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    • Broad Creek Anchorage (off North River, Statute Mile 61)

      On 5/9/13, as part of a North Carolina Wish List, we posed the following question:

      Statute Mile 61 ‘“ who has anchored on Broad Creek, off North River, and west of AICW/North River marker #164? Did you have any trouble finding the entrance to Broad Creek? What depths did you find when entering, and while cruising the interior reaches of Broad Creek? Would you recommend this anchorage to fellow cruisers?

      Responses follow:

      Broad Creek on the Coinjock Route (Mile 61) is normally a well protected creek and good fishing. But last September I was headed for the entrance when I saw coming right towards me a nasty black thing. About a mile from the creek opening it turned into what appeared to be a 25 ft high white wave heading stright for my bow at some 70 mph! (And I’m not kidding ‘cos it was on the news)
      It turned out it was more a rolling mixture of water and air rather than a solid wave – but it grabbed Pisces – a heavy 45,000 lb steel boat – and turned me round twice as if I were a paper boat on a pond. Then 20 minutes of hell being driven back (at maximum RPM) by the horizontal wind and rain. My poor cat Addie was flattened out frantically grasping a ventilator – I had to release the wheel, get on the foredeck, grab him, and literally throw him down below!
      I lost a hatch and a few other things yet in a way I was very lucky. I have no doubt that had I been moored in the creek a half hour or so sooner – I would have been blown ashore before I could even start the engine……
      God takes care of drunks, sailors, and cats. 🙂

      Click Here To View the North Carolina Cruisers’ Net Marina Directory Listing For the Broad Creek Anchorage

      Click Here To Open A Chart View Window, Zoomed To the Location of the Broad Creek Anchorage

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