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Banks Channel Northside Anchorage

Statute Mile: 280
Lat/Lon: near 34 12.425 North/077 47.958 West
Location: on the mid-line of the Banks Channel, north-northeast of this cut’s intersection with the Motts Channel, and south-southwest of the 8-foot fixed bridge
Minimum Depth: 6-feet
Special Note: Motts Channel, which many vessels use for access to the Banks Channel anchorage from the AICW, is subject to shoaling. Periodic dredging usually keeps this problem in check, but between dredging projects, depths can become quite suspect on Motts Channel. For best depths, favor Motts Channel’s southern (green side) flank as you enter from the AICW.
Swing Room: sufficient room for vessels as large as 50 feet
Foul Weather Shelter: Good, but open to strong southwesterly winds
Dinghy Dock Access: Public dinghy dockage available at Wynn Plaza, flanking Banks Channel’s eastern shores, just south of the 8-foot fixed bridge.South Beach Grill located just across street from dinghy dock, and within one to two blocks, you will find the King Neptune Restaurant, Vitos Pizza, Baja Mexican Grill, a coffee shop and Roberts Grocery and Market


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Comments from the Cruisers' Net Community (8)

  1. Ted -  May 8, 2016 - 4:32 pm

    I was amazed at the amount of speedboats running thru the ancnorage on plane. A constant parade on a Sunday afternoon. Many seemed to enjoy the sport of sloloming between anchored boats on half plane putting out big wakes. Then to my total amazement, a marine sheriff boat came thru, on half plane, and did nothing about hi speed boats running thru here!
    They really dont seem to care about basic safety and courtesy in Wrightsvill beach. The cop must have neen on his way to patrol the bathrooms.

  2. s/v Skye -  May 13, 2013 - 10:05 am

    Anchored below the bridge in Banks Channel on 5/7/13. Have anchored there several times. Left on 5/8 by way of Motts channel in morning at high tide with plenty of water. Will not consider entering by Motts channel near low tide. Confirmed potential problems with Boat US last fall.
    s/v Skye

  3. John Pholeric -  May 10, 2013 - 9:27 am

    There is plenty of depth; however, leave plenty of scope. The current is strong, and the anchorage is open to the south. We did dingy to shore and walked around Wrightsville Beach, but did not eat ashore. There were a number of resteraunts some of which were closed for the season. Call ahead!
    John Pholeric

  4. Captains Dan and Jaye Lunsford -  April 28, 2010 - 11:42 pm

    Very important – when coming into this anchorage/marina Red daymark 24 is destroyed! Stay far to the green side (almost outside of the channel near where R24 is located on your chart). There is a barge that unloads here, he pushes up to a ramp on the green side and keeps his motor running; the prop wash digs a deep hole on the green side and mounds it near R24. Depths as shallow as 3 feet have been reported at R24.
    We’ve been here (Seapath Yacht Club) for a week with transmission troubles, the staff was great as was the courtesy car. Very clean, close to basic needs (grocery, hardware stores). A bit rough in strong SW winds.
    Captains Dan and Jaye Lunsford

  5. Rick Emerson -  October 28, 2009 - 9:36 pm

    We are currently lying in this anchorage and agree it’s not sheltered from southwesterly winds and only marginally better for northeasterly winds. The channel in easy to follow >if< you allow for the shoal NE of the R”14″. Holding seems to be good. Wakes can be an issue, particularly with small boat traffic running along the SE shore. The “not Rum Runner” location is the Blockade Runner hotel.

  6. Perry & Kathy Sellars -  July 30, 2009 - 2:38 pm

    We were a week late getting to Wrightsville Beach, (due to extending our stay by a week at Barefoot Landing Resort Marina, arriving on the 3rd of July. Unfortunately, I forgot about the holiday weekend and didn’t have a marina reservation. We anchored south of the 8-foot bridge. Not having a dingy, we were boat-locked but had a wonderful time anyway. Went swimming by the boat to enjoy the beautiful blue water. Many boats were in the anchorage. One could almost walk from boat to boat.
    Perry & Kathy Sellars
    M/V Marsh Mellow

  7. Bill & Laura Bender -  July 30, 2009 - 10:29 am

    We anchored in Wrightsville Beach across from the …not RUM Runner…but some kind of ‘Runner’ and took advantage of city’s very nice dinghy dock, were able to use our bikes…and rode to West Marine
    Bill & Laura Bender
    M/VKindred Spirit III

  8. First & Ten -  July 27, 2009 - 11:41 am

    Banks Channel anchorage is fun because there are boats from all over. The dinghy dock is good for going ashore.
    Wright and Gladys Anderson
    First & Ten


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