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    • A Driver’s Perspective on Ladys Island Swing Bridge Closures, AICW Statute Mile 536

      Fran is expressing exactly the frustration that we are experiencing here in Charleston. More and more development on our coastal islands is underway without adequate supporting construction of roadways and bridges to accommodate the resulting increase in vehicle traffic. Until planners either wake up to the downside of rampant development, drivers and boaters alike are going to continue to suffer long waits during rush hours or in emergency evacuations. SSECN asks, that as you confront fewer and fewer bridge openings, please be patient! Rarely is delayed vessel travel as dangerous as miles of backed up idling vehicles. And DO NOT yell at the Bridge Tender! It is NOT their fault. If you want to yell at someone, yell at the developers and city planners!
      Fran is responding to an earlier comments on Ladys Island Bridge in Beaufort, SC.

      I live on Lady’s Island and work in Burton. If anyone traveling from Beaufort to Lady’s Island or the outer Islands thinks there is NOT a traffic problem when this bridge opens and closes, they are delusional. I’ve lived at my residence since 1976. The growth on the Lady’s Island side is enormous and once the Wal-Mart is built, it will be a nightmare. It [congestion] already is when the Woods Bridge breaks down. The McTeer Bridge is not adequate to accommodate traffic to or from Lady’s Island, St. Helena, Fripp Island, etc. The only solution to this issue is to build another bridge or limit the bridge openings. Traffic backs up well beyond Bellamy Curve during rush hours in the evening. I can’t even imagine what traffic is going to be like should a hurricane head to Beaufort. Well, actually I can. During Hurricane Fred it took two hours to get from Lady’s Island to the National Cemetary on Boundary… and 11 hours to get to Atlanta. People will need to evacuate Beaufort a week in advance of hurricane at the rate the population of Beaufort is growing on the Lady’s Island side.
      Fran H

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      Comments from Cruisers (1)

      1. RBEmerson -  March 19, 2016 - 8:24 am

        Having driven in the area, too, I certainly agree that the bridge is a major bottleneck for road traffic. But it’s equally a nightmare for water traffic. I remain amazed that a fixed bridge hasn’t replaced the swing bridge. I understand that finding a suitable site, that doesn’t harm Beaufort and the community on Ladys Island will be a challenge. Nonetheless, it’s something South Carolina should have done years ago.

        In the meantime, we will continue to avoid the area, which currently effectively blocks the AICW rather than find a solution that serves land and water traffic.

        Reply to RBEmerson
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