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Battery Creek Anchorage (Statute Mile 542)

Battery Creek cuts off the AICW’s passage along the Beaufort River, south of Beaufort, NC. You will drop the hook abeam of the Port Royal waterfront, which is currently being redeveloped from a commercial port to a tourist destination. One really good seafood restaurant is within dinghy range. Use your binoculars, look along the upstream portion of the waterfront, and you should spot the place. Happy dining!
Oh yes, and a word to the wise. Northbound AICW skippers sometimes mistakenly enter Battery Creek, thinking they are still on the Waterway. That’s easy to understand as the entrance into Battery Creek is far better marked that the AICW at this point. Study your chart and/or your GPS chartplotter carefully to avoid this error.

We arrived on 11/29/09 at near the top of the tide and anchored just past the shrimp boat docks and near three sailboats on moorings. We anchored in 18’ of water with about 10 kts of breeze. The anchorage is exposed to south and west winds. Tidal range overnight was eight feet. Just after dark we had 20’ of water beneath the boat and when I got up at around 0200, we only had 12’. Holding was good and despite the aggressive tidal switches, the anchor held firm. Not much local traffic while we were there.
The evening passed quietly but it gave way to a “Beirut Breakfast” at daybreak. All heck broke loose as we were eating. Seems the marines at Paris Island were on the small arms firing range and it reminded me of the middle east fighting you hear on the TV.
Otherwise a nice spot.
Dick Litchfield

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