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6. Trout River Anchorage

6. Trout River Anchorage
Lat/Lon: near 30 23.616 North/081 38.579 West
Location: lies on the mid-width of Trout River between Seafarers Marina and Pier 68 Marina
Minimum Depth: 6 ½ foot depths, but use of a GPS chartplotter will help greatly to avoid nearby shallows
Swing Room: unlimited
Foul Weather Shelter: fair, but open to eastern winds


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Comments from the Cruisers' Net Community (1)

  1. Chris Burnham -  August 22, 2013 - 12:25 pm

    Stayed on anchor here March-September of 2011. If you google “trout river bridge” and “death” “murder” “drowning” or any other bad thing there are a lot. This is not a nice neighborhood. beware the tides push through the bridge at 4-7 knots and I have seen several boats get sideways on the pilings. Park your boat far enough out to be beyond swim range (100 yds. +), or the locals will get drunk or high and board your boat. The marina docks have liveaboards that keep an eye out, make friends. There are multiple derelict, sinking vessels and shipwrecks. Now the good: it’s right infront of the zoo and vessels that arrive to the docks get free access to the zoo, and it is my favorite hurricane hole for st johns river, just watch out when the hurricanes come every boat on the river not in protected waters will try to anchor there and usually 1-2 of them end up on the beach due to insufficient bottom gear so “know your surroundings”.
    Chris Burnham


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