    Wife, dog and I have stayed a dozen times at friendly Dunedin Marina in the past decade. Dockmaster Bill is great and will assign an inside protected slip if available. The transient slips are at the entrance and can be tricky with current and uncomfortable with strong wind from the west so be sure to ask for an inside slip. The town has a great nightlife, all within walking distance.
    Kevin Mulligan

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  • Great Mobile Mechanic in Tarpon Springs (off Anclote River and Anclote Key)

    Finding a good, mobile marine mechanic anywhere is like discovering gold, or even diamonds. If you need any sort of mechanical work while cruising in our near Tarpon Springs, give the Kismet crew’s words below your most serious attention!

    Hi from Kismet:
    For those traveling to Tarpon Springs, Florida and in need of a mobile marine mechanic, I wanted to pass along the name of Frank Dudley – 727-741-0775. We had Frank to our boat to service our dinghy’s outboard, that had stopped running.
    Frank arrived when scheduled, made the repair and came in under estimate and has been in Tarpon Springs doing marine repairs for over 20 years. We have no affiliation with Frank other than we’re a satisfied customer.
    Jim & Lisa Favors – Kismet
    Fathom 40 Fast Trawler

  • Cruising to Tarpon Springs and Anclote River (north of Clearwater)

    The question and answer sequence below is taken from the Net’s “Ask Your Neighbor” page (/category/ask-your-neighbor/). I thought this good advice would be of even more value here on the Net’s “Western Florida” Cruising News Section.
    I join with Captain Kendrick in recommending a cruise up Anclote River to Tarpon Springs. This is a delightful port of call, with an embarrassment of riches when it comes to good places to dine ashore.

    Subject: Tarpon Springs and environs
    Cruising News: We’re planning a cruise north from Punta Gorda as far as Tarpon Springs, if it’s worth the extra miles from Clearwater. Can anyone shed light on TS as a destination? We’re a 38′ Carver drawing 3.5′. Thanks for any input!
    Eric Norlin

    A visit to Tarpon Springs is definitely recommended. We recently cruised from Cape Coral to Tarpon Springs in a 41 foot express cruiser with a draft similar to yours. Tarpon Springs is less than 20 nautical miles from Clearwater Beach with no navigational challenges along the way. We stayed at the Tarpon Springs City Marina for two nights. The marina is located on Dodecanese Boulevard near the US 19A Bridge over the Anclote River. This is the Sponge Dock area lined with shops, restaurants, bakeries, tours, etc. We ate at Rusty Bellies and were very satisfied. A two day visit was about right for us. More information about Tarpon Springs City Marina is available in the Cruiser’s Net Marinas section.
    Doug Kendrick

    We have stopped in Tarpon Springs when we were in the area in 2007 and again in 2009 both times we stayed at the city marina which is not a fancy place but right on the main drag so close to many shops and restaurants the folks at the marina and in town are very nice. We both love Greek food so that is a big draw for us.
    We will be stopping there again on our cruise south in the spring of 2010. There is nice scenery along the river on the way in.
    Steve Willett

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Western Florida Marina Directory Listing For Tarpon Springs City Marina

  • Tarpon Springs City Marina – Detailed Report (Anclote River)

    According to my own observations, Captian Kendrick’s report below concerning Tarpon Springs City Marina is spot on.

    We stayed at Tarpon Springs City Marina the nights of 21 and 22 November 2009.
    There are only four transient slips available so call ahead for availability. We were disappointed with the narrow, unsteady finger piers. We felt uncomfortable when using them. In addition, the finger piers are relatively short and could pose a problem for a boat with a side entrance.
    The rest rooms are open to the public during the day. A $5 deposit will get a key to enter after hours. If there are showers there, we failed to find them. The location is great for shopping, eating, and sightseeing but noisy as it is very near the Route 19A bridge over the river.
    However, the noise drops after dark as traffic lessens. A Winn Dixie Supermarket is a pleasant, but long, walk. Walk South on [Highway] 19A to East Athens street, go left to Safford Avenue, then right on Safford. Return to 19A by turning right onto West Morgan Street. Winn Dixie is on the East side of 19A to the left. Safford has a pedestrian/bicycle walk in the median with benches placed here and there.
    Doug Kendrick

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Western Florida Marina Directory Listing For Tarpon Springs City Marina

  • Caledesi Island State Park Marina (north of Dunedin)

    As I recall, the entrance channel leading to Caladesi Island State Park Marina (from Hurricane Pass) can be a bit of a challenge for first timers, but otherwise, this is a pretty good facility for those who just want to get away from the maddening crowd.

    Subject: Caladisi Island State Park Marina
    Cruising News: We visited Caladisi Island State Park\’s marina for three days beginning 18 November 2009. The marina is modern with new floating piers, water and 30 ampere electricity at almost all slips.
    Most of the slips are for 12 foot beam, but there are eight for various beams up to 17 feet. The wider beam slips can not be reserved but the T heads can be used for wider/longer vessels, however one must pay for two slips on the T. Prices are $1.00 per foot (plus 12 percent tax) with a 50 percent discount for Florida residents over 65. There is a snack bar (hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.) and individual rest rooms, but no fuel, pump-out, or services. The beach has been rated America\’s Best Beach two years in a row. There is a really nice nature path and picnic shelters. This is a great, inexpensive place to relax if your boat can stand the relatively shallow approach channel. We left at low tide and had enough water for our 3 foot 6 inch inch draft.
    Doug Kendrick

    We must have been following in Capt. Kendricks footsteps, we were at both Caladesi and Tarpon Springs City Marina this last week. I’d second everything he says. Cladesi Island is a fabulous unspoiled beach and park with a very well protected clean and well maintained marina. Following the reccomended course line from marker #14 of the Hurricane Pass channel straight across to the Caldesi channel marker #1 we never had less than 5 feet at mid-tide. There were a couple of 50 foot power boats and some 35 foot sailboats there when we were there. 30 amp electric is reliable and included in the slip price. The only disapointment for us was no showers. There are shore heads and changing rooms, but the only showers are open-air, cold water showers on the beach crossovers. The sunsets and the shelling on the beach are world-class.
    Jonathan Gorham

  • Tarpon Springs City Marina

    Tarpon Springs City Marina is found a good distance upstream on the Anclote River, in the heart of downtown Tarpon Springs. It is a small, but friendly facility, and is only one of two that provide any sort of transient dockage within walking distance of the town’s business district.

    We were in Tarpon Springs in May and stayed at the municiple marina. We draft 5’8’³ and had no problems navigating up stream or down. We arrived early evening on the 15th and left the marina the afternoon of the 21st to anchor near the park at the river entrance. We spent two nights there on the hook before heading to Apalachicola.
    Reggie Good

    Click Here For The Cruisers’ Net’s Western Florida Marina Directory Listing For Tarpon Springs City Marina

  • Great Repair Yard in Tarpon Springs – Neptune Marine

    It’s always a very good thing to discover a quality boat repair yard. After reading Capt. Tom’s message below, looks like Tarpon Springs (found upsream on Anclote River, north of Clearwater) has one of the best!

    To All
    Just got the boat back after 4 months in the yard [Neptune Marine]. We had the hull painted with Awlgrip 2000, bottom job, boot stripe, and all hardware above the waterline changed out. These folks did a great job. Price was reasonable. They were meticulous about the details. Boat was ship shape and clean when finished (First mate was flabberghasted – They even dusted). If you need work done anywhere around Tarpon Springs Florida, I give the yard two thumbs up!
    Unfortunately, there are no yards in Clearwater anymore (nor any movie theaters, but that’s another matter).
    Capt Tom

  • Dunedin Municipal Marina (Statute Mile 139)

    Dunedin Municipal Marina is a smaller, city owned operation, but the harbor is well sheltered, and there is wondeful dining nearby. If you berth here, don’t dare miss dinner at nearby Kelly’s!

    Subject: Dunedin Municipal Marina
    Cruising News: We were able to get a transient slip at this marina for the December 6 boat parade.  Only needed a couple of days advance notice.  The harbor master was extremely friendly and helpful.
    Manuel Farinas

    Click Here To View the Western Florida Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For Dunedin Municipal Marina

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