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    • AICW/Fields Cut Depths Still A Problem

      When I read the message below from Captains Todd and Brenda Lanning, it occurred to me that I misspoke last week when, in an SSECN Alert, I stated that the only AICW problem stretch left in the two Carolinas was found at the intersection of northern Alligator River/AICW and Albemarle Sound (in North Carolina). As Todd and Brenda learned, depths along the southern portion of Fields Cut (just a short hop north of this passage’s intersection with the Savannah River), can still run much too shallow at low tide.
      So, you may be asking, why hasn’t this section of the Waterway enjoyed the “stimulus” dredging that has so enhanced the AICW along the rest of it’s run through both Carolinas. I asked the Army Corps of Engineers that very question not too long ago, and was told that their survey missed the shoaling on southern Fields Cut.
      Dredging was performed, however, on northern Fields Cut, where this passage leaves the Wright River. If you follow the links below, you will see we have separate “AICW Problems” listings for both these waters.
      So, do take care when cruising from Savannah River through the southern 1/3 of Fields Cut, and time your passage for mid to high tide if possible. Follow the links below for more specific advice.

      Greetings again,
      We just transited Fields Cut at low tide and registered water less than 4.5 feet. Fields Cut is located just after you cross the Savannah River going north. The shallow area is between the range marker at the south end of the cut and the cement pilings on the east shore, roughly 100 yards of shallow water.
      Be careful out there!
      Todd & Brenda Lanning
      1985 40′ Oceania Trawler

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Section” Listing For Southern Fields Cut

      Click Here To View the Cruisers’ Net’s “AICW Problem Section” Listing For the Intersection of Northern Fields Cut and the Wright River

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