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[EXPIRED] 4-FOOT MLW Depths Reported on Snake Creek Channel (Florida Keys, near Islamorada)

For several years now, there’s been a concern about MLW depths on the Hawk Channel side of the Snake Creek Channel. That’s a real problem, as Snake Creek is the only really reliable route for cruising sized craft to cruise from the Florida Keys Inside Route to Hawk Channel, or the other way around, bbetween Angelfish Creek and Channel Five.
Captain John’s report below is the first I’ve heard of 4-FOOT depths on the Snake Creek passage. PLEASE share with us depths you’ve recently recorded while running Snake Creek by clicking the “Comment on This Posting/Marina/Anchorage/Bridge” link below.

We went out Snake Creek MM1156 yesterday 2-23-11 an hour before high tide and came back through (after snorkeling at Hen and Chicks) an hour after high tide. Shallowest point was on western entrance where chart shows 4ft and I saw 5ft, which agrees with the 1ft tide we had. Seemed deeper closer to the two red markers.
on Snow Bird

March 1, 2011 after calling both Boat US & Sea Tow for local info we opted to go out (bay side to ocean side) Indian Creek Channel instead of Snake. Both confirmed shoaling/sandbar on OCEAN side. Both said do-able but tides have been unusually low. On a high we might only have 6 extra inches or so to our advantage. We draw 4′. Called USCG, who have a station there & they confirmed shoaling there but said stay in the middle of the channel. Also called marina located on Snake & they said do-able too. Still we opted to go Indian. Which was plenty deep but has a 27′ fixed bridge. Slightly confusing at bridge as there was a nun & can that was for ANOTHER channel. Stay with the daymarkers & follow the number sequence.
Linda Hughes

Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To A “Navigation Alert” Position at the Western Tip of the Snake Creek Channel

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