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An Enthusiastic Thumbs Up for Hinkley Yacht Services, Thunderbolt, Georgia (just outside Savannah, GA, St. M. 583)

Having just returned from a personal research visit to Hinkley Yacht Services on 11/2/12, I agree with Captain Day’s description. This truly seems like a quality operation!
The Savannah/Thunderbort version of the venerable Hinkley Yacht Services overlooks the Waterways’ western banks, immediately north of the Thunderbolt high-rise bridge.

In September 2011 we hauled our 34 year old, 44FT. Thompson Trawler, LILY MARIA at the Chesapeake Marine Railway, Deltaville, VA { Contact:J. Farinholt. {804}776 8833 } for serious bottom work.High pressure water utilizing a special nozzle removed old paint.Voids and dings filled, sanded and two coats of West Marine Premium Gold ablative anti fouling applied. This was our second visit to Chesapeake Marine Railway and have always been pleased with there work and consideration to customer needs. Good people!.
In May 2012 we short hauled for an insurance survey and seemingly the overly enthusiastic pressure wash removed most of the still active ablative paint.Four months in Georgias fast flowing, nutrient rich rivers found LILY MARIAs bottom reminiscent of a tropical rain forest, with abundant slime, weed and small barnacles. A marine biologists delight , a skippers horror show!!.
What to do?.Haul in Geogia or wait until we returned to Marathon for the winter?. Greatly reduced speed, slugish manouvering and no doubt increased fuel consumption favored Georgia.
By telephone we contacted 7 reputable boat yards including 2 in Florida where we had hauled in prevous years for quotations. For a fair comparison we reduced each quote to a $ per foot cost. The quotation from Hinkley Yacht Services in Thunderbolt GA came right in the middle of our tabulation. After several discussions with Gebel Seese , Hinkley Service Manager, {Contact: {912} 629 2400 } it became apparent to us that Hinkley offerred the best possible value consistent with top quality materials and skilled labor.
We found the Sea Hawk web site informative and following Gebel Seese advise we specified Sea Hawk, Tropikote, based on proven longevity and effectiveness of anti fouling properties. Further, via Sea Hawks appointed applicators a written guarrantee is issued which appealed to Jean and I.
Haul out day saw LILY MARIA in the slings for a full 8 hours while she was scraped,pressure washed and lightly sanded. Of special note,the running gear and scoops were restored to bare metal by the addition of a small amount of silicone sand added to the pressure wash water.This coupled with the extensive work undertaken the prevous year at the Chesapeake Marine Railway has restored the bottom of LILY MARIA to a clean fair surface. As one interested bystander said “Your 35 year old boat now has the bottom of a 4 year old”. We especially appreciated the care and hard work in prepping the bottom on which the finished job would depend.
Metal primed, 2 coats of Tropikote applied with 3 on the waterline and LILY MARIA was ready to be launched within 5 working days.
Durring the haul out we lived aboard with minimal inconveience. Hinkley provides good clean shoreside facilities adjascent to the work area. The work areas are tidy, well organized and the work scheduled so the job progresses without interruption.
The labor force,many of whom worked at the old Palmer Johnson yard, are experienced, skilled craftsmen and proud to carry on the the quality work that Hinkley is renowned for. This full service yard maintains many boats that are not Hinkley built and despite there insistance on customer service and quality there priceing is most competitive.Hinkley is not a do it your self yard.
We are extremly satisfied with our Hinkley experience which was beyond our expectations. The job was completed on time, within budget and to a high standard. On the run south we have noted at least a 1.25 increse in speed at cruising RPM plus resultant fuel savings.
Jean sums it up best of all by saying “the only problem I see with Hinkley is that we now have no choice but to return for all future haul outs!!
Colin Day
Jean Henderson

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