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Caledesi Island State Park Marina (north of Dunedin)

As I recall, the entrance channel leading to Caladesi Island State Park Marina (from Hurricane Pass) can be a bit of a challenge for first timers, but otherwise, this is a pretty good facility for those who just want to get away from the maddening crowd.

Subject: Caladisi Island State Park Marina
Cruising News: We visited Caladisi Island State Park\’s marina for three days beginning 18 November 2009. The marina is modern with new floating piers, water and 30 ampere electricity at almost all slips.
Most of the slips are for 12 foot beam, but there are eight for various beams up to 17 feet. The wider beam slips can not be reserved but the T heads can be used for wider/longer vessels, however one must pay for two slips on the T. Prices are $1.00 per foot (plus 12 percent tax) with a 50 percent discount for Florida residents over 65. There is a snack bar (hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.) and individual rest rooms, but no fuel, pump-out, or services. The beach has been rated America\’s Best Beach two years in a row. There is a really nice nature path and picnic shelters. This is a great, inexpensive place to relax if your boat can stand the relatively shallow approach channel. We left at low tide and had enough water for our 3 foot 6 inch inch draft.
Doug Kendrick

We must have been following in Capt. Kendricks footsteps, we were at both Caladesi and Tarpon Springs City Marina this last week. I’d second everything he says. Cladesi Island is a fabulous unspoiled beach and park with a very well protected clean and well maintained marina. Following the reccomended course line from marker #14 of the Hurricane Pass channel straight across to the Caldesi channel marker #1 we never had less than 5 feet at mid-tide. There were a couple of 50 foot power boats and some 35 foot sailboats there when we were there. 30 amp electric is reliable and included in the slip price. The only disapointment for us was no showers. There are shore heads and changing rooms, but the only showers are open-air, cold water showers on the beach crossovers. The sunsets and the shelling on the beach are world-class.
Jonathan Gorham

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