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Adventure Yacht Harbor (Statute Mile 837) and Boondocks Restaurant

The hard to find entrance to this interesting marine lies east and south of the AICW between markers #58 and #60, a short hop south of the Port Orange Bridge and Daytona Beach.
Wow, I have never had the opportunity to try the on-site restaurant, Boondocks, which Captain Ted speaks of so lovingly below. Looks like we all need to remedy that oversight as soon as possible.

We have become regulars at this out of the way marina with its rickety docks and funky restaurant known as Adventure Yacht Harbor. We had become friends with Jim Boren who has been nursing the marina through
bankruptcy. This is another hard to get into marina, but we like it. Jim reported that the marina has new owners, so things are expected to improve.
We’ve mentioned Boondocks Restaurant before, and it is at least half the reason we like to stop here. Where else can one find a restaurant and bar (wine and beer only) in a marina parking lot under a tent? The food
is good, too, and reasonably priced. One hears boat talk around the bar, and the dining room (for want of a better name) has both conventional tables for four along the walls and long picnic tables in the center where diners mingle. The staff is cheerful, friendly, efficient, and each appears to be enjoying her job. When someone leaves a generous tip, the waitress rings a bell. Signs permit smoking only when the tent flaps are rolled up (they were not this time because it was winter and the space heaters were on). Last spring (tent flaps up) kids were along the outside walkway feeding french fries to the fish, who gobbled them up. I told the woman bartender that this was the funkiest restaurant on the ICW assuring her that this was a compliment. I challenged her to name a another restaurant in a tent on a marina parking lot. She thought about it for a long time, and could not come up with anything like it. “And we’re bikers”, she said. “We see lots of places.”
Ted Jones

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