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Bahamas Chatter: Guns and Ammo in Bahamas

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Bahamas Chatter: Guns and Ammo in Bahamas
Guns and Ammo in Bahamas
Posted: 15 Dec 2017 07:32 AM PST READ MORE!

We recently had some questions about how many rounds of ammunition one could bring in on a boat cruising in the Bahamas. We were able to talk to an official at Bahamas Customs and get this answer for what is allowed:
3 guns
250 rounds/weapon
Also, as it states in the Customs article of our Explorer Chartbooks, if one is boarded by the Defence Force, the number of rounds of ammunition aboard should equal the number on the cruising permit.
That’s the official word.

Monty Lewis
Explorer Chartbooks

Comments from the Cruisers' Net Community (1)

  1. Durando Fraino -  December 22, 2017 - 2:28 pm

    It sounds more as if you are planning a cruise to Afghanistan rather than the Bahamas. I can’t understand why you would want to vacation in a place where you need to worry about how much fire power you have on board.

    Reply to Durando

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