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Brown’s Marina in Bimini

You might want to caution your members about Brown’s Marina in Bimini – it is inherently exposed which was almost a problem last weekend …. when I pointed out to the dockmaster Mike he was cleating lines backwards he said he knew that, but he’s been tying up boats much longer than you (me) have. He also slept
through the full gale that Saturday night leaving boaters on the dock to look out for each other, including retrieving a bow when a line parted almost putting one sailboat into another. “You don’t expect me to stay up all night do you?” Dangerous old metal parts on my slip – broken ladder – would take 10 minutes to unbolt them but instead they stay, saying “Medivac, foot surgery, lawsuits.” I’d spend the extra money and go to the Big Fish and Game Club docks, more protected and while not quite as refurbished as the ads might lead you to believe, they offer free wifi even to boats on anchor and have a really nice restaurant and
bar. $1 a foot sounds good, but sometimes you get even less than what you pay for.
Peter TenHaagen

Your comments/ issues are just the tip of the iceberg.
I had a substantial amount of gear stolen there and am pretty sure it was the employees working there.(3) dive regulators, (1) 150ft 30 amp power cable, a pelican case and several other small items. the police were called in and the dock-master was no help at all. I think he may have been in on it. I will not stay there again.
My daughter was with me and these people came on the boat despite the fact that we had weapons.
Be careful and find alternate dockage……

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