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    • Biloxi Small Craft Harbor and Nearby Anchorages

      I'm sorry Captain Reggie did not realize that his edition of my "Cruising Guide to the Northern Gulf Coast" was written pre-Hurricane Katrina. Since that great storm, we have virtually let this book go out of print, and it will be at least another six months before we have an updated version in hand. It has been necessary to wait all this time to let the sitation on the Mississippi and Louisiana coastlines stabilize enough for any sort of accurate reporting.
      Note the web site Captain Reggie supplies below for checking on the latest news concerning the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor

      Yesterday we called the Biloxi Yacht Club number listed in our copy of your 4th edition Cruising Guide to the Northern Gulf, 228-435-5455
      and it has been disconnected.  Do they no longer exist?
      At 4 pm yesterday, a Sunday, nobody answered the phone at Biloxi Small Craft Sailing Harbor.
      We ended up anchoring just east of the shipping channel between the CSX bridge and the ruins of the old bridge, about half way in towards shore.  Good protection from the easterlies we've seen for a couple days, approximately 10 ft of water, semi-lit at night by lights from the new Highway 90 bridge.
      You are correct about a bumpy anchorage at Dauphine Island if the wind is easterly.  We anchored towards the island from bouy 25.  We set a 36 lb CQR and 100 feet of chain in about 11 ft.  Winds blew all noght, gusting to over 20 knots at times.  Short steep chop kept the boat rocking, but good holding, no dragging.
      Roberts Bayou off Perdido Bay was a great anchorage.  We anchored at the Y where the short arm of the bay which serves the public boat ramp meets the main bay.  Late lunch at Pirates cove included cold Yeunglings and hamburgers with country fries.  Tasty.
      Anchoring in the southeast corner of Big Lagoon out of Pensacola was fine on a light to no air night.  Plane are a little noisy until the navy shuts down for the night.
      CAL Cruising 36 "Submit"
      internet search gives this phone number for Biloxi Yacht Club
      (228) 374-6344
      Reggie Good

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