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[EXPIRED] Another Report of Shoaling on the AICW’s Run Through Dawho River, 8/24/11 (Statute Mile 497)

Below, Captain Bell tells us about shallow water he encountered near the eastern end of the AICW’s traversal of South Carolina’s Dawho River, between the North and South Edisto Rivers. This piece of news is not surprising, as we established a “Navigation Alert” for the waters just east of this position this past spring, courtesy of a posting from Captain Zach Carney. Check out:


Now. thanks to Captain Bell, we have even more confirmation that shoaling is a real problem along this section of the Waterway. Proceed with maximum caution

Shoaling between Pair of markers 116/117 and 112/113 provides only 5 1/2′ of water at MLW. I checked this at the end of June and again mid Sept 2010.
Dave Bell

This is not something new although not an issue for most cruisers with 5′ or less draft. I always time this stretch (incl. Ashepo Coosaw) with some tide. Again today, I found as little as 7′ MLW in numerous spots between R116 all the way to G113. I passed fairly close to G109, G111 and G113 (about 75′) and had 7′ MLW. I tried looking further to the red side with no improvement.
Note that south of the bridge, and north of R132, there is an 8′ MLW hump. Not a real issue but worth noting.
Also, some folks dont’ notice that R132 and G133 are pretty far to the sides of the channel and while there is about 10′ MLW on centerline, i’ve seen some cutting the corners there and quickly coming back to center.
Pascal aboard MY Charmer, 70′ 6+ draft

I came through here 8/24/11 at dead low tide and had 7.5 feet of water off Marker 115.
Skipper Carl

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