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    • 115. Garrison Bight – Fleming Key Mooring Field

      115. Garrison Bight – Fleming Key Mooring Field
      Lat/Lon: heart of the mooring field is found near 24 34.240 North/081 47.416 West
      Location: lies along a broad swath of water between Fleming Key and Sigsbee Park, north-northwest of Garrison Bight
      Minimum depth: 6 ½+-feet
      Special Comment: call City of Key West, Garrison Bight Marina at 305-292-8167 to secure a mooring
      Swing Room: sufficient room for vessels as large as 48 feet
      Foul Weather Shelter: good, but open to northern winds
      Waste Pump-out Availability: A pump-out boat services the Key West Garrison Bight mooring field. Call the City Marina at (305) 809-3981 or Ch-16 VHF Mooring Field Dockmaster. For more information, go to


      Click on Chartlet Below to Open a Chart View Window,
      Centered on the Location of This Anchorage:

      Comments from Cruisers (11)

      1. Cap and Linda Munday -  April 18, 2015 - 9:31 am

        We spent two winters in Key West at Garrison Bight mooring field. Wonderful spot. One mile to Garrison Bight, 2 miles to Key West bight and Rat Key is in the anchorage for doggie walking. Grocery and other shopping within dingy distance. We loved evenings in Key West bight and dog walking from Garrison Bight docks through the lovely ‘Meadows’ neighborhood. Key West is fun on a daily basis. Be sure to use Key West Marine for all your boating needs, and if you have head problems, use the Head Honcho. The Cubanos at KW Marine will hook you up. Great Thai food at Garrison Bight and generally great fun and food are available in short range from the moorings.
        Cap and Lind Munday

        Reply to Cap
      2. James T. Holtzinger -  October 16, 2014 - 3:26 pm

        An affordable alternative to a Marina in Key West or Stock Island are the mooring balls at Garrison Bight Marina in Key West. The overnight rate is in the neighborhood of $20, I’ve ball parked that because I always go for the monthly rate $323. and change. You need a dinghy for a 10 to 15 minute ride in to the dinghy docks. Included in the fee is a: bathhouse with laundry facilities, showers and restrooms, parking space for car and dinghy. There are bicycle racks, bikes not included in fact it is a dangerous place to leave a bike cabled and locked. Best to sleep next to bike I have had four stolen. It is a mile walk into town and the bus station and stop is two buildings to the north.
        James T. Holtzinger

        Reply to James
        • Charly -  December 1, 2014 - 4:25 am

          Hi James,
          Are there any docks, balls or cheap marinas from Big Coppitt Key to the Boot Key Ball area? I am going to be working in a music duet in that area while also a novice captain of a 38′ Morgan w 3.6 draw. I would want to avoid that North wind chop and also rely on a bicycle due to knee problems. My more secure alternative now only seems to be the Boot Key Balling area. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
          Charly Petra

          Reply to Charly
      3. Bram Clement -  June 9, 2014 - 9:25 am

        The mooring field is a nice security versus anchoring.
        The second plus plus is the showers at the dinghy dock.
        But no security, gate does not lock at the dinghy dock. This is the second year that I witnessed this problem. Second there is no fuel.
        Bram Clement

        Reply to Bram
      4. Peter Colket -  January 16, 2012 - 10:33 am

        I must take exception regarding the Key West mooring field. I spent one December there. The nearest protection to the north is the Florida Panhandle. There was a persistent two foot chop the entire month, sometimes more. The dinghy ride to the dock was fun if you like getting soaked. By the way, they didn’t tell us the moorings do not have pendants attached. We arrived after the office closed, and had to put crew overboard to attach a line to the mooring. There have been many reports of boats dragging the moorings there. Nancy came close to going home, and I was one day away from giving the boat away by the time we found another location.
        Garrison Bight Marina is a good alternative to the expensive marinas downtown. Best way to visit Key West is by car.
        Happy cruising,
        Peter Colket

        Reply to Peter
      5. Nancy McCarley -  January 7, 2012 - 10:28 am

        We have also stayed in the Garrison Bight morning field for a month and really enjoyed the proximity to Key West. We will probably head back there in mid Feb.
        Nancy McCarley

        Reply to Nancy
      6. S/V Arkeoo -  February 1, 2011 - 12:20 pm

        Very reasonable for Key West. Long dinghy ride to the dinghy docks, but the bathrooms and laundry facilities are fairly new and clean. You do not want to be here with any signifigant northerly winds, in particular, you will need to ride it out on your vessel and do not attempt to dingy ashore without full foul weather gear as it builds up a chop in a hurry.
        S/V Arkeoo

        Reply to S/V
      7. Capt. Jim -  April 12, 2010 - 3:55 pm

        Subject: Min. depth Garrison Bight Mooring Buoys
        Cruising News: We have been here 2.5 years and the least water I have seen in the mooring field is 8′. This area was dredged for sea planes landing area for WW II. They have also completed their Shower and laundry facilities building located at the dinghy dock.
        Capt Jim

        This is Garrison Bight next to the dinghy docks on Palm Blvd. not the Key West Historical bight. I was there two days ago and they were tied off the dinghy dock in two rows from the dock. It is a zoo there now. They charge by the month or by the day there. If you had any other questions of the area, I would be glad to answer what I know or look into it. Keep up the good work on the Cruisersnet. We do appreciate it.
        Capt. Jim

        Reply to Capt.
      8. Skooch -  March 13, 2010 - 9:52 am

        We have been tied to a mooring ball for 5 days at the Garrison Bight Field. Its been great. The fee is $16.59 per night and monthly breakeven is 17 nights. Fee includes showers, laundry facilities and dinghy dock parking at the Garrison Bight. A mile walk to Winn Dixie, mile to the Beach. We take the dingy around to the Key West Bight to see that side of island and the famous attrations.
        Protection is reasonable with the most exposure from the north, but we did just fine with N15-20.
        You need to put your own line on the mooring. This is difficult for our trawler with a high bow. Ususally someone sees a new boat coming in and goes out to help with a dinghy. We had a buddy boat when we arrived and used one of the dinks to get both.
        Skooch 42 Hatteras LRC

        Reply to Skooch
      9. Unknown -  August 22, 2009 - 10:51 pm

        then switched to a mooring ball in the Key West mooring field, for $15 per day. What a difference! You can dinghy from the mooring field to the downtown dinghy docks easily, so if you don’t mind mooring instead of marinas, it’s fine. The only problem is if you get a NW wind, which will make the mooring field roll a lot.

        Reply to Unknown
      10. Bob & Toni Dorman -  August 17, 2009 - 10:08 am

        The mooring field at Fleming Key is a great place except in a north or north east wind. You can take your dink around to either Key West Marina. There is a facility charge in addition to use the docks at the Key west Bight, but itʼs worth the price.
        Bob & Toni Dorman

        Reply to Bob

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