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    • Another Take on Boardings by FL Law Enforcement

      More food for thought on the subject of boardings. This all goes back to the story of a very unsettling boarding which took place during November of 2010 in Volusia County, Florida (see /?p=45038). This incident caused an uproar here on the Cruisers’ Net, and elsewhere. Captain Greer’s note below is in response to this incident.

      While I agree that boarding cruising sail boats the way these law enforcement personal have done is unsettling at the least. we must remember that it is Florida, the drug running capital of the world and this is why it happens. The smugglers are skilled and trying to look like ordinary recreational vessels. Therefore, while sailing in these waters the best thing to do is always be prepared to cooperate with the authorities that are trying to make the area safe and keep illegal drugs out of our country. just food for thought. If we were boarding a boat that might be a front for drugs. knowing that these people will shoot first if possible. would we give them any warning? or would we want to secure all personal on the boat as quickly as possible? I know I know. It feels like a violation of our basic rights. but it’s their job.
      Mickey Geer

      And, appropriately, LOTS of other points of view from the cruising community:

      If the drugs were legal, the drugs could be regulated then taxed to pay the regulators to tyrannize the drug dealers. Instead the boaters are legal and taxed to pay the regulators who tyrannize the boaters in the War On Drugs. In the immortal words of Earl Pitts’¦’WAKE UP AMERICA’
      David Burnham

      It doesn’t only ‘˜feel’ like a violation it IS a violation. Yet another apologist for jack booted thugs. I’m very happy I don’t live there.

      It is not their job to violate anyone’s rights. I do not know the particulars of this situation but I am just saying that it is not their job to violate anyone’s rights. Their job is to enforce the law within the limits of the constitution. In the USA we draw lines and fences. They cannot cross the basic rights fences. It is for very good reason that we do this. I am curious, is a search warrant required to enter somone’s boat without their permission?
      Edward Trzebiatowski

      Click Here To View the 2010 Report That Prompted Mickey’s Comments

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