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    • 34. Tarpon Basin Interior Anchorage

      34. Tarpon Basin Interior Anchorage
      Statute Mile:1139.5
      Lat/Lon: 25 07.439 North/080 25.180 West
      Location: on the waters of Tarpon Bay, off this body of water’s eastern banks, near the charted “Micro Tr”
      Minimum depth: 5 feet, BUT you must successfully follow an unmarked channel into the anchorage
      Swing Room: sufficient room for vessels as large as 45 feet
      Foul Weather Shelter: Good in all but particularly strong western winds
      Waste Pump-out Availability: Monroe County provides a free pump-out boat at Tarpon Basin anchorage. It services the area from North Key Largo to Matecumbe Bight. Call (305)747-2388 or Ch-9. For more information go to


      Click on Chartlet Below to Open a Chart View Window,
      Centered on the Location of This Anchorage:

      Comments from Cruisers (6)

      1. James h. -  January 17, 2018 - 12:05 am

        Search for us on Facebook Tarpon basin Yacht Club made up of six board members we regulate the park do cleanups play games and help each other out great camaraderie and the second family I have found here come join us the tarpon Basin Yacht Club!

        Reply to James
      2. Alan & Jean Lloyd - Ted -  January 16, 2012 - 10:53 am

        Try Tarpon Basin at ICW mile 1140 at red daymark 48A.
        Alan & Jean Lloyd

        There are many options and Alan’s is an excellent recommendation. There is a dinghy dock in the NE section of the [Tarpon Basin] cove. Picnic tables etc. next to the community building.

        Reply to Alan
      3. Jean Thomason (DOVEKIE) -  March 19, 2010 - 4:15 pm

        We anchored here March 10. It was easy to get in following the curve of “no wake” markers that lead to the anchorage. Nice quiet spot. Didn’t go ashore but would be interested directions to the “mangrove tunnel” dinghy side trip.

        Reply to Jean
      4. Stein A. Holtbakk -  January 10, 2010 - 12:41 am

        A pump-out boat comes to Tarpon Basin once a week. They had some problems with the boat March 2009, but were supposed to go by every thursday. Try them on Ch 16.
        Stein A. Holtbakk

        Reply to Stein
      5. Capt. Sterling -  December 28, 2009 - 9:42 am

        Subject: Tarpon Basin
        Cruising News: Seems the newly constructed Government center in Tarpon Basin, bayside Key Largo, is allowing cruisers to use the docks for their dinghys for shore access.
        THis is close to Publix and KLI hardware Store, and Kmart.
        Let’s hope they continue to allow this.
        Capt. Sterling

        Reply to Capt.
      6. Laura Bender -  August 14, 2009 - 9:46 am

        Subject: Dinghy Dock Key Largo
        Cruising News: The new Government center on Tarpon Basin is open and some cruisers have been using the docks for
        shore access! Don’t know if it’s official yet, however, it is a place to go ashore bayside Key Largo in Tarpon Basin, walkable to the Hardware store (north) and Pulix Groceries (south) Will keep you informed of any changes I hear about this.
        Capt. Sterling

        Hi, Claiborne,
        We just negotiated our way into Tarpon Basin, uneventfully, thanks to your explicit directions in your guide. We’re anchored at almost the exact coordinates that you gave near the microwave tower. I’ve called 5 different city/county phone numbers trying to find where the dinghy dock is at the new government building and nobody has a clue. Google mapped the building and it’s inland on the highway and that’s a long way to drag a dink. We’re really eager to go ashore and hope you or Capt. Sterling can offer some help.
        Many thanks,
        Laura Bender

        Sure Claiborne,
        Just south of the Microwave tower you will see a canal, next to that a hotel. Just south of the hotel is the Government center basin. Its on active captain at Tarpon Basin at 25 07 279 North/80 25 108 West
        See you on the Waterways!
        Capt. Sterling
        MV Sterling Lady

        Hi, Claiborne
        I emailed Capt. Sterling, also, and he responded right away with an email and phone call. He told us about a mangrove tunnel nearby that is a dinghy or kayak trip. We’re looking forward to that—he said it’s magnificent. The dinghy dock’s right under our nose. Am attaching a picture because I thought it was a firefighter training tower. On one side is a dolphin rehab and the other, a hotel. It’s about a ½ mile walk south to a strip center with numerous retail-Publix, Radio Shack, Kmart, Payless Shoes, Bealls, Dollar General, Quizno’s, and even the public library.
        Thanks for all your help.
        Laura Bender

        Reply to Laura

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