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    • An Interesting Visit to the R. E. Mayo Seafood Docks (Statute Mile 157)

      R. E. Mayo DocksDuring the week of 6/11/12, the first-rate, first-mate and I cruised to R. E. Mayo Seafood Docks, our newest SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS’ NET SPONSOR. It was a very interesting visit indeed, and I think I can say without any fear of telling an inaccuracy, this is one of the most unique facilities that has ever chosen to support our web site.
      Since the 1970’s, Karen Ann and I have passed the R. E. Mayo Docks, directly flanking the western side of the AICW, on the canal-like Hobucken Cut, at least several hundred times. This narrow stream connects the Waterway between Pamilco and Bay Rivers. We have always thought of these piers and their shoreside buildings as a commercial fishing complex, and have never really thought of tying up for the night, though I did drive here once many years ago, and recall being impressed by the on-site marine supply store!
      So, do you want the good news, or the less than good news first. Let’s start with the latter. The only way to describe the fixed wooden face docks at the R. E. Mayo facility is “rough.” They seem to be sturdy, and we did observe any number of serviceable 30 amp power hookups, but some of the boarding was uneven, and there was seemingly hap-hazard debris lying around here and there. Also, there are no shoreside showers nor a laundromat, and there are absolutely no restaurants within anything like striking distance.
      HOWEVER, both gasoline and diesel fuel can be purchased, there is good shelter from foul weather, and the excellent on-site seafood and marine supply store is just about the last thing you would expect from looking at the utilitarian exterior of the main buildings. Be SURE to follow the “Click Here For Photo Gallery” link below to learn more about this fascinating store.
      And, by the way, a wide selection of fresh and frozen seafood can be purchased in the store. Recently, the owners have constructed a HUGE, refrigeration building across the street which houses a wide selection of frozen catch of the day and other from-the-water goodies. Don’t miss the “COLORFUL” outhouses between the main building and the seafood cold storage center! Depending on the season, visiting cruisers can often purchase shrimp and other seafood literally right off the boats.
      The cost of overnight dockage, or lack thereof, at the R. E. Mayo Docks should also not be overlooked. At a current rate of only 40 cents per foot, per night, these are, at least in my experience, the least expensive on the Waterway wet berths in both Carolinas!
      So, clearly an overnight stop at the R. E. Mayo Seafood Docks is not for everyone. No captain or crew will ever mistake this place for Pier 66 or the Morehead City Yacht Basin. Then, again, if you have a bit of the adventurous about you, and would like to try something decidedly different, with a really good marine and seafood store thrown in for good measure, give this facility a try. And, PLEASE LET US KNOW ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE!

      Thanks so much for this info, Claiborne. We, too, have passed this place dozens of times, just wondering. We may give it a try next time.

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