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[EXPIRED] Bike Thefts at Cooley’s Landing, City of Fort Lauderdale Municipal Docks (off the AICW on New River, in Downtown Fort Lauderdale)

Cooley’s Landing. one of three city of Fort Lauderdale owned dockage faciltiies, graces New River’s northwesterly banks immediately upstream (southwest) of the William H. Marshall Bridge. It’s only a hop, skim and a jump from these docks to downtown Fort Lauderdale’s many restaurants and shopping opportunities.
Unfortunately, the report from Captain Ross below prompts us to warn all cruisers to take extra care of their bicycles here!

From: Richard Ross
Subject: Bicycle thefts at Cooley’s Landing Fort Lauderdale
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 01:29:57 +0000
Hi Clairborne:
WARNING: Thefts at Cooley’s Landing, Fort Lauderdale
These are docks in a public park. There is no security fence, and park personnel are on duty only part of the time.
On a Sunday afternoon, a gang of at least four youths entered the dock area and proceeded to steal bicycles from boats. They made off with three bikes, two of which they cut free using large bolt cutters. They were spotted by several boaters who managed to capture one of the thieves. During the struggle, a female boater was hit in the face by
a rock. Eventually the police arrested one of the youths and recovered two bikes. The other thieves and the third bike disappeared into the slums just north of the park.
Boaters are warned that this facility is not secure, and that the gang which targets this area is prepared to assault anyone trying to protect their belongings. Also, boaters should be suspicious of anyone trying to sell them a slightly used blue folding bike.
Richard Ross

Was planning to stay at Cooley’s landing but will now alter plans, probably stay on the hook somewhere.

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